Previous Updates

December 21 04
Nothing very major this time.
- Die Legendé Für Mädchen translation courtesy of Meli
- Konno updated
- Mini-games updated (thanks to Marisa!)
- About (webmistresses) updated
We're selling selling some very pretty Tokimeki
special bromides, if anyone is interested. Please do buy and support our site. :)

November 15 04
Thanks for 3000 hits, people! We've passed the one-year-anniversary of our site, and we didn't even realise! :O Anyway, as our anniversary gift to thank all of you for the wonderful support and help you've given us in the past year, we bring to you the love of
- Goro!
Because Goro is the sexiest woman alive, of course. :D Anyway a little something I found out is that the reason for asking guys out for coffee after school (which I thought quite useless) is to find out about his likes and dislikes so you can choose the right birthday/christmas presents, dates etc for him, and it doesn't affect his stats with you. Basically that means if you know this web site (ego alert), you don't need to be drinking Toki coffee anyday soon. ^_^

September 6 04
Yes! Updates!

- Hibiya
- 100x100 Avatar from Iramirado (Shiki-pan! ^_^)
- Translation of portion of official website on TMGS2 by Meli

We've also updated our links to include the wonderful Inocenta Sanctuary which has some great translations (bottom) of Tokimeki stuff (drama cds etc). The Himuro one? Is hilarious. XD

We've also finally gotten a mailing list...not yahoo though, because some people don't have yahoo accounts. Anyway, the form is above, I think you can follow the instructions! See you next update, which will probably be a long time from now...

August 15 04
O-hisashiburi ne! *ducks tomatoes* No updates for the site, but good news for all! Get ready for TMGS2! For those who can't read jap (or randomly guess meanings from kanji like me ^^;), the salient details are that Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2 is only the tentative title, and the price and date are unconfirmed.

There's also updated info on Habataki Watcher. I think the book has already been released, but it may not have been, I'm too lazy to translate all the gritty details, so if your jap is much better than mine, do drop a note. Also, Konami Style is selling Madoka's necklace!! *_* Oh, there's also Kei's clover ring, but that's not important. :P Nah, actually it's also really pretty.

As for the site, Hibiya will be up soon, cos we know you all love Hibi-chan, don't you? I know you're all closet paedophiles, 'fess up now. ^_~ And thanks for the suggestion of a yahoogroup, we're gonna set it up soon! Make sure you join it then! ^_^

July 11 04
This is a quickie update. I just editted some site-related stuff (nothing toki).
- Links
- About
Cleared out the non-functioning links (boohoo, what happened to the Chiharu walkthrough and kanji song lyrics?) and updated 'about' with our new domain and stuff. Just a little bit of trivia, a fanbook is coming out this month. Or maybe that's the closing date for the entries. It's going to be called Habataki Watcher. Hopefully it'll hit the Kino shelves in Singapore.

July 4 04
A new month, a new beginning! Welcome to the new Utsukushiki Sekai! I don't think it's too hard to tell how we came up with our name, is it? Just like how the Habataki Net is an essential for the heroine in Tokimeki, we hope our site will prove just as indispensible for players of the game! Anyway, love us. Look at the nice fat updates.

-Gallery (almost all artbook scans!)
-Kei's Ending
-Kazuma's Ending
-Madoka's Ending
-Mihara's Ending
-Himuro's Ending

For the endings, scroll all the way to the bottom of their page. As for the problem with gamefaqs' problem with direct-linking, we have yet to work that out. Thanks for pointing it out to us though! Also I rushed quite a bit to put these updates and the new site up by today, so if I made stupid errors here and there (non-existant pics, broken links and the like) do tell me in the guestbook, thanks!

Anyway, thanks to our host Kaishi! Remember to change your bookmarks and links, and we hope you'll continue to support us in our new site! Encourage us by giving us some love. :D

June 28 04
Again, this isn't really an update. I was planning to update on fri, but I suddenly had to go for an operation. :( I hate injections! DIE!! Anyway, good news! We're getting hosted! Content-wise, I actually did the entire gallery (thumbnails are evil!) and most of Sakuya, but I decided there was no point to upload if we're gonna be shifting soon, not to mention the fact that it's terror uploading one item by another on So we'll see you at the new site, hopefully in a few days!

June 20 04
Wow, look at us! We updated! *confetti* I didn't expect to update so fast either, but I had some time on my hands, so. Unfortunately no guys today, meli hasn't been doing her work. *poke*
- Rivals
Also, I added Klist's tip on getting Himuro-sensei's voice in the vital stats etc input in config and himuro.

June 13 04
Look! It's an update! I hope you haven't given up on us yet! Fear not, we'll complete this site if it's the last thing we do.
- Mihara
- Fanfic (A Promise for Someday)
Don't blame me for the wonkiness and wordiness of Mihara's page, I think Meli was on high when she wrote it. :\ And we have a really nice romantic piece by Mari-chan. Puppy love! *squee* I wasn't given the genre, rating and summary, so Mari-chan I hope you don't mind if I just chose them to the best of my ability! If you'd like any editions made just email.

P.S. My hotmail is bursting so don't send anything there.

