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One of the challenges of the game, especially in the later half. You’ll have to defuse bombs as they appear… when they explode, everyone’s affection for you will suffer and it’ll be much harder to get your guy! Constant vigilance!

Bombs appear because certain guys feel like you’ve been giving them the cold shoulder (occurs when you don’t interact with them enough – note that even guys at :) and :D can bomb you!)

You know you’re getting bombed when –
1. You walk home and meet a guy who looks peeved. He doesn’t talk to you, just leaves with a “…..”
2. Your date walks you back to your house, and you get a call form that guy.
3. Yuu calls you over to the window to ask if you’ve been acting cold towards someone lately.

To defuse them, call them for a date (they don’t have to accept the date, but it gets defused all the same). Don’t leave the bombs on for too long, lest they explode! Constant vigilance!!!

As long as you call them for a date, the bomb is defused, but I recommend you try to get them to accept the date by choosing a date spot they like, and actually go for the date and treat it seriously! I.e. wear the clothes they like and give the best answer during the date. The reason is simply because they’ll take a much longer time to bomb you again than if you brush their date off.

You’ll know when a bomb’s exploded if you get back from a date, and a guy’s already in front of your house waiting for you. Or if you hear an explosion SFX.