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What’s a dating simulation game without school troubles? one without students, maybe? xD


//. exams
//. sports meet
//. club camp
//. school vacation
//. school culture festival
//. valentine's day
//. white day
//. birthdays
//. christmas
//. skip trip
//. new year
//. consultation day

+ [[calendar]]


Your results in the exam are determined by your various parameters. You’ll have five topics on which you’ll be tested:

Languages (Japanese/English) – 100% Intelligence
Mathematics – 80% Intelligence, 20% Social
Multiple Choice (Social Studies) – 60% Style, 40% Intelligence
Art – 90% Art, 10% Charm
Home Economics – 80% Social, 20% Fitness

You’ll get a total score and a ranking after your last exam.

If you get more than 3 red marks on your subjects, you’ll have to attend remedial classes with Wakaoji-sensei ><

Sports Meet

At the annual sports meet, you’ll get a choice on whether to participate. Choose the first option to do so.

You’ll then be prompted to pick an event to participate in.

- 100m Sprint
- Three-legged Race
- Bread Eating Competition

If you win first or second place, the guy with the highest affection with you will have his Tokimeki stat go up a little bit. (Likewise for girls.) If you wind up last, however…

After the end of the races, a folk dance commences. You’ll get to interact with 3 of the guys with the highest affection for you. The sports meet comes to an end soon after.

For more information on the Sports Meet games, refer to the
mini-games section in the walkthrough.

Club Camp

If you’re in a club, there’ll be a camp each year (lasts about a week each time). In the camp, you’ll be forced to do your club activity every day, and there’ll be one night where you’ll be put in charge of preparing dinner. The results of this depend greatly on your social parameter. The options are as follows:

First year
- CHIN suru curry (required Social: 0)
- Kodawari no curry (required Social: 60)
- Puu Paa Pon curry (required Social: 80)

Second year
- Yakitori (required Social: 0)
- Special Oyako Don (required Social: 60)
- Pii Gai Yaato Sai (required Social: 80)

Third year
- CHIN suru Gyuu Don (required Social: 0)
- Special Vegetable and Meat Stew (required Social: 60)
- Oosobuuko (required Social: 80)

If you’re successful in your cooking, the people in your club will comment on how yummy the food is, and their affection for you will go up lots (especially with the third option!) Keep your Social up, folks.

Never choose the first option, because everyone will hate it >< Always take the third if possible, despite how ridiculous the names get (Would you eat something called Pii Gai Yaato Sai??? Honestly.)

School Vacation

In your second year, your batch will take a school trip! It lasts for a week, and if the guy you’re after has sufficient affection for you, he’ll ask you to go sightseeing with him. If you’re not interested (or if he doesn’t ask), you can always ask someone else, or a girl friend, to go with you. Spending the vacation with a guy increases the Tokimeki state of the male character in question.

On the 4th night, one of your girl friends will ask if you want to head over to the boys’ room to play. Choose the first option to agree, and you’re off to one of the more entertaining mini-games of TMGS2: The Pillow Fight!

Whether your team ends up winning or not, a teacher always comes over at the end to check on the students, and the room gets engulfed in darkness. You get a choice of hiding under the blanket, under the table, or in a cupboard. Whichever you choose, you’ll end up squished against someone, and only see him/her when the lights come on. It could be either your guy, her guy or your female friend, the result is pretty random. Either way, the other person will be blushing, which is pretty cute!

Note that if you haven’t met your girl friend's guy in your game, or if you’re in rival mode with her, she won’t be asking you to join in the pillow fight.

For more information on how to play the Pillow Fight, again refer to the
mini-games section in the walkthrough.

School Culture Festival

Each year, there’ll be a Culture Festival, and the Club command will be changed to that of preparing for the Culture Festival. Choosing to do so allows for you to raise virtually every parameter over the week, so give it a try!

On the day itself, you’ll find yourself talking to 3 guys of the highest affection with you.

Sports Clubs
In the first year, your club will be setting up a café. In the second year, it’ll be a disco.

Non-sports Clubs
Student Council
– Organization of Festival
- Painting exhibition (1st year)
- Sculpture (2nd year)
- Canvas (3rd year)
- Classical performance (1st year)
- Game music performance (2nd year)
- STAY performance (3rd year) [Opening song]
- Casual Fashion Show (1st year)
- Party Dress Fashion Show (2nd year)
- Wedding Dress Fashion Show (3rd year)

For your third year, you’ll be taking part in a play with your respective guy. If you’re in a sports club, you’ll get this automatically. For those in non-sports clubs, you’ll have to choose the second option when your class asks which even you’ll be signing up for (if you don’t want the play cutscene, choose the first option instead!)

Culture Plays in the Third year
Saeki – Mermaid Princess
Shiba – Original period play
Hikami – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Chris – Dracula
Hariya - Sound of Music (not to be mistaken with the Julie Andrews version.. ><)
Amachi – Genji Monogatari (Classic Japanese literature, it’s an interesting read)
Wakaoji – The Happy Prince
Yuu – Golden Axe, Silver Axe

If you’re after Masaki Motoharu, there’s a special event for him on the Festival day in the 3rd year.

Valentine’s Day

Unless you live in Timbuctoo, it’s unlikely you don’t know about this tradition. On the 13th of February, you’ll be given the option of buying chocolate!

[Buy 10 Rich Chocolate]
[Buy 1 Rich Chocolate]

Buy both (if you can afford it!) and when you’re back home, you’ll be given an option of making your own homemade Valentine chocolate. Pick the first option.

