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In the TMGS series, clubs are cool for 3 reasons. One, to help you improve your relationship with several guys linked to specific clubs by doing well in club activities. Two, to improve various stats, much like jobs. Three, to unlock special powers for the pillow fight mini-game! Yes, this is an important reason! :D

You can join/quit a school club by accessing the “Club” command on a weekend. Note that if you quit a club (or get kicked out from skipping too many practices), you can’t join it again for the rest of the game.

There are 8 clubs to choose from – 4 sport clubs and 4 non-sport clubs. They are:

Baseball (Shiba Katsumi, 3rd year on)
Track and Field (Wakaouji Takafumi)
Cheerleading (Amachi Shouta, 2nd yr on)

Art (Christopher Weatherfield)
Band (Mizushima Hisoka)
Student Council (Hikami Itaru and Onoda Chiyomi)

*in brackets are your fellow club members

The stats that your club influences are as follows:

CLUB Increases Decreases No Effect
Baseball social
Lacrosse fitness
intelligence arts
Track and Field fitness
intelligence charm
Cheerleading charm
intelligence style
Band arts
fitness charm
Student Council         intelligence
Handicraft arts

Joining a club also mandates a one-week club camp during summer where you club (haha) non-stop for a whole week, after which you find a mysterious box on your way home that will up various stats, depending on what club you're in. The club camp is also a time for you to impress the guy/girl who's with you in the club, by cooking up a delicious meal. More on what to cook and the conditions required can be found here.

An interesting thing to note is that the game seems to have relaxed greatly on the “performing well in camp” aspect of the game, so you could flunk all your practices in that week and still get your guy to congratulate you on a good job after.

Also, unlike GS1’s inhuman bandie practice sessions, Hanegaku’s band is pretty relaxed! No compulsory practices this time round…

All clubs will host some kind of event during the annual School Culture Festival, so if you're in a club to impress some guy who's part of it you'd better not skive off the Culture Fest preparations, or it'll decrease his stats with you (conversely, doing well improves it)...I think. For more info on how to get involved in the Culture Fest prep and the events hosted by the various clubs, look here.

For sports clubs, you’ll be taking part in the Inter-High competitions in your 3rd year if you’ve been winning the regional qualification matches. Key for Wakaoji-sensei and Shiba Katsumi.

Here are the required number of times you have to work on your club activity (successfully) for the wins:

First match – 200 times
Second match – 210 times
Third match – 220 times
Quarterfinals – 260 times
Semifinals – 290 times
Finals – 320 times

You can also be a club master at the end of your school term by taking part in your activity many, many, many times. There’ll be a special graduation ceremony for you, and the affection with the guy you’re after will go up loads :D To be a club master for a sport club, you’ll need to have taken part successfully 320 times. To be a club master for a non-sport club, the required number is 400 times.

Your success in your club activity can be key in determining your ending, so don’t slack off too much!

More on how being a club master changes the ending will be included in the "Heroine's Ending" portion of the site in the future.