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Having maintained Utsukushiki Sekai, a walkthrough cum fansite for the first game, Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, creating a similar site dedicated to 2nd Kiss was a natural progression. Unfortunately, due to real-life commitments (*cough*A Levels*cough*) this progression 'naturally' took a long time, so we finally opened this site several minutes after we passed into the new year of 2007 (1/1/07), approximately 4 months after the release of TMGS2.

Deciding a site and domain name, as usual, was ridiculously hard, and after trashing fireylight's usual weird ideas of tbtmgs2kse.piyo-piyo.org (for The Best Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss Site Ever!!!1one), we decided on using the GS2 school's name 'hanegasaki' as the domain name since the first site 'habataki' was the name of the GS1 school (though honestly that habataki referred to Habataki Net). We were hoping to use the ending song as the site name (as with Utsukushiki Sekai) but Meguri Aete Yokatta, while being sweet in Japanese, looks lame in romaji, so in desperation, we finally picked the name of a TMGS drama album; and thus, Seaside Sketch was born.

The layout was created by gummibear using the fold-out cover of the TMGS2 OST, photoshop, and html tables, though she wishes she had been smarter and used php instead. If she has enough time, she'll rewrite the site in php code.


The one who writes most of the information
Nickname: fireylight
Age: 18
Location: Singapore
Fav TMGS2 Guy & Why: Saeki, because Morita Masakazu = Love! 'Nuff said.
Fav TMGS2 Girl & Why: Todo Tatsuko. She's the least irritating by a far cry!
Other interests: Sleeping, shopping and slacking! (sometimes simultaneously) Also alliterating!
Famous last words: Into the sky, to win or die! *stabs Eragon producer*

The one who maintains the site
Nickname: gummibear (snooza)
Age: 18
Location: Singapore
Fav TMGS2 Guy & Why: Hariya? I don't know, I don't have much choice in TMGS2!
Fav TMGS2 Girl & Why: Haruhi, because she's the nicest-looking...
Other interests: japanese language & (pop!) culture, languages, reading & movies & etc entertainment
Famous last words: Eh crap, I included this section and I have no idea what to write in it. Have a quote! 'Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day, set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life!' - Terry Pratchett. Wise words.


Hey, this site wouldn't exist with just the individual measly efforts of fireylight and gummibear, so we'd like to give a great shout-out of thanks to:

The TMGS LJ-community, for all its very interesting updates/opinions/fanwork on TMGS, particularly from LJ-users like afuji.

Konami for making the TMGS series such a treat and Sony for creating this beautiful device called the PS2 (go Sony! Don't let the Wii trump you!)

all who helped in one way or another but we failed to mention, we're very sorry!

All of you reading this site, because, hey, as Times rightly put it in naming their 2006 Person of the Year, our site wouldn't exist if you didn't want us to. We appreciate it all, the comments, emails, donations, and the silent support reflected only in our increasing visitor count. Thanks. :)