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translated by meli
no reproduction without permission

Y - You
S - Saeki
B - Boy
G - Girl
O - Old guy
??? - Mysterious person D:

[Enter the lighthouse]

Y: (Huh? That painting hanging over there......)

Y: (It's so sad, the legend of the mermaid and the youth...... So this is the lighthouse......)

[Door opens]

[Scene shifts to the lighthouse balcony]

Y: (As expected, I guess this is it......)

Y: (It's a beautiful sunset. The movement of the waves, the colour of the ocean, it's the same as last time......)

[Flashback to childhood, showing silhouettes of the a young girl and boy]

B: Why are you crying?

G: ......

B: Why won't you say anything?

G: ......

B: Hey, are you a mermaid?

G: Mermaid?

B: You're finally speaking. What's wrong?

G: I can't find my parents......

[Scene shifts to inside the lighthouse]

O: And so, the youth and the maiden who met on the shore fell in love.

O: Although the maiden couldn't speak a word, the youth didn't mind.

O: The maiden watched the calm sea, her eyes expressing what she wished to say in words.

G: Why couldn't she speak?

B:She was a mermaid, so she lost her voice around humans.

O: Hey, don't steal my lines.

B: Sorry.

O: Heartless villagers expressed their hatred in violence towards this mermaid maiden, so she had no choice but to return to the sea.

O: In place of a goodbye, the two exchanged a kiss.

O: They believed that someday, the ocean would bring them together again.

O: After bidding farewell to the mermaid, day after day, the young man continued to scan the ocean horizons.

O: And one day, filled with determination in his heart, the youth left the island in search of his love.

O: He never returned.

O: The villagers, filled with remorse for their treatment of the two, decided to
switch on the lights of the lighthouse. the beacon shines for the two lovers in the dark nights.

[Scene shifts to the balcony]

G: Did the two meet again?

B: I don't know about that.

G: If it's that way, then it's really sad.

B: Well, that's the way the story goes.

G: ............

B: But if it was up to me, I'd always find her.

G: Really?

B: Un. Could you raise your head?

G: ?

[The silhouette, previously obscured by sunlight, clears. It's Saeki when he was young]

B: A kiss.

B: We'll meet again, right in front of this ocean.

[Flashback ends]

Y: (It's so nostalgic...... Saeki-kun, I wonder what he's doing now......)

Y: (...... Ever since he graduated, Saeki-kun hasn't been around.)

Y: (And yet, I still want to see him......)


???: I finally found you.

[Saeki appears]

Y: Saeki-kun......

S: I ran around the whole school, asking everyone where you were, but I couldn't find

Y: Why are you here......

S: It's where you are.

S: To always find you, that was my promise.

Y: Saeki-kun......

S: I hope you'll forgive me, I was an idiot. Ever after finally finding her, I still let go of my mermaid's hand......

Y: You remembered......

S: I can't forget.

S: When I left you, all I could think about was being with you, being with you, it was so pathetic......

S: I finally understand. I have to throw away this stupid pride of mine.

S: I don't care if it's uncool, or makes me seem useless, it can't be helped. Because you're everything to me.

Y: Saeki-kun......

S: Hey, I...... was an insufferable brat before. Powerless, I was wrong about about a lot of things......

S: Despite that...... You stuck around and didn't give up on me, no matter how unreasonable I was being......

S: After leaving, I realised how important you were to me. So, I......

S: All I could think about was wanting to hold your hand, to look at you, to know what you were thinking in your heart......

S: I swear. I won't leave for a second time. I want you to...... always, always be at my side.

[Pick the first option]

Y: Me too. Saeki-kun, I don't want you to go......

S: Ah. I won't leave again.

Y: Mm.

S: We'll always be together.

Y: ...... Mm.

S: Hey, I've got something for you.

Y: For me?

S: Yeah. Give me your hand.

[Saeki pulls out a key]

Y: ...... A key?

S: Yeah. The key to Sangosho.

Y: Is that okay? For me to keep it......

S: I want you to have it. One day, I'm going to reopen Sangosho.

Y: It's wonderful...... that you're not giving up on Sangosho.

S: I won't give up, I just need some time.

S: Be it work, or university, I'll always try my best. I'll keep doing all that I can.

S: And so, when that day comes, we'll open the shop together with this key...... So, don't lose it, okay?

Y: Un. I'll treasure it......

[Close up of Saeki's face]

S: Hey, I've been thinking about this for a long time.

Y: What?

S: In our first year, when we were on the way back from school. You know......

Y: Un.

S: If not for that kiss, don't you think we might not have gotten together or known each other as well as we did?

Y: That might be true......

S: ......It was God's will, for the two of us who didn't get along, it really pulled us together despite everything, huh?

Y: Fufu. You may be right.

S: It was no coincidence. It seems like it was all determined from the beginning......

Y: Yeah. It seems that way......

S: Let's confirm it. Here, the both of us......

S: I love you.