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Welcome to the first ever Utsukushiki Sekai and Seaside Sketch lucky draw cum donation drive!

We'd like to thank the people who support us, so We're going to give a random TMGS1 special bromide card (cover sample) to one lucky donator in our Mayday lucky draw. Bromide cards are exclusive collector's items - glossy, high-quality pictures of characters in a series packaged in something like a smallish greeting card. The TMGS1 bromides feature individual characters as well as small groups, from Chiharu in yukata at the Habataki Festival to Madoka in swimwear at the beach. What will you get? Who knows~~ Well, whatever you get inside, you know you'll have a pretty cover of The Legend of the Maiden story. :P

For every donation of USD3, you will be entered into the lucky draw as one entry (e.g. if you donate USD6, you'll be entered twice, doubling your chances of winning)

To sweeten the deal, for every donation exceeding USD5, you will receive a burnt copy of the Tokimeki Factory demo CD* (I'm sorry it has to be USD5, but postage isn't cheap).

You may donate by clicking on the paypal link on the home page of either Seaside Sketch or Utsukushiki Sekai. Please fill in 'Payment for' as "Mayday lucky draw" and make sure to write your address correctly if you wish to receive the Tokimeki Factory demo CD.

If you do not have paypal, you may also donate via concealed cash through mail, but note that it will be at your own risk. We highly recommend you borrow a friend's paypal account instead. However, if you'd like to know the address for mail donations, please email gummibear.

As for all those who have donated to us before, you will be automatically entered into our lucky draw and receive the Tokimeki Factory demo CD (unless you opt out as a special thanks for supporting us all this while!

The lucky draw will close on April 30th, with results to be released on Mayday, May 1st! The winner will be announced on the site and also contacted directly through email.

Er, that's it, I guess! Maintaining this site and obtaining the content for it is not cheap, both in terms of physical money and time, so if you feel you have benefitted from this site at all, and you have the means, we'd be really grateful for any small token of thanks. We thank all those who have supported us so far, either through donating information/media/etc to the site/s, donations, clicking advertisements, or simply boosting our visitor counter, and we hope that you will continue to do so in the future. TMGS FTW!

audrey and meli

As a personal comment, we're expecting at most 3-4 donations, so if you feel like getting your hand on some pretty and out-of-print TMGS1 bromides, you could consider this a 'low-risk investment'. :P

*Tokimeki Factory is like a 'write your own love story' electronic PC game, where you get to create your own conversations with the Toki characters (you can write anything, but the Toki guys have a list of preset answers, probably because the PC can't support EVS), complete with changing their facial expressions, clothes, setting and music. The demo CD comes with only a fraction of Kei's section (e.g. you only have one type of music, and can only create a set number of frames), but it's still pretty fun to write crack and force him to blush furiously through your conversation. xD More information on Tokimeki Factory can be found here.