And behold, the Valentine Chocolate Mini-game! Upon making your perfect chocolate filled with love, you’ll be off to bed… the next day, you’ll first have to choose who to give your “Giri” (friend) chocolate to, then the expensive chocolate. Finally, you can choose who to present your lovely homemade chocolate to! (Note that if you hate a guy you could always make him failed chocolate and watch for his reaction XD )

If you give a guy who likes you “giri” chocolate, he’ll be very sad. :( Also, if you’re on Rival Mode already, you’ll get confronted by your rival when you’re about to give chocs to your guy (they’re all pretty antagonistic…)

In the mini-game, you have four tries to get your homemade chocolate right. The more tries you take, the higher your stress gets. On your fourth try, your stress increases by a whopping 12. For more in-depth help, refer to the “Mini-games” section in the walkthrough.

Which brings us to…

White Day

For those not familiar with Japanese culture, White Day is a follow-up of Valentine’s Day, where instead of the girls giving gifts to the guys, the guys give gifts to the girls in return for chocolates and such.

In the game, you’ll be approached by the guys you gave chocolate to on Valentine’s Day, and if they like you enough, they’ll have nice gifts for you in return!


You can now buy gifts for the gals in this game as well! In order to do so, you’ll need to check their profile with Yuu, and the game will automatically prompt you if you want to buy a present for a guy/girl the day before their birthday. Pretty basic. If you’re not sure what to get for the guy/girl, check in their individual sections later in the walkthrough.

On your birthday, the guy with highest affection will come over to your house to give you a gift. He must be at smiling state or more to do so. If nobody gives you anything, Yuu will wish you a happy birthday instead, and you can feel sad and desperate all over again. T_T

There’ll be an annual Christmas bash, where you can get all dolled up and buy stuff for your guy! :D

Before the party, you’ll be doing some shopping. The 10 Rich option should be good for most guys (Saeki is an exception)

At the party, you’ll first be approached by the girl who’s friendliest with you (rivals don’t count). Hopefully she’ll compliment you on your dress etc. then you’ll be approached by 3 guys with the highest affection for you, followed by the present exchange! XD Only in the 3rd year will there be a follow-up event after the party.

Ski Trip

Just a short thing that takes place after the Christmas party in 2008. You’ll get to spend an extra day skiing with your guy, though you don’t get any interaction options. :( Yep, that’s about it.

An interesting point is that Saeki and Masaki don’t fall into this mould. They have special Christmas Events on the 3rd year. Refer to their individual sections for more details.

New Year

Happy New Year! You’ll be getting cards from guys and gals who are at neutral and above. Girls on Rival Mode will not be sending you cards, though.

Well, should the guy you’re after be at high enough affection, he’ll give you a call to ask if you’ll accompany him to the shrine for the day. If there isn’t a guy at high enough affection, you’ll have to call him to ask. And if you get rejected (which would be just… sad) you’ll go off with Yuu to the shrine T_T

If you’re going off with a guy, try to wear a Kimono. If you’re going off with Yuu, don’t even bother. >< unless you're aiming for a pesky neighbour ♥~ ending o_o;;

If your guy likes you enough, he’ll hold your hand in the crowded street. ^o^ Your first stop should be to pray at the shrine, and you’ll have 3 options:

- Love
- Health
- Studies

If you choose love, the guy you’ve picked afterward will have a boost in affection.
If you choose health, your stress will fall by 15.
If you choose studies, your Intelligence will increase by 15.

Afterward, you can choose to go extend the outing by getting a fortune slip (first option). There are 6 possible outcomes (random!).

Daikichi (best) – Stress decreases by 10
Chuukichi (good) - Stress decreases by 5
Kichi - Stress decreases by 2
Suekichi - Stress decreases by 1
Kyou (bad) – Stress increases by 5
Daikyou (worst) - Stress increases by 10

Consultation Day

You’ll get this on the 4th of April, 2008. You’ll be consulting Wakaoji-sensei on your future plans. Three options here:

- University
- Management
- Aspirations of other characters

Basically, if you’ve been topping the ranks and such, you’re not going to have much of a problem. But if you’re somewhat lacking in a particular parameter for your desired vocation, Wakaoji-sensei will point out which aspects you’ll need to work on.

More on aspirations of the other characters and the heroine’s possible endings can be found in the “Miscellaneous” section.


First Year
4/4/2006 – Entrance ceremony
10/6/2006 – Sports meet
3~8/7/2006 – Tests
20/7/2006 - Summer break
14~19/8/2006 – Club Camp
28/10/2006 ~ 10/11/2006 – Culture Festival preparations
11/11/2006 – Culture Festival
4~9/12/2006 – Exams
24/12/2006 – Christmas Party
25/12/2006 – Winter break
5~10/3/2007 – Exams
22/3/2007 – Spring break

Second Year
4/4/2007 – Start of School
9/6/2007 – Sports meet
2~7/7/2007 – Exams
20/7/2007 – Summer break
13~18/8/2007 – Club camp
17~22/9/2007 – School vacation
27/10/2007~9/11/2007 - Culture Festival preparations
10/11/2007 - Culture Festival
3~8/12/2007 – Exams
24/12/2007 - Christmas Party
25/12/2007 - Winter break
5~10/3/2008 – Exams
21/3/2008 – Spring break

Third year
4/4/2008 - Start of School
14/6/2008 – Sports meet
7~12/7/2008 – Exams
20/7/2008 – Summer break
11~16/8/2008 – Club camp
25/10/2008~7/11/2008 - Culture Festival preparations
8/11/2008 - Culture Festival
8~13/12/2008 – Exams
24/12/2008 – Christmas Party
25/12/2008 – Ski outing
23/2/2009 – Leaving Examinations
2/3/2009 – Graduation ceremony

And...it's over! Seishun owattazou!