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Thanks to Gummibear and Meli for all their hard work!

Seaside Sketch is a fansite for the PS2 dating sims game Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss, the sequel (in name and location, but nothing much else) to Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side. This site is primarily a walkthrough to help players achieve various objectives and endings in the game, but also includes a gallery, downloads, and more.

written by gummibear

5th November 2008

Two new cute fanart pieces today thanks to Hikari Yuukino!

22nd May 2008

Whoaaa. Can you believe the last update was more than a year ago!? How time flies! Fixed a couple of broken links and one new update today, thanks entirely to Rowan!

//. taku [the DS-exclusive character]

Though us webmistresses still love Toki, I guess it must be quite obvious that we no longer have the time to actively update this website. However, if you would like to contribute to the website send us any information and we will be more than happy to upload it to the website! (it would be extremely helpful if you already coded the info in html) Otherwise, I don't think there'll be any more updates for a long while...if ever. >< For more actively updated Toki goodness, check out the TMGS Livejournal community!

6th May 2007
Results of the Mayday lucky draw are in! (though now it's more of Mayday + 5 days >< sorry! we were so busy we forgot about the website for a while ^^;) And the winner is...

Jade Gumm! :D

You should have received an email from us with more information already. If not, please contact me! To everyone else who donated, thank you very much for your support of our site, it really means a lot to us! Have a nice day everyone, and we'll try to update soon!

16th Mar 2007

Happy belated White Day! We don't have chocolates for you, but we do have something else... :P


//. amachi
//. wakaouji
//. masaki
//. stay (OP) lyrics + download
//. meguri aete yokatta (ED) lyrics + download
//. hikami's accidental kiss translation
//. masaki's accidental kiss translation
//. wakaouji's almost-confession
//. more links - FAQs (jap/eng) + youtube vids

We have finished all the guys! D: Our text and faqs (under 'fireylight') are now complete, but this site still has many translations to go. We'll be seeing you yet! ^_^

Also, we'd like to invite all of you to enter our MAYDAY DONATION DRAW! We're giving away TMGS1 bromides, but I'm sure all of you here must be fans of the first game too, right? Click on the link for more info. :)

Speaking of the first game, Utsukushiki Sekai has also been updated, so do check it out! We have pretty pictures! :D

And speaking of pictures...picture our next update with the OP/ED translated lyrics and more game translations! Till then, and do take part in our donation draw! ^_^

1st Mar 2007

BUMPER UPDATE! (thank meli for all her hard work!)

shopping / dating / bombs / rivals / harii / shiba / hikami / akagi / masaki / toudou / onoda / haruhi / hisoka / yuu / datedisturbers / soichirou / saeki's accidental kiss translation /
wakaouji's accidental kiss translation / saeki's ending #2 translation / items / minigames / quirks / tips

Most of the other pages were updated as well, so I'm not listing those too. I hope you enjoy the updates! In other news, we can now be found on gamefaqs and neoseeker under fireylight if you want an easy print-out guide for the game. Most of the content is pretty much duplicated, but the site will have more stuff than the text faqs, so don't stop watching Seaside Sketch!

I'm sure I had more to say, but after marathoning text-to-html conversion for the past 7hrs or so my mind is a little hazy to think, so I'll just see you next update, which should be soon! Remember to support us by clicking the advertisements you see!

10th Feb 2007

Well, this wasn't quite as bumper an update as we'd hoped, but we had RL issues, and fireylight's com appears to have expired for the moment. This naturally means that our next update will take quite a long while, unless (hopefully) her com does a frankenstein. Let's keep hoping! For now, enjoy our updates, which include...

//. ost download + pics of the cover
//. events & calendar
//. after school
//. clubs
//. jobs
//. merchandise
//. desperate plea for fanwork / wallpapers & etc contributions!

Also, I've changed the site to php, which interests nobody but me, because it makes it easier for me to modify the site in the future! Yay, I learnt a spiffy new php trick today. I think I should have made a pretty smooth transition to php, but I might have missed some stuff so if any part of the site is wonking out, please let me know!

Till then, have fun striving after second kiss endings and if you have a Nintendo DS, keep an eye out for TMGS 1st Love, which will be coming your way 1 day after White Day! Please also support our site by clicking on 1 or 2 advertisements around this site whenever you visit. :)

1st Jan 2007

Happy New Year! Here's your new year/christmas/4mth-hiatus-apology gift from us! -flourishes site- Welcome (finally) to our walkthrough/fansite for TMGS2. To check what stuff we have up, just look through the links on the left and see what isn't labeled as underconstruction.html. We're sorry we don't have more to offer now, but fear not! A bumper update is coming soon with Saeki's ending, Chiba, Hikami 'Safety First' Itaru, a bunch of 'playing the game', and the OST, among others. :)

Till then, enjoy what we have up and we would appreciate comments/suggestions in the guestbook (how's the layout? :D), advert-clicking or a paypal donation! And if you haven't bought the game yet, go BUY IT!