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The section that really defines the game! :D For the most part, it involves you meeting the guy, getting his number from Yuu, then calling him up for a date at a location of your choice.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll find yourself asking the guys out fairly often. As the game progresses and their affection for you increases, you’ll find that you really don’t need to call them for dates much, because they’ll be the ones doing all the asking (which is pretty much every other week… :| ) To go to his house, you have to wait until his affection gets high enough and he asks you himself.

To go on a date, you have to select the “Go Out” command on the day of the date (the icon will change to a heart shape to subtly remind you of your day's commitment :P), which will then open up a window for you to choose an outfit. You’ll meet the guy straight after, so don't get trigger happy and make sure to SAVE before your click on the command!

If you find yourself having two dates at two different city areas (out of 4 or 5, I think) in the same month, you’ll be prompted on where you’ll be going first. A second command window will then open, asking if you want to “Wait a little longer” or “Go to the other location instead”. If you screw up, chances are you’ll miss the date entirely.

IMPORTANT! Always make sure you know where the meeting point is! It’ll be mentioned in the telephone conversation when you confirm the date and location, so don’t miss it. Once you get the hang of it, its easy though, because there are only 4 or 5 city areas and each has a corresponding meeting point. E.g. if you’re bringing him to the zoo, the city area is the Habataki Mountain and the meeting point is the Habataki Train Station.

Occasionally, you’ll run into some… unexpected company if the guy is late for the date. These include a pesky salesman, a random hobo-like guy who tries to pick you up, and a surfer dude (only at the beach). Don’t worry, your guy will show up soon enough to save the day!

If you dress to your guy’s tastes for the date, he’ll compliment you on it first. And if you wear his gift to the date, he’ll comment on it sometimes with a blush. :D That is, unless, if you're not dressed for the season (think a woolly sweater on a summer day), then he'll make some unhappy comment about that instead.

On the date itself, you’re presented with 3 options for conversation. Most of the time, there’ll be an answer which makes him really happy, one that makes him mad, and one that’s neutral (there are exceptions to this, for e.g. when you go to a place he hates, where the best answer option might only be neutral). If you’re not confident in getting the right one on the first try, we suggest saving before every date, and loading after if you didn’t give the answer he wanted. (if only this existed in real life… >< )

There’s also another addition to the dating part of GS2. When you go to certain locations and you give an answer which makes the guy really happy, you can access a command [……] in pink. According to a guy’s affection for you, you can see his reactions to your random lovey-dovey actions, such as holding his hand, looking at his face, tugging at his clothes, chopping him, and moving closer (Anyone played the Safari Zone in the Pokemon series before? I keep cracking up whenever I see this option XD -flings Safari ball- I caught a Saeki!) If he doesn’t like you all that much, it might be a good idea to just ignore the option…

A list of the places where the [......] option can be accessed:
- Forest Park (All seasons)
- Seaside Park (Walkway, Bayside bridge)
- Fireworks Festival
- Seaside Walk
- Habataki Mountain (Momiji)
- Amusement Park (Ferris Wheel)
- Drive (Masaki ONLY)

If the guy likes you enough, he’ll ask you if you’d like to extend the date with him by taking a walk along the beach. There, you’ll be presented with 3 new topics for conversation, which you can randomly choose to learn more about your guy. You’ll eventually get one about Love, and on your next date (after about 6 or so extended dates I believe), you’ll get a mini-confession (which fails) from him. Really cute :) Note that if you shared your accidental kiss with him, there’ll be a subsequent topic accessible after the mini-confession on the Kiss. Followed by another miniminimini confession on the next date.

If you give the wrong answer on a date, your guy sometimes won’t ask to extend it. When he likes you enough, he’ll call you when you’re walking back to apologize for being rude to you.

When your guy is at :) and above, he’ll even offer to walk you back home!

Don’t invite a guy to the same place two times in a row! Try to shuffle accordingly.

For almost every place (excluding special date spots like the dinosaur display at the museum), you can have 3 different scenarios for conversation, before it repeats again on your fourth date there. Note that on your third date, there’ll normally be an option which makes him super happy (or thoughtful), leading to a particularly lengthy conversation which adds a lot of affection. To get all the Firework Festival scenarios, you’ll have to ask him each year so you get the special conversation on the last one.