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Assuming the parameters are self-explanatory (or if you don't think so, refer to our section on parameters for GS1), let's talk about the commands… choosing any command in the first two rows will result you in performing the activity for a 6-day week or one Sunday.

Sleeping lowers your Stress, but it also lowers everything else (the effect is random). Stress is increased by doing all commands except Sleep, and is increased threefold when you choose to interact with someone on rival mode. Note that if your Stress goes above 100, you get a fever and become bedridden for a few weeks while everything goes down…

Studying increases Intelligence, a bit of Arts and a tiny bit of Style. It decreases your Fitness and a bit of Charm. No effect on Social.
SD characters who join you [ :) and above] : Saeki, Hikami, Wakaoji

Painting increases Arts, a bit of Style, and a tiny bit of Intelligence. It decreases Fitness and a bit of Social. No effect on Charm.
SD characters who join you [ :) and above] : Saeki, Chris

Reading magazines increases Style, a bit of Charm and a little bit of Arts. It decreases a bit of Social and Intelligence. No effect on Fitness.
SD characters who join you [ :) and above] : Saeki, Hariya, Amachi

Exercising increases Fitness and a bit of Social. It lowers a bit of Charm, Intelligence and Arts. No effect on Style.
SD characters who join you [ :) and above] : Saeki, Shiba, Amachi, Wakaoji

Grooming in front of a mirror) increases Charm, a bit of Style and a tiny bit of Arts. It decreases Social, as well as a bit of Fitness and Intelligence.
SD characters who join you [ :) and above] : None

Hanging out with…

Onoda Chiyomi increases Social, Intelligence, and a bit of Fitness. She decreases Arts and Style. No effect on Charm.

Mizushima Hisoka increases Social, Arts, and a bit of Charm. She decreases a bit of Fitness, Style, and Intelligence.

Nishimoto Haruhi increases Social, Fitness and Style. She decreases Intelligence and a bit of Arts. No effect on Charm.

Todo Tatsuko increases Social and Fitness. She decreases a bit of Intelligence, Art and Fashion. No effect on Charm.

The Club option is only available on weekends (if you don’t have one already). You can choose from a range of 8 school clubs, which are:

Track and Field
Student Council

Choosing the club function when you're in a club will raise a variety of parameters, depending on what club you're in. Also, there’ll be a special club camp held each year, after which you can obtain various parameter-boosting items.

More information on the parameters raised by differing clubs and other club-related information can be obtained in the clubs section of the site.

Different part-time jobs (or baito) also boost different parameters, as well as supplement your (meagre) monthly allowance. There are a total of 7 part-time jobs:

Sangosho Café
Nei (music house, polishing guitars)
Anastasia (confectionery)
Anneri (flower shop)
Stallion Gas (gas station)

More information on the part-time jobs and the parameters it raises can be found in the jobs section.

Also only available on weekends or public holidays are Call, Go Out and Visit Yuu. Note that you can only choose one a day. The Call option lets you call your guy for a date, or call to quit your job/get a new one) The Visit Yuu command lets you have a chat with your pesky neighbour through your window, who dishes out some worldly advice:

- Check your Stats with the others

- Check detailed information about guys/girls

- Invite over to chat about date spots

The first option lets you check how you’re doing and the affection levels various characters bear towards you. Also lets you check for bombs, very useful! The second option lets you see individual information about each character (personal profile of sorts). It also allows you to automatically register phone numbers to call (though you can’t call girls). Finally, The third option invites Yuu over to your room for an extended chat…

Commands like Options, Save/Load/EVS, Email, Internet, Calendar, Clothes and Sell Clothes can be done any time and don’t consume a full day (unlike those above).

More on Options can be found under configuration and options.

Save/Load/EVS is pretty self-explanatory. Again, slightly more info on EVS can be found in our configuration and options section.

Checking your Email lets you access part time jobs (opening them should do the trick, choose the first response to reply to the job you want!), check when shops have special seasonal wear, and also lets you communicate with the girls (though you don’t get to reply them… they just spam you occasionally.)

The internet lets you view the latest news (check regularly to unlock more date/shopping spots!), see the movie/event schedules for the next few months, check your horoscope, and eventually lets you access Hanatsubaki Himeko’s fashion page (in that order on the internet navigation menu).

The Calendar lets you see the upcoming events such as exams and dates so you can prepare accordingly.

The Clothes command allows you to view your current inventory of clothes and change your dressing.

Sell clothes lets you sell your has-been choices at 50% of the price you bought it as.