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Birthday: 4th September
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood type: A
Height: 180
Weight: 65
Club: Track and Field
Job: Teaching at Hanegasaki High
Rival: None
Hobby: Teaching
Course: Teach the next batch of first-years
Favourite: Cats, fashion
Colour: Pink
Seiyuu: Morikawa Toshiyuki (Katsuya Jounouichi in YuGiOh!, Youhei Mito in Slam Dunk, Takumi Ichinose in NANA, Conrad in Kyou Kara Maoh!, Naraku in Inuyasha, Sephiroth in FF7, Kurosaki Isshin in Bleach, Ernst in Angelique) [whoa-ho! who knew Waka-sama was so talented? lol]

Waka-sama has a dream to raise cats. He loves rice and American hit songs from the 60s and the 70s.


What you call him:
Neutral and above: Wakaouji-sensei, Waka-sama, Waka-chan
:) and above: None
:D and above: Takafumi-kun, Takafumi-san

**Never call him Dr. Wakaouji (LOL), Takafumi, Waka-PURI

What he calls you:
Neutral: Last name-san
:) and above: Last name-san

To get his accidental kiss
First option, first option (last 2 questions of Wakouji’s intro questionnaire)
--translation of accidental kiss incident here

How to meet him
Automatic. Meet him on your first day of school.

Wakaouji's a really cool guy - he's at the opposite end of the personality spectrum from Himuro. Waka-sama's lovable in that he has no idea about relationships and is a little scatterbrained. He's extremely smart, though, and is fairly athletic. The ultimate oblivious genius type (At least we can't fault Konami for being uncreative...)!

Confession requirements

1. Tokimeki state:
Date him no less than 25 times (no accidental kiss)
Date him no less than 15 times (accidental kiss)
2. Parameters:
Intelligence - 150 and above
Style - 120 and above
Social - 120 and above

Elegant, then sexy (hates sporty)

What you should do

To make Waka-sama like you, the fastest way is do aise the required parameters.

and he'll supervise your hurdling. Keep winning the competitions!**

Always go on his study dates and give the right answers.

When he's at :) and above, he'll join you when you exercise and study.

Always do well in exams -getting top position is a plus, of course.

He'll only accept your homemade Valentine Chocolate/birthday presents if he's at :D and above.

Accept his dates as often as you can and make sure you always choose to extend the date if he asks to unlock his almost-confession (translation here).

Try to have no exploded bombs.

** I found in most of my Waka-playthroughs that it was easier to get his affection up when I wasn't too gung-ho about the Track and Field Club. Raising stats does the job more than adequately (besides, the activity causes the Intelligence parameter to drop a lot - yikes!) so you might want to consider a different club.

Date spots

You don't get to choose, but here's a list of where he takes you...

Study Dates
- Movie Theater (273.15)
- Movie Theater (Big Love)
- Botanic gardens - Museum (Normal) (Mihara Shiki Exhibition) (Dinosaur and Fossil Exhibit) (GAAGII Exhibition) - Seaside park (Walkway) (Bayside Bridge) (Tour boat) - Aquarium (Normal) (Orca Show) - Beach - Habataki Castle (Display Corner) (Gateway to heaven)
He likes
- Karaoke BOX
- Game Center (Video games)
- Live House (Need's)
- Movie Theater (SPINNING2)
- Movie Theater (The Diary of Catherine Burns)
- Movie Theater(Little Man)
- Movie Theater (Big Love)
- Forest Park (Spring, normal)
- Forest Park (Spring, Sakura)
- Shopping Mall
- Event Hall (Four Seasons)
- Event Hall (Forestry MAKI)
- Habataki Mountain (Momiji)
- Habataki Castle (Gateway to Heaven)
- Amusement Park (Ferris Wheel)
- Amusement Park (Merry Go Round)
- Amusement Park (GP Racing)


140. Under the Sakura Petals
Date: Spring
Conditions: Date at the Forest Park
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The heroine and Wakaouji go sakura-viewing, and the heroine panics briefly when she loses sight of Wakaouji.

141, 142. Cleaning up the Cruiser
Date: 20th July to 81st August
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Wakaouji takes the heroine on a trip to a cruiser, which is pretty cool. Until he ends up hosing her down :D

143. Man in Black
Date: Autumn
Conditions: Date anywhere except the seaside district
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Wakaouji runs into his archnemesis who hails from America. They end up crossing unfriendly pleasantries and there's even some English in the convo! (yeah, not EngRish, since the seiyuu's seem pretty competent in it for once)

144. Ahead of this Ocean
Date: Winter
Conditions: Date at the Seaside Stroll
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Wakaouji recounts his younger days in America.

145. IQ 200
Date: Spring
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The heroine gets to see a different side of Wakaouji as he tackles a chemistry problem.

146. Calculated Jump
Date: Summer camp
Conditions: Join Track and Field
Affection: -
What happens: Wakaouji proves the masses wrong when he manages to pull off an impossible high jump. (He sprains his back and a finger after doing so.)

147. Sensei's Original Coffee
Date: October to November
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: :) and above
What happens: Wakaouji shares some of his special blend with the heroine. If drinking coffee from a lab beaker isn't romantic (or hygienic), I don't know what is... XD

148. Personal Tuition
Date: Winter
Conditions: Fail your tests
Affection: -
What happens: You get a remedial session with Waka-sama...

149. I'm Here For You
Date: 25th December 2008
Conditions: Must have seen event no. 153
Affection: :D and above
What happens: At the ski lodge, the heroine and Wakaouji decide to race through the snow. Heroine loses Wakaouji (again) and gets saved by him when she almost gets crushed by an impending avalanche.

150. Second Kiss (accidental)
Date: 1st May, 2006
Conditions: Answer questionnaire correctly
Affection: -
What happens: The heroine accidentally kisses Wakaouji while clearing the lab.

151. School Play
Date: 8th November 2008
Conditions: Don't skip practices for the school culture festival.
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Wakaouji helps the heroine with some forgotten lines.

152. Everyone's Teacher
Date: 19th September 2007
Conditions: Go on school trip with Wakaouji
Affection: :D and aobve
What happens: Wakaouji gets surrounded by his adoring female students.

153. Warm Hands
Date: 24th December 2008
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: :D and above
What happens: On the way back to the room, the heroine is waylaid by an amorous Wakaouji (lol. I can't believe I actually meant that.)

154, 155. Confession
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: You know :P
What happens: Wakaouji confesses, and relays his sob story of a tragic childhood.

156. The Lighthouse…
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Accept his confession earlier
Affection: -
What happens: Kiss at the lighthouse!

157. The Beach…
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: -
What happens: Alternate ending. Kiss at the beach after rejecting the first guy.


Year 1 – Latest Dictionary of Modern Slang
Year 2 – Portrait of Wakaouji's Face
Year 3 – 101 Cats Photo COllection 2

1 Rich - Glassware Angels (bottom left corner)

Wakaouji gives you a gorgeous silver anklet, which you can wear on dates.