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Birthday: 2nd February
Horoscope: Aquarius
Blood type: AB
Height: 164, 164, 164
Weight: ?
Club: Band
Part-time job: None
Guy: Christopher Weatherfield
Hobby: Horoscopes
Course: Windsor Music University
Favourite: Cooking
Colour: Water
Seiyuu: Maeda Ai Minaguchi Yuko (Hotaru Tomoe in Sailor Moon, Akiko Minase in Kanon, Miki Kouzuki in Daa! Daa! Daa!)

Haruhi likes strawberries and watching j-dramas.


What you call her:
Neutral and above: Nishimoto-san, Haruhi, Nishimoto, Haruhi-chan
:) and above: Nishimon, Haruru, Parupin
:D and above: None

**Never call her PochRIN or Kangekiya-san (lol!)

What she calls you:
Neutral: First name
:) and above: First name

How to meet her
Raise your Style parameter above 60
Work at Anastasia Confectionery
Choose her room at the beginning of the game (bottom left)

Haruhi's probably best described as a super genki female Madoka (for those alien to GS1, You just have to know that she's affectionate and speaks with a Kansai dialect.) I probably wouldn't like her that much if she didn't speak with the Kansai~~~ So cute! She hails from Osaka and loves eating sweet goods. Friendly, genki, and popular - what's not to like? :)

Confession requirements

1. Don't get a guy's ending.
2. Play with her 70 times.
3. Don't go into Rival Mode, must be in Tokimeki state.

What you should do

Meet Hisoka by raising your Style/choosing the right room/working at Anastasia Confectionary.

Play with her and go out with her on weekends when she asks.

On double dates, don't try to take rides with Hariya. She'll be pissed.

Always make sure that she likes you more than Hariya does to prevent rival mode from commencing.

Buy her birthday presents.

If possible, always ask to walk home with her or invite her to the Cafe after school.


200. Loving Through the Distance (Book title)
Date: September
Conditions: Must have met Hariya
Affection: :) and above (cannot be on Rival mode)
What happens: The heroine finds Haruhi crying while reading one of her romance novels...

201, 202. Caf
Date: Any school day
Conditions: Invite her to a caf after school
Affection: -
What happens: You get to chat with her from a selection of 3 topics. 2 versions available Summer and Winter


Year 1 Manicure set with the latest colours
Year 2 - Swiss cooking
Year 3 Complete Collection of Romance Novels


When the stars are aligned...then you will see this section. :)