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Basic Configuration

O button – Yes
X button – No/Cancel
Triangle button – Displays the date (In-game)
L2 button – Skip dialogue (useful!), also allows for hastening activities
R1 button – Lets you change how you address someone (special conditions)
Select button – Remove the text box
D-pad – Move between options

In-game options

On the opening screen, the options read:

Game Start

After choosing “Game Start”, you can access 4 other options:

New Game
Load Game

After inputting your name upon choosing "New Game", you can choose one of four rooms to use, which determines the first girl friend you’ll be meeting.

Onoda Chiyomi Mizushima Hisoka
Nishimoto Haruhi Todo Tatsuko

After doing so, you will be prompted to create and save an EVS file. EVS is the system which allows the guys to call your heroine's name realistically (debatable), and you're allowed to set your surname, first name and nickname, as well as modulate the intonation of the way your name is pronounced by various people. The name you will be addressed with varies depending on your status with different people.

EVS Options:
- On/ Off
- Listen
- Save
- Load
- New
- Done

By accessing the “Options” function from the start screen or during the course of your game, you can toggle with various parts of the game display, as follows:

Text display
- Help message (Show / Don’t Show)
- Text speed (Normal / Fast / Immediate)
- Font (1 to 5)
Command option
- Speed (Normal / Fast / Immediate)
- Layout (A / B / C)
- Mode (Controller / Mouse)
- Analog Speed (Slow / Normal / Fast)
- Vibration (On / Off)
- Mouse click (Left / Right)
- Direction (Face Left / Face Right)
- Choose Cursor
Window Design
- Window colour (Colour set 1-12 / RGB)
- Background (RGB / Alpha [level of transparency] )
- Accessory (Display / Don’t display )
~ Choose from a range of cute icons (eg. Seashells and SD Guys) to decorate your text box!)
Sound settings
- Sound (Stereo / Mono)
- Voice Volume
- Sound effects
- System music (1-2)
Restore Defaults

Omake can be roughly translated to mean “Extras”, and it allows you to access your Album, Endings, Mini-games, and Seiyuu Talk (In that order). Note that these only become available for viewing after you have completed one game and saved the data into your memory card.

Under your album, you'll find that once you get a guy's ending, his album cutscenes come with a commentary upon viewing (press square).