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There aren’t that many (which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it). Notable changes in the sequel include:

- A lower frequency of bombs. By A LOT. Those who played GS1 will surely recall the nerve wracking weekends of defusing up to 3 bombs at one go while juggling your guy and your much needed bed rest. GS2’s bombing system seems to have relaxed in this aspect, so expect a much easier 2nd and 3rd year in the game.

- Multiple endings. This bemused us for a while. It turns out that for every guy, you can have 3 different ending confessions (for some reason, Shiba has 4). #1 is without obtaining the guy's accidental kiss and #2 is with his accidental kiss. #3, the most challenging one, entails you rejecting one guy (who you did NOT share an accidental kiss with) and accepting the confession of the other afterward (Gasp! Konami advocating two-timing? Lies!) It does up the interesting factor of the game, though…

- Starting parameters in GS2 are not determined by the room you initially choose, but by your answers to a questionnaire issued by your teacher at the start of the game. Incidentally, it also determines the guy you land your first kiss with. Cute!

- Birthday presents now apply to both guys and girls. Previously, the option was only made available to datable guys in the game. In GS2, you can now up your affection stat with the girls by buying them choice baubles too.

- You now have a shopping card! By buying more stuff, you can collect stamps and work your way to getting as much as 50 percent off an expensive garment. You can also sell clothes that you tire of (as well as all those fashion boo-boos) for half the price. New clothing options also allow you to choose from a wider range of clothing on dates (you can wear a bikini to ski if you want to, but we do advise against this). When shopping, you can now visit 2 stores in the same area on one visit. Clothes now have a “warmth” factor – it’ll be gone over in more detail under the “Shopping” section.

- When going on dates (especially to places where a guy likes a lot), you can get a special option of [……….] upon choosing the right answer to the first question. You can’t miss it. This option lets you do one out of three things chosen at random (hold his hand, look into his eyes, etc). Depending on his affection towards you, he’ll have different reactions to different “romantic” actions, so choose as you see fit :D

- No Himuro, no Kazumi, no Kei, no Shiki-pan!! WAILS