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Just some interesting oddities and randomness in GS2.

//. Your blood type affects the appearance of horoscope icons on the internet!

//. You can find TMGS1 characters scattered throughout various date locations in the game. To find-
Hazuki Kei Shopping mall from July to August. (he’s on a banner for a bridal collection! is he planning for the future with the GS1 heroine? ^_~)
Kijyou Madoka Amusement Park for the Saakiito, November in 2006, May & August in 2007, and April and August in 2008. (He’s cheering in the stands)
Morimura Sakuya: Habataki Mountain, Momiji Period. (He’s in that ridiculous umbrella hat-thing)
Suzuka Kazuma:    White Tiger exhibit at the Zoo. (Freaking out in the background because of his fear of big cats XD )
Mihara Shiki: Museum, Mihara Exhibition 1st to 30th June in 2007 (posing in the background with his paintings!)
Hibiya Wataru:     Bus Stop, June to August. (Waiting for someone in the background… he looks weird, anyhow)
Himuro Reiichi: Aquarium, 1st April to 31st May and 1st Sept to 31st December 2008, 1st January to 2nd March in 2009. (He’s glowering behind the aquarium glass :o )
Amanohashi Ikkaku: Sky Garden, March to May. (He’s standing in the flowerbush)
Aoki Chiharu: Habataki Station, June to August. (Waving to someone in the background – maybe it’s the heroine the first game! D:)

What, so little quirks? I guess GS2 is pretty futsuu then. :P