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Birthday: 20th June
Horoscope: Gemini
Blood type: B
Height: 149, 150, 150 she is short! o_o
Weight: ?
Club: Student Council
Part-time job: None
Guy: Hikami Itaru
Hobby: Collecting figurines
Course: First-rate university
Favourite: Cute animals
Colour: Salmon Pink
Seiyuu: Naomi Shindou Kozakura Etsuko (Yoriko in You're Under Arrest!, Johnathan the Seal in Kaleido Star [what the...], Pocchama in Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl [omg])

Onoda loves eating peas and beans.


What you call her:
Neutral and above: Onoda-san, Chiyomi-san
:) and above: Chiyomi, Chiyomi-chan
:D and above: Chiyomin, Chiyo-chan

**Never call her Megane-san (hoho), Chonmage, Chopi-chan)

What she calls you:
Neutral: Last name-san
:) and above: Last name-san

How to meet her
Raise your Intelligence parameter above 60
Join the Student council
Choose her room at the beginning of the game (top left)

Onoda's the studious type - she's an active member of the student council, and like Hikami, is an obsessive rule abider. She's relatively friendly and a little too obvious with her crush on the council president, but otherwise a very likeable person :) She loves animals and collecting tiny figurines of them.

Confession requirements

1. Don't get a guy's ending.
2. Play with her 70 times.
3. Don't go into Rival Mode, must be in Tokimeki state.

What you should do

Meet Chiyomi by raising your Intelligence/choosing the right room/joining the Student Council.

Play with her and go out with her on weekends when she asks.

On double dates, don't try to take rides with Hikami.

Always make sure that she likes you more than Hikami does to prevent rival mode from commencing.

Buy her birthday presents.

If possible, always ask to walk home with her or invite her to the Cafe after school.


197. Breaking the School Rules
Date: Winter
Conditions: Must have met Hikami
Affection: :) and above (Cannot be on VS mode)
What happens: Chiyomi shares some food with you after school, only to freak
out when she realizes it's against the rules.

198, 199. Café
Date: Any school day
Conditions: Invite her to a café after school
Affection: -
What happens: You get to chat with her from a selection of 3 topics. 2 versions available – Summer and Winter


Year 1 – Raccoon Mascot
Year 2 – Wooden Mangoose
Year 3 – Glass Rabbit OK Straw


Coming soon, hopefully!