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Some gems of information we gleaned from playing the game, which may be useful advice for to heed for first-timers. We're always searching for more ways to cheat make our game easier, so feel free to share your own tips!

//.    Save before going to see Yuu if you want to check who’s bombing you. That way, you can load right after and call whoever’s bombing you! Saves you a lot of weekends…
//. It’s possible to date other guys when your desired guy is already at Tokimeki state. Doing so will not affect his affection.
//. If a guy who’s bombing you accepts your date offer and you stand him up, he’s twice as likely to bomb you again within the next few weeks. Just go out and bear with it :| Make him happy!
//. To maximize your efficiency, you should base your activity commands during the week loosely around your horoscope on those which have higher success rates. (“:D” gives you a 95% success rate)
//. When a girl goes into rival mode with you, you’ll want to pick the second command (where you admit you like her guy) and leave it be. My screwed up Hikami game was a result of being trigger happy and convincing her otherwise. After that, Hikami went from :D to :) and I couldn’t get him to like me again for the rest of the game!!!! (I got Yuu.)
//. Save before going on dates and cycle through the three options. On certain dates, there can be a “good” option, and a “very good” option. So you never know. Constant vigilance!!
//. You can cheat at the flea market –hides in shame- By saving and loading over and over, you can access different clothes and accessories on flea market day. Just keep doing it until you get the clothes you want (at half price, no less.)
//. For the fashion conscious like Hariya or Saeki, check the Internet regularly to see what’s in! If you wear them on dates, chances are they’ll compliment you. You can also coordinate outfits so that you’re wearing one colour (it doesn’t have to be a particular style) that your guy likes.
//. Read the cutscenes list before every game and plan your attack accordingly! Getting cutscenes in GS2 is monumentally harder than in GS1. I think we finished the Shiba game with only half of his cutscenes, even when we had the cutscene list with us, because we didn’t plan ahead and couldn’t fulfil certain conditions in time etc.
//. If you're a cheapskate like gummibear, you can just buy 2 sets of summer-ish and autumn-ish outfits (make sure you have a mix of long sleeves, short sleeves, skirts and pants) and 2 sets of jackets (making sure it's the right type your guy likes, of course), and maybe 5 different accessories. Then rotate accordingly. It's enough to survive for 3 years, and you still get compliments at every date! :D