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in order of occurence

The Legend of the Mermaid

The story begins with The Legend of the Mermaid.

“Why are you crying? Hey, are you a mermaid?”

And so, the youth and the maiden who met on the shore fell in love.

The maiden watched the calm sea, her eyes expressing what she wished to say in words.

She was a mermaid after all, and had lost her ability to speak after she took on the form of a human…

Heartless villagers expressed their hatred in violence towards this mermaid maiden, so she had no choice but to return to the sea.

In place of a goodbye, the two exchanged a kiss.

They believed that someday, the ocean would bring them together again.

After bidding farewell to the mermaid, day after day, the young man continued to scan the ocean horizons.

And one day, filled with determination in his heart, the youth left the island in search of his love.

He never returned.

And so tells the legend, the sad story of the mermaid –

You get to see a mysterious half of a face (goodness! Who could it be??) The young boy promises that the ocean will definitely bring you two together again…

Meeting Saeki

The game begins. You get lost on the way to school, and find yourself in front of a quaint building (Sangosho café, folks!) Where you get your first meeting with the main guy, Saeki Teru. He’s not too happy with the fact that you’re from his school, and snippily gives you some directions to get there.

Opening Sequence

The official opening sequence soon follows. The animation is fluid, and pans from character to character in typical GS style. Unfortunately, the song is nowhere near as endearing and catchy as Signal (GS1 opening song), and some points of the animation are random to the point of lameness. Example #1: Saeki tugging your hand (if I remember correctly) and then apparating to the top of the hill! Example #2: Saeki ‘fisting’ the sun. No seriously, that is corny with extra butter on the cob!

(okay, gummibear here admits to be suffering from the ‘originals are always better’ syndrome)

More Meetings

After the opening, you’ll see Saeki in school. He recognises you and pulls you aside, with a warning not to reveal his job at the café to anybody. And the award for most congenial male goes to…

When you finally get to school, you meet your first girl friend (determined by the room chosen in game start) after the welcome ceremony. After this, you will be introduced to your homeroom teacher, Wakaoji-sensei.

The Parameters + First Kiss Test

Wakaouji-sensei hands out a simple introductory questionnaire with 5 questions, which ultimately decide your starting parameters and whom you have your first accidental kiss with.

The first three questions determine your parameters, and the last two affect whom you’ll have your chuuu~~ with.

1) Why did you choose to come to this school?
a. This school is famous for its academics.
b. The uniform looks good.
c. This school is famous for its sports.

2) What are your interests?
d. Appreciating the arts.
e. I love shopping.
f. Reading.

3) What do you hope to focus on in your life as a student?
g. A part-time job.
h. Experience youth with club activities!
i. Of course, to fall in love~

Here’s the part that gets a bit more complicated. There are 5 different parameter sets, each with different pros and cons. You might want to base your answers on which guy you want to get and which parameters are required for them.

The studious type: Intelligence 60, Arts 45, Style 45, Fitness 35, Social 30, Charm 45. How to get: adh, aeh, afh, afi, bfh

The artistic type: Intelligence 35, Arts 60, Style 50, Fitness 40, Social 30, Charm 45. How to get: adi, bdg, bdh, bdi, cdi

The fashionable type: Intelligence 35, Arts 40, Style 60, Fitness 45, Social 30, Charm 50. How to get: aeg, aei, beg, beh, bei, bfi, cei

The sporty type: Intelligence 40, Arts 40, Style 45, Fitness 60, Social 35, Charm 40. How to get: cdg, cdh, ceh, cfg, cfh

The neutral type: Intelligence 45, Arts 45, Style 45, Fitness 45, Social 40, Charm 40. How to get: adg, afg, bfg, ceg, cfi

4) What type of guy do you like?
a. Kind.
b. Aloof.
c. A bit flirtatious.

followed by:
d. Someone reliable.
e. Someone cool.
f. Someone interesting.

Here we go:
Saeki Teru – ae, be
Hikami Itaru – bf
Shiba Katsumi – bd
Hariya Kounoshin – ce
Christopher Weatherfield – af
Amachi Shota – cf
Wakaoji Takafumi – ad
Masaki Motoharu – cd

Note that the accidental kiss does not happen immediately after you take the questionnaire; it depends on the character. (For Amachi, it’ll be in 2007 on the 1st of May. For the rest, it should occur on the 1st of May, 2006.)