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The heroine comes with 3 default outfits at the beginning of the game (the swimsuit is just plain weird.) TMGS2 opens up a wider range of options than the original in terms of putting together outfits. Different guys have different clothing preferences, so dress wisely on your dates!

Another interesting thing to note about this sequel is that you’re no longer limited by what you can wear out to dates. You can now wear a yukata to the beach or a swimsuit to the movies! (not that we would advise you to do so…) There are also more categories from which you can choose your apparel of choice.

The categories are (in order!):

Under – Undershirts and shirts, mostly.
Top – Jackets. You can forgo them in summer and late spring/early autumn
Bottom – Pants and skirts.
Full body – Casual wear, one piece outfits
Swimwear – Bikinis and swimsuits
Yukata – Traditional wear for Fireworks Festival
Dress – Formal dresses, one piece outfits
Kimono – Traditional wear for New Years
Accessory – Little baubles you can match with your outfits. Includes presents from guys.

TMGS2 has also retained it’s four main categories of dress style – Pure, Sexy, Sporty and Elegant. There’s also a fifth one, “Danger”… You can get that by combining three different clothing types. Hate a certain guy who won’t stop bombing you? This is the perfect revenge! (besides, the look on their faces is priceless :D)

Also, dress accordingly! Don’t go gallivanting around in the winter wearing a tank top and mini-skirt.

Guys get happier when you wear the stuff they give you to dates, so try to wear the accessories often! They don’t like repeating outfits, however, so if you just change the accessory but keep the same clothes on, they won’t even notice. :| Great way to save money!

Guys compliment you when you dress exclusively in one colour (they don't mind much even when it's in a style they hate).

Special dates and events (eg. Fireworks Festival, New Years, Christmas Party) require special clothes too. If you dress accordingly – a yukata to the festival and a fancy gown to the party – chances are that the guy will compliment you on your dress style!

Another interesting addition is the use of a shopping card (press triangle when shopping or looking at clothes). Upon accumulating the right number of stamps, you can get 10%, 30%, and 50% off one outfit accordingly! Useful when buying expensive clothes like a kimono…

Clothes available in the shops change seasonally, so check back every now and then for the latest arrivals! You can also keep notified by checking your Email.

Now for the shops available:

Shop Item/Types Opens Special
Boutique Jesse Elegant, some sexy and pure game start kimono and corsages
Boutique Nanami sexy, some pure and sporty game start yukata
Boutique Sofia pure, some sexy game start  
Boutique Dixie sporty, some pure and sexy 1/4/2006 yukata
Accessory Shop Simone earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hairclips 1/4/2006  
Jewellery Raishu* hats, bracelets, rings, earrings 1/4/2006  
Antique Shop CHIPPU scrunchies, shawls, gloves, rings, necklaces 1/10/2006  
Jewellery ARUMIRA earrings, rings, hairclips, the occasional brooch 1/9/2007  
Flea Market anything last weekend every 2 mths everything at half-price
USED clothes anything 1/7/2007 everything at half-price
*not very sure if translation is correct, confirmation appreciated!

To go shopping all you need to do is click the Go Out icon (unless you have a date that day, then too bad, because the Go Out icon will automatically take you to your date) on a weekend and then choose the shopping area, followed by the shop. If you suddenly don't feel like shopping, it's not too late to turn back and choose another activity for the day, as long as you haven't entered a shop. Also, one key difference between GS1 and GS2 is that you can actually go to two shops in a day instead of one, as long as they are in the same shopping area.

And our last words of wisdom...happy shopping!