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Ah, the essence of youth! In the course of the game, you can meet a maximum of 4 girl friends, who turn into girl fiends if you mess with their love. They all have a specific guy who they like -

Toudou Tatsuko: Shiba Katsumi
Onoda Chiyomi: Hikami Itaru
Nishimoto Haruhi: Hariya Kounoshin
Mizushima Hisoka:      Christopher Weatherfield

All the girls begin as your friends, whom you meet in a variety of ways (detailed on their individual pages in the site). Having girl friends is important to up your social so that you can get a job, cook successfully during club camps, do well on tests that involve the social component, and to fulfil confession requirements if your guy requires a certain level of social. Also, if you aren't on good terms with any girl, none of them wil be inviting you for the pillow fight in the second year trip! If their affection is high enough, they will also ask you out and give you an item (you can choose to decline it) that ups certain stats.

However, if at any point, the affection of the guy towards you is higher than that of hers, Rival Mode begins. She’ll confront you and confess that she has feelings for her guy, and that you had better not interfere. ><

Unlike GS1, you have two options presented to you when the girl declares rivalry. The first is “It’s not like that!” to deny that you’re not in for her guy, and the second is to leave her be.

By choosing the first option, the girl will back off and apologize for doubting you. She’ll continue to play with you, too. If you continue to go for her guy, something interesting happens (it was interesting to me, anyway…) She confronts you once more and accuses you of lying (pah!) and ends her friendship with you then and there. You can no longer interact with her in the commands menu.

By choosing the second, however, it’s all out Rival Mode! If you want to win, you either have to be very nice to her, or ignore her altogether. The latter is easier to accomplish, since playing with her in Rival Mode makes your Stress parameter go up 3 times faster… :o

Note that when you’re on Rival Mode and you do a command involving her (it can be on a job or in a club, or just playing) she’ll treat you coldly and your Stress will go up pretty fast. If you find that it’s going up to fast for you (especially during your job!) you might want to find another one.

If you do choose to be nice, you’ll have to play with her constantly, until her affection goes into Tokimeki state. She’ll actually give up the guy to you in your third year, and you’ll get her emails once again! (*pretends to care*)

When on Rival Mode, you won’t be receiving her emails or New Year cards, you cannot access her on Sports Day, and she will not invite you to join the pillow fight on the school trip. You’ll also get a special event on Valentine’s day when you’re about to give chocolates to the guy she likes. (Chiyomi’s is particularly amusing. Toudou is just scary :< )