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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Kiss is the much awaited sequel to Konami’s Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side, a dating simulation game of the TokiMemo series targeted at girls. Those familiar with GS1 will find this game differing in several aspects from the original, though the general mechanics of gameplay remain the same. The EVS (Emotional voice System) remains, allowing various characters in the game to address you by your name. The commands and parameters stay exactly the same. Heck, even some of the backgrounds are recycled!

Well…the music has changed? And so has the storyline, though the idea is pretty much the same.

Second Kiss takes place in Habataki City, the same locale as the first game (cue rampant background recycling). However, this time the heroine is enrolled in Hanegasaki High, and has a choice of 9 guys to pursue during her 3 years in high school, with the final aim of getting a guy to confess his love to you at some lighthouse (wonder why a spot as presumably iconic as this never featured in the first game?).

In the pursuit of your lighthouse love confession, you have to improve your various parameters to attract the guy of your choice, fend off surprisingly few bombs from neglected guys, and battle harrowing mini-games. What’s there not to love about this game?

(besides the fact that there’s no Kei, Kazuma, Himuro-sensei, Chiharu, Madoka or Shiki-pan?)

**A small note: If you’ve never played GS1, you’re at the wrong site. You shouldn’t play GS2 if you haven’t played GS1, because GS2 doesn’t inject any true freshness into the GS mold, while suffering from the usual problems of sequels (i.e. repeating same story with different characters)