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Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss
//. play-asia (USD64.90)

Yeah well, what else can I add? It's the game itself! Sadly, the limited edition has been sold out in both play-asia and yesasia, so this is just the normal edition. Weirdly enough, yesasia doesn't even seem to stock the normal edition. o_0

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Konami Palace Selection
//. play-asia (USD20.90)

This is in the off-chance you actually haven't got your hands on the first game yet, but...that'd better not be the case, right?

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love
//. yesasia (USD46.99)
//. play-asia (USD48.90)

This is basically TMGS for the Nintendo DS platform. It looks really similar to the first game, except that this boasts one extra character. I would much rather they skipped the newbie and remade TMGS for PCs. Grr. Check the playasia link for screenshots of the game anyway!

Original Soundtrack
//. yesasia (USD31.99)
//. play-asia (USD33.90)

Stay (TMGS2 OP)
//. play-asia (USD12.90)
//. yesasia (USD13.25)

Well, gummibear personally prefers Signal so so so so much better, but hey, this song kinda grows on you. Plus it features a fold-out cover of Saeki! If you look at the cover to the right, you notice how you can see mostly only Saeki's head? Well, buy the CD and you can see his torso! xD

Seaside Sketches
//. yesasia (USD17.49)

This is basically a mini-drama album with monologues by various characters. The track listing can be found on the yesasia link above.

TMGS2 Drama & Image Song Album Vol 1
//. yesasia (USD27.75)
//. play-asia (USD29.90)

This yet to be released album (Mar 28th) features Saeki Teru, Hikami Itaru and Aka Koyuki. It contains an image song for each character, as well as dramas of events that didn't occur in the game. Sounds pretty interesting! I'm especially looking forward to the image songs. :D

TMGS2 Celebrate Encounter 1-9
//. yesasia

This is a very strange series of TMGS2 books, the content of which I'm not very sure of...I only linked to the first book here. The cover is so ugly and un-TMGS I almost thought this was a result of a wonky search function. I think each book of this series is focussed on one character, and includes information about how to date them and stuff like that.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss Official Guide Complete
//. yesasia (USD19.99)

This is definitely worth your money. The cover isn't as cool as the smaller official guide, but it has pretty chapter covers inside and with the information it provides? Well, you wouldn't even need to visit this site anymore. :P