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Birthday: 6th April
Horoscope: Aries
Blood type: A
Height: 138, 141, 145
Weight: 34, 36, 39
Seiyuu: Kobayashi Yumiko (Sarah MacDougal in Love Hina, Tetsunosuke Ichimura in Peacemaker Kurogane, Azuma Kazuma in Yakitate!! Japan, Dan Taichi in the Prince of Tennis)

How to meet him

Yuu's your pesky younger neighbour, who dishes out all the information you need about your guy and girl friends. He's the one that lets you know about bombs, rivals, Valentine's day - the works. He's also the "loser" ending you get if you didn't manage to get anyone else -sob-

Confession requirements

Yuu has 2 endings. To my utter... amazement, one of them is a romantic ending. Konami, don't do this to me T_T

Ending 1:
- Don't get any guy/girl/Himeko.

Ending 2:
- Don't get any guy/girl/Himeko.
- Keep your final weekend free.
- Always choose the third option ("Invite Over to Chat") and get all possible conversations each month
- Give him Valentine chocolate for 3 years running (any kind will do). Just don't give the chocs to anyone and you'll take them home for Yuu. Choose the second option to give them to him.
- Don't go to the shrine with any guy so you can spend New Year with him.

List of Conversations

To check if you missed any out...

Apr - Tsukushi from GS1
May - Honey extraction from flowers
Jun - Fishing at the Shrine
Jul - Forest Park
Aug - Indigestion
Sep - Excursion to Habataki Mountain
Oct - Sports Meet
Nov - Favourite songs
Dec - Stray dog at school

Jan - Kushami.
Feb - Hibernating frogs at the shrine
Mar - Fifth graders
Apr - Nearby park
May - Cat eating hamburgers
Jun - Got so preoccupied playing handphone game that he missed his stop
Jul - Ice cream in school
Aug - Camp at Habataki Mountain
Sep - Excursion at Museum
Oct - Sports Meet
Nov - Forgetting to return books to the library
Dec - Kite-making competition

Jan - Class makes bread
Feb - His mom bought him a new game
Mar - I'll be a 6th grader soon
Apr - Caretaker at school
May - Practing on his in-line skates
Jun - Class loses hamster
Jul - Sketches in school
Aug - Class going to indoor pool
Sep - Book report
Oct - Sports Meet
Nov - School trip, practice for pillow fight
Dec - Victory/failure clothes

Jan - Meeting friends at the park
Feb - Practice for graduation ceremony


Sometime soon...