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translated by meli
no reproduction without permission

Y - You
W - Wakouji

[At the beach]

W: A while ago, you asked me about love, didn't you?

Y: Y, yeah!...... I guess I did.

W: Right after, I kept thinking about your words, and I realised something.

Y: You realised something?

W: "Humanity" is greatness in itself, and I have to consider myself part of it.

W: In actuality, I lack confidence to let myself experience love.

W: And so, I've begun to vaguely feel something that might be close to it.

Y: Wakaouji-sensei...... So, have you found someone to experience it with?

W: I have.

Y: Erm, could it be, I mean......

W: I wonder? You might find your answer by just looking into my eyes. (closes eyes)

Y: ...... Wakaouji-sensei. Could you open your eyes, please?

W: No way.

Y: Come on, sensei!

W: Hahaha!

Y: (As expected, I really want to know. Wakaouji-sensei's special someone, that is.)