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After school, you’ll sometimes run into guys/girls, and you can choose to interact with them.

Upon sighting them, you’ll have the options

- Ask him/her to walk home together
- Ask him/her to go to a café for a chat
- Go home by yourself

You can press R1 at this point in time to change how you address your target. Be careful, if you address them too familiarly they’ll be angry. >< but sometimes that may be the point xD

If he/she likes you a fair bit, they’ll accept your invitations to walk home or go to the café more often! The point of those 2 options is pretty much to find out more about the guy/girl, which makes it easier to give them the right presents/say the right things on dates (especially the cafe chats, where you can ask about their fav sports, food etc), but hey, the point of this site is to make these chats redundant for you! I recommend to save some gaming time and just choose to walk home with them after you've got their cafe cutscenes.

Also, after school you’ll sometimes be approached, instead of you approaching them. When they do this, they’ll definitely accept your invitation to walk home together or go snacking, and will be disappointed if you choose to go home alone. :(

Occurrences after school are random! They’re also a good judge of how close you are to a certain guy/girl, because it’s easy to tell when their speech pattern changes towards you over time.

Other than that, the random school occurences have to be one of the most boringly useless parts of the game.