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Birthday: 21st November
Horoscope: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Height: 187, 187, 187
Weight: 70, 71, 72
Club: Baseball (third-year)
Part-time job: None
Rival: Todo Tatsuko
Hobby: Exercising, taking afternoon naps
Course: First-rate sports university
Favourite: Sour foodstuffs, Sports competitions
Colour: Black
Seiyuu: Nakai Kazuya (Wakka in FFX, Date Masamune in Sengoku Basara, Roronoa Zoro in One Piece, Shizuka Doumeki in xXxHolic)


What to call him

Neutral and above: Shiba-kun, Shiba-san
:) and above: Shibayan, Katsumi-kun
:D and above: Katsumi, Kaachan <3

*Never call him Shibakatsu or Shiba no Aniki (haha! Big Brother Shiba~)

What he calls you

Neutral: Last name
:) and above: Last name

To get his accidental kiss
Second option, then first option (last 2 questions in Wakaoujis intro questionnaire)

How to meet him
Raise your sports parameter to 55 (first year only)
Join the Baseball Club.

By far the most laconic guy in the game, this sporty guy has a secret passion for baseball and is the epitome of cool! At a whopping height of 187cm, he's also the tallest >< Katsumi's a little distant at first, but he warms up to you once he gets to know you better. He's the typical manly guy - sporty, silent, with a matching tan to boot.

Confession requirements

1. Tokimeki state:
Date him no less than 25 times (no accidental kiss)
Date him no less than 15 times (accidental kiss)
2. Parameters:
Fitness - 200 and above
Social -150 and above

Sporty, then Pure (hates Elegant)

What you should do

Meet Shiba by raising your sports parameter. You'll then get an event where he retrieves a notebook you left behind in the science lab (because the link between science and sports is...?).

For the second Shiba ending, share your first kiss with him! You'll be trying to help him carry some sports equipment to the storeroom. XD

You can get closer to him by joining the Baseball Club by being their manager. How one's fitness increases by washing team jerseys is a little puzzling, though. :|

Don't get kicked out of the Baseball Club at all costs! Remember, he joins in during the third year, so be a little patient. He'll be turning up for all the matches if you play your cards right for the first two years, so make sure you use the club command enough so your team doesn't lose too badly...

Try to always walk home with him/ invite him to a caf if you run into him after school.

Date him (fiendishly, he doesn't mind) often until he moves into :D state. After that, the dude will just ask you out on dates every other week, so you don't ahve to worry much about calling him so often.

Always make him good homemade Valentine chocolate! He's sweet when he blushes. :) He'll also return the favour on White Day if he likes you enough.

Accept his dates whenever you can! When given the option to extend dates, always pick the first option to learn more about his likes and dislikes, etc. You can also get his "almost confession" after the topic about love, and unlock a separate conversation about the kiss (only if you had it with him, of course) after that. If he invites you to his home, you can take your time exploring his natural habitat. :D

Have no exploded bombs if possible.

Date spots

He loves:
- Bowling arena (Bowling)
- Bowling arena(Darts)
- Live House (Need's)
- Movie Theater (Little Man)
- Aquarium (Orca show)
- Event Hall (Rumble Bouzu)
- Habataki Mountain (Momiji)
- Habataki Mountain (Skiing)
- Zoo (Normal)
- Zoo (Petting Zoo)
- Zoo (White Tiger)
- Amusement Park (Go Karts)

He likes:
- Game Center (Music corner)
- Live House (Smile Jibes)
- Movie Theater (Condemned Cell)
- Movie Theater (SPINNING2)
- Forest Park (Spring, Normal)
- Forest Park (Spring, Sakura)
- Forest Park (Summer, Normal)
- Forest Park (Summer, Fountain)
- Forest Park (Autumn)
- Forest Park (Winter) tell me he isn't obsessed with this place
- Museum (Dinosaur and Fossil Exhibit)
- Skate Rink
- Aquarium (Huge aquarium)
- Event Hall (Vivito Jipa Hold)
- Beach
- Seaside Walk
- Amusement Park (Jet Coaster)
- Amusement Park (Night Parade)
- Amusement Park (GT Racing)
- Amusement Park (Japan Grand Prix)
- His house


28. Sleepy...
Date: Spring (normal, NOT during the Sakura viewing)
Conditions: Date at the Forest Park
Affection: :) only
What happens: Shiba gets the African Sleeping Disease (kidding. He just gets sleepy).

