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There are 5 mini-games unlockable upon completion of the game, as long as you played them in your game (i.e. if you join the 100m dash all 3 years of the sports festival you can't unlock the three-legged race and bread eating competition). Some of them you may find pretty familiar…

100m Dash

Pretty simple. Just tap O once to start your dash, then quickly mash X and O to run faster. If your Fitness parameter’s high enough, you go into speed mode by leaving your opponents behind in a cloud of dust. :D

Three-Legged Race

The guy/girl at highest affection with you will approach and ask you to be his/her partner for the race! (to unlock every partner in the game, you have to get them all). Instead of using O and X, you have to alternate between R1 and L1 to progress the race (note that the first step always begins on R1). The pace starts out slow but gets must faster as you nail consecutive hits! Time the pressing accurately to coincide with when the speech bubble appears.

And for the Japanese-challenged, “migi” is right and “hidari” indicates left.

Bread Eating Competition

Same as the original. Tap O to begin the race (not too early, you don’t want to get a false start!!), then mash X and O to speed up. At the mid-way mark, you’ll find yourself next to this... doughnut in the air. See the bar on the right? Press O to get the marker to jump. Press O again to get the marker to land in the red zone. If you do, you’ll have successfully gotten the bread in your mouth and you must dash to the finish…

If you overshoot the zone, or if you fail too many times, the doughnut will drop onto the ground o.o and you will have to put it in your mouth all the same, with your face turning blue all the way to the finish line (I did manage to get first though! Hilarious.)

Making Valentine Chocolate

Ho-hum, at first we though it was going to be a total rip-off from the original, but it turns out they’ve made some changes to the mechanics of it (the animation remains unchanged, though. Cheapskates!!). For starters, they’ve made it a double rotation (for some of them, anyway). Yuu’s command cards can now build up on the top of the screen, so be careful… Take too long in rotating and they render it moot. Other than that, the the mechanics of it are exactly the same as the original.

It’s a lot more nerve-wracking than the original (I actually had palpitations the first time I played, since my analog got screwy), which can be a good thing? Takes the tedium of it away. It might be a bit of a challenge at first, but after you get used to it, it should be pretty easy!

Oh, and you have 4 tries to get it right. The more times you try, the higher your stress goes too! No pressure there :p

Pillow Fight

One of the more entertaining but drawn out mini-games. Unlockable during the school trip. Basically, you and your guy (though in the Omake, you can choose anyone to be on your side, as long as you’ve unlocked their characters for the pillow fight in the actual game) will be playing against your friend and her guy! The aim of the game is to get all the pillows on the other side (or just more before the timer ends). There are 11 pillows in total.

To pick up a pillow, press X. To throw it, press O.If you hit a character on the other side (or if you get hit yourself), you’ll find the character temporarily stunned. :o It’s just for a few seconds, though…

You can also catch pillow thrown at you in this game. To do so, press O as you see a pillow heading in your direction. Time it right and you’ll catch it.

The characters in the mini-game can also perform special attacks (including you). To do so, press and hold the X button when you have a pillow in your hand. This raises your charge level as the flame below you grows bigger. When it reaches the max (when your flame turns yellow), you can throw the pillow and unleash your attack! Note that if you get hit when you’re charging, you lose all your charge.

The different attacks for each character are:

Saeki Teru: Saeki summons a Digimon-like thing to protect him XD The dragon also sends out poofs of flame to attack the others.
Shiba Katsumi: Senbon knock! He send his huge wave of baseballs flying over.
Hikami Itaru: Hikami sets up a council booth and befuddles those who try to attack him. Lol :D
Hariya Kounoshin: Takes out his guitar and plays music :)
Christopher Weatherfield:     Splits into 3 o.o Chris Clones!
Wakaouji Takafumi: Summons a dragon in a whirlwind :o
Toudou Tatsuko: Summons a elecctric wave and a fist. If it grips you, she sends you flying!
Onoda Chiyomi: No Walking in the Corridor!! Those in her range drop their pillows.
Mizushima Hisoka: Hisoka dons a red dress and sends out a lightning bolt. If an enemy character gets hit, she crosses over and smacks him/her with a pillow... ><
Nishimoto Haruhi: Anastasia Special Attack! She flings pastries to the other side, and those that get hit can't stop eating cakes...
You (Baseball): Your speed goes up for a period of time.
You (Track and Field): 100m Dash! You sprint across and stun anyone in your path.
You (Lacrosse): A mysterious aura surrounds you...
You (Cheerleading): The pillows you throw become tri-attacks and go flying in three ways XD
You (Handicrafts): Bear attack!! OMG this is so cute... XD
You (Art): You camouflage yourself by becoming invisible (all pillows go through you)
You (Band): Rondo of Destruction! (PoT, anyone?) Those hit by the rondo can’t move…
You (Student Council):    Split into three forms (the pillows you throw have triple the effect, too)
You (No club): The attack translates as “Fantastic! The After-school Paradise!!” which had me cracking up.