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This page was fully contributed by ROWAN, thank you so much!

Birthday: 22nd of February
Horoscope: Pisces
Blood type: A
Height: -, 172, 172
Weight: -, 49, 49
Club: None
Part-time job None
Hobby: Cooking
Course: Becomes a 3rd year student
Favourite: Living creatures
Colour: N/A
Seiyuu: Matsubara Daisuke

He knows the names of more than 100 varieties of Japanese wild birds and he used to live in a port town in the Tohoku district (northeastern region of Honshuu).

No choice, you can only call him Komori-kun.

How to meet him
If your charm is over 50 by the 1st of October in the second year, Komori will transfer to your class.

Komori Taku is a very, very shy character who spends most of his time skipping school & staying in his flat. His surname 'Komori' may come from the Japanese word 'hikkikomori', which means someone who cannot leave their house & go outside.

For most of the second year he has long grey/black hair which he hides behind, but he gets a makeover later on. He's definitely got an air about him which makes you just want to snuggle him & look after him. :D

Confession requirements

1. Have no other guys at Tokimeki state & don't fulfill their ending requirements.

2. Don't get the last conversation with Akagi Kazuyuki or Majima Tarou or you could get their ending instead!

Wear whatever you want. You could wear Danger style all the time and he wouldn't mind!

What you should do

1. Spend your first year building stats or anything! Make sure your charm is over 50 by October in the 2nd year for Komori to make an appearance and be careful about being too friendly with guys.

2. Choose to speak up on his first day when he's too shy to talk.

3. Komori doesn't turn up to class for the next 3 weeks. Offer to take a print-out to him when Wakaouji-sensei offers.

4. He still doesn't turn up to class so Wakaouji-sensei asks you to check up on him every morning before school. Agree and you'll get a Komori command.

5. Visit Komori every morning before school by selecting his command. You're going to need to do this a lot. Every now and then you'll get a scene with him, mostly consisting of him saying he's not going to school. Keep visiting him to increase his affection for you.

6. Sometime in the 3rd year, between April and November, another scene will occur depending on his affection for you (has to be over 110), and your charm (has to be over 180). Next time you visit Komori he'll ask you to go with him on the next class trip. Make sure you don't miss it!

7. Several weeks laters, when his affection for you has increased to above 150, he asks you out on a date!! He wants to go to the aquarium again and see the dolphins.

8. Soon after when you visit him he's ready to go to school and has chopped off his hair! Because he's missed so much school he's going back to re-do the 2nd year. He says you'll still see each other.

9. He's pretty busy with all his new friends so you don't see him that often. Once though, his friends wonder if you're Komori's girlfriend. Depending on his affection for you you'll either deny it straight-out or stall.

10. Whatever your character said don't worry, you can get the ending either way. Near graduation you'll linger outside the school gates looking for Komori. Choose to stay a bit longer to wait for him to get the ending.

11. And that's it! Now that all you need to do is wait for confession time at the lighthouse. And if you want to get a sneaky kiss in, touch Komori's lips when you accept his confession.

- Visit Komori's house as often as possible, as this is the only way to increase his affection for you.
- It's a good idea to spend the 1st year building stats if you want to go to a good university. There will be barely no time in the 2nd year for friends, studying etc.
- Also consider totally ignoring boys in the 1st year, as they will probably bomb you when you completely ignore them in 2nd year.


201. Hand-made soup
Date: 3rd year anytime between the 7th of October and the 20th of December
Conditions: Komori's affection is over 150, have been on school trip and doing the Komori command.
Affection: -
What happens: When visiting Komori, he invites you in for some soup.

202. The gift of the evening light
Date: During your date to the aquarium
Conditions: Go on the date!
Affection: -
What happens: After going to the aquarium the two of you watch the sun set.

203, 204. Confession
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill his confession requirements
Affection: -
What happens: Komori confesses.

205. At the legendary lighthouse
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill his confession requirements.
Affection: -
What happens: Komori kisses you at the lighthouse.



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