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Birthday: 8th December
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Blood type: B
Height: 173, 174, 176
Weight: 59, 60, 61
Club: Student Council (Habataki High)
Part-time job: None
Rival: None
Hobby: None (hontou? o_o)
Course: First-rate university
Favourite: None
Colour: Orange
Seiyuu: Nojima Kenji (Kanone Hilbert in Spiral, Yuuna in Gundam SEED DESTINY, Karman in BLOOD+, Solacido in RAVE)


Akagi wears a shirt with the word "HIDDEN" on it.

Meli's Playthrough Log
No. of playthroughs - 2
No. of shopping trips in each game - 50
No. of times I went broke - 23
No. of times I threw the controller down in disgust - 8
No. of accessories I had at the end of the game - 41


You call him "Akagi-kun" (default) when you finally get his name. I'll assume he doesn't have an EVS, since he addresses you by "kimi" for most of it.

To get his accidental kiss
Sadly, no such thing.

How to meet him
Go shopping 5 times.

Akagi's the official mystery character of GS2. There was a similar hidden guy in GS1 as well - Aoki Chiharu, a closed-off, shy guy who had a tendency to run out on dates and not say anything. At all. Yep. So Akagi-pyon had a lot to live up to, haha! :D Having learnt from my previous erroneous misjudgement, I went in with no expectations whatsoever this time (huh, GS1's "intriguing" secret character had me wishing he remained what he was - a secret), and was pleasantly surprised...

Akagi has lines. A hell lot more than Chiharu. The relationship also has a more credible development process, and the scenarios are well thought out. The fact that he's in the Habataki uniform was so nostalgic that I went to snuggle my GS1 for a bit before moving on. :D

Confession requirements

1. Have no other guys at Tokimeki state.

2. No required parameters. He does end up in a first-rate university though, so you might want to try for it to get a happy ending.

* Note that if you have other guys at tokimeki state, you'll get them instead. Yes, even if you haven't dated them (Curse you, AMACHI!! CURSE YOU FOR KILLING MY 5 HOUR NO SAVE PLAYTHROUGH!!!!). The only way to get Akagi is if you go after him exclusively.

**Also note that even if you have a girl at Tokimeki, you'll still get Akagi's ending.

Since you don't "date" him, per se, you could run around in a gunny sack and it wouldn't make a difference.

What you should do

1. Go shopping 5 times. (You don't have to buy anything, which makes the store owners kind of crabby. Even more so when you do it for what - a million times in this game? lol)

2. Meet Akagi on your way back from school. It's raining. He offers you an umbrella so share, so pick the first option to accept.

3. After meeting him, shop for 7 more times.

4. On the bus, you'll be confronted with the option to give up your seat to an elderly person. Choose the first option, and an impressed Akagi-pyon will try to chat you up! Hoho.

5. Go shopping 12 more times.

6. When you choose to go shopping again (13), you'll feel hungry afterwards and pop by to "Winning Burger" (GS1's version of MCDs) to get a teriaki burger. Surprise! Akagi's there and pulls some smooth moves in finally introducing himself.

7. 12 more shopping trips. (11 when you count the previous I suppose)

8. After school, you meet Akagi being all suave at the gates. Turns out he's here with some of his friends. Due to Hikami's overwhelming welcome, you find out he's actually in the Student Council... yay, an overachiever. Pick the first option to say that you're glad he's here.

9. Shop for 14 more times. Tired yet?

10. Akagi comes to your school again, this time to ask you for a date to a SUPER CHARGER concert. Pick the first option. NOTE: this boy is not programmed to recognize your club activities on weekends, like other hanegaku guys. (I got kicked out of lacrosse.)

11. Go to the concert (automatic.) Meet blonde bugger, and run away in a panic, dropping your ticket in the process. Run back and see a disgruntled Akagi with another girl...

12. He'll reappear again at your school to explain the situation. He just digs a deeper grave.

13. On the 20th of February, you'll take shelter with him once more. He explains it fully this time.

14. You're done! Confession time.

- To prevent any guys from going into tokimeki state, don't buy any presents.
- Don't make/buy V-day chocolate.
- Don't accept/go on any dates.
- Don't be friendly and initiate conversations. Antisocialness is key.

Date spots

What? Dating? ...In this game?


188, 189. Shelter from the Rain
Date: Anytime other than between June to August
Conditions: Shop alone 5 times
Affection: -
What happens: The heroine gets trapped with Akagi when it starts to rain.

190. Shelter from the Rain 2
Date: 20th February
Conditions: Follow our AKAGI <3 plan
Affection: -
What happens: The heroine gets trapped once more with Akagi-kun.

191, 192. Confession
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: You know :P
What happens: Akagi confesses.

193. The Beach…
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Accept his confession.
Affection: -
What happens: This is the only ending. No alternates this time!


NADA. A good thing too, considering how much loss you're racking on those fiendish shopping binges for his sake...


It'll come in due time...