29. Found You
Date: Summer
Conditions: Date at the beach
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The heroine gets lost, and Shiba looks for her at the beach.

30. Amazing
Date: Autumn
Conditions: Date at the Zoo
Affection: :| to :)
What happens: Shiba bonds with the furry little rabbits at the petting zoo. Cute!

31. Hope it Snows
Date: Winter
Conditions: Date at the Forest Park
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Shiba takes a walk with the heroine in the cold weather.

32. Helping out Masaki-senpai
Date: Spring
Conditions: Work at Anneri Flower Shop.
Affection: :| only
What happens: Find Shiba giving Masaki a hand with some flower deliveries. He gets embarrassed XD

33. Waiter at the Culture Festival
Date: 2007/2008 School Culture Festival
Conditions: Automatic, once date and affection conditions are satisfied
Affection: :D and above
What happens: While walking alone through the school, the heroine finds Shiba dressed as a waiter surrounded by girls (He looks a little harassed...)

34. 400 Metre Dash
Date: 19th June, 2006 (Sports Meet)
Conditions: Shiba has not joined the Baseball Club
Affection: :| to :)
What happens: The heroine sees Shiba taking part in the 400m Dash and marvels at his determination.

35. Regret
Date: Winter
Conditions: Shiba has not joined the Baseball Club
Affection: :) and above
What happens: After school, Shiba watches pensively as the baseball team has practice.

36. Utter Determination
Date: 18th July, 2008
Conditions: Shiba has yet to join the Baseball Club
Affection: :D and above
What happens: During one of the matches, one of the batters in the school team gets injured by rough play on the rival team's part. Shiba steps up to the mound in his place...

37. To See Your Face
Date: 10th August, 2008
Conditions: Have to be in either the Baseball club or the Cheerleading Club
Affection: :D and above
What happens: It's the night before the big match, and Shiba can't get to sleep. He gives the heroine a call and asks her to meet him to have a chat. Romantic~~

38. Good Night
Date: Any season except Autumn
Conditions: Must have had the "almost confession".
Affection: :D and above
What happens: On the way to the library, the heroine finds Shiba dropping off to sleep...

39. Second Kiss (Accidental)
Date: 1st May, 2006
Conditions: Answer questionnaire correctly!
Affection: -
What happens: When putting the hurdles away during gym, the heroine and Shiba...

40. School Play
Date: 8th November, 2008 (culture festival)
Conditions: Take part in the Culture Festival and don't skip practices.
Affection: :) and above
What happens: Shiba and the heroine star in a play set in the feudal era.

41. Rest on the Riverbank
Date: 19th September 2007 (School trip)
Conditions: Agree to accompany him on the trip
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Shiba and the heroine agree to take a quick rest and wind up lying on the riverbank together.

42. At the Party
Date: 24th December 2008
Conditions: Automatic, once date and affection conditions are satisfied
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The heroine finds Shiba sitting alone at the party and strikes up a conversation.

43, 44. Caf
Date: Any school day
Conditions: Invite him to a caf after school
Affection: -
What happens: You get to chat with him from a selection of 3 topics. 2 versions available Summer and Winter (different uniforms)

45, 46. Confession
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: You know :P
What happens: Shiba confesses

47. The Lighthouse
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Accept his confession earlier
Affection: -
What happens: Kiss at the lighthouse!

48. The Beach
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: -
What happens: Alternate ending. Kiss at the beach after rejecting the first guy.

Year 1 - Low set sleeping pillow
Year 2 Silver Bookmark
Year 3 Mesh Undershirt

10 Rich - Room Stepper (bottom right hand corner)

He gives you a sporty wristband decorated with bubbles on your birthday if he likes you enough :D


Coming...soon! Honestly. :D