Mar 17 04
Yay! Watch me update!
- Madoka
Yup, it's a guy! And one of my favouritest too. The favouritism is quite obvious, actually. ^^; Anyway, enjoy!

Mar 07 04
Heh...I kind of cheated on this update, because all that's up are 2 new avatars from Danika and 1 from Touda.
- Avatars
Also, Danika found this spiffy Tokimeki cosplay site. Check out the groovy Goro cosplayer! ^_^ Which reminds me, our class is doing a snakey-hands - er, I mean, hawaiian dance for some school camp next week. Which involves a lot of snakey-handsy movements. ^^;

P.S. This may not be the best venue to say it, but Draco/Hermione rules forever! It matters not what JKR says. *pouts*

Feb 23 04
Another update! ^_^
- Jobs
Hopefully we'll get a guy out by the end of this week, but they're the most messy, so we'll see how things go.

Feb 16 04
Whee! Only one day overdue! And a pretty major update too!
- Dating - Bombs
- Events
Will try to update again this weekend! Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 11 04
I'm sorry...Two whole weeks till an update, maybe more. ^^; Feel very bad. Considering this was a long time, I'm sorry I only have two updates, sort of...
- Dating
- Avatars (more from Danika!)
I promise, I WILL update this weekend! With more stuff...Also, thank you everyone for supporting us so far. We've more than 600 hitd since we first opened! :D A huge hug to everyone who's been so supportive of us.

Jan 22 04
Happy Chinese New Year everyone! :D I meant to update yesterday but...let's just say, I didn't expect my CNY to turn out so...messy. Anyway, some updates are finally here!
- Kazuma (just ignore all the bias, yes?)
- Avatars (more contributions from danika!)
- Fanfiction (one not-really-fanfic written by us ^^;)
- Tips (not completed...)
Danika, sorry I haven't posted up all your avatars yet, because I only saw the other emails when I went to upload the updates. #_# It'll be up by the next update though! Also, anyone who wants to contribute tips can just email us! Alright, meli and i will try very hard to squeeze out time to do some updates over the weekend, but no promises. ><

Jan 12 04
Yay~~ We updated! Late, as usual, and with less to show than expectd. *hides in shame* I'm sorry but I keep getting harassed off the com, resulting in having about 1hr to work on tokimeki in a week. o_0 Sorry the 'clubs' link in the previous update didn't work, that's been tweaked now. Also, all we have for today is:
- Media
We merged media and fansection together so we could make room for merchandise, a new planned section. Go and check out media, there's a lot of stuff in there, mostly from danika and one fanart from Klist. Contribute if you can!

Jan 7 04
Overwrote last non-update again. Sorry this was a really long time between updates. School's just started and it's been really hectic. Anyway I fixed the Konno thingy (I always seem to mess up her stuff o_0), thanks Danika for pointing it out! Only one new thing today:
- Clubs
Most likely has errors because it was rather rushed, and have to add some details this weekend I didn't have time to put in now. This weekend I promise there'll be more stuff out, including more media stuff. Thank Danika for it! :D Loads of avatars, a wallpaper and winamp skins! *happily plops kazuma onto winamp* Thanks Danika! *hugs*

P.S. Sorry Meli for getting you to send me everything today. In the end I didn't have time to put them up. -_-;

Dec 21 03
Okay, this was a pretty long break between an update. I was planning to update on Friday, but oh well, stuff happens. ^^; Anyway, before the site updates, some Tokimeki-related stuff. This month's MAGE features Tokimeki's artbook as one of the artbooks of the month (or something). BUT. They did not feature Matantei Loki's beautiful Comedy of Errors artbook. *goes into rage* Heh. ^^ The magazine also featured Nazzy's mini-manga (under the name Nazzysama) Congrats Nazzy! :D So everyone in Singapore, go buy MAGE! Okay, the updates.
- Girls (all of em ^^)
- Kei (less biased, reorganised, and still messy)
- Site Overview (sorry for the lousy disclaimer)
- Avatars
Alright, the avatars section only has this one lousy Kei avatar I cobbled off very quickly (wanted to make a Kazuma one but couldn't find a nice pic). Will do more next time. If anyone wants to submit avatars (or wallpapers and all that) just email! Another thing. Everyone who buys MAGE (and even if you don't) must vote for Aya under the redheads contest! Can you believe he didn't get into top 10 for swordsmen? He's a great swordsman!! *goes into rage again* How to vote again, meli? ^^;

P.S. Who's watched RotK? Faramir rocks!! :D

Dec 14 03
Don't have much time to say anything, I must rush to watch ET. ^^ Anyway, I feel very accomplished with this week's update. 3 major additions and 1 major edit, coupled with minor editting of everything else (mainly just adding a link to home, you'll know why if you try searching e.g. 'sudou mizuki' on google).
Major updates:
- Functions
- Parameters
- Kei
- Config (more elaboration on basics)
- Rearranged navi-bar slightly (look left)
You'll have to forgive me for some unconfirmed stuff in Config, we'll have to go figure them out first. Also towards to middle Kei (not the char) got a little sloppy and way biased o_0 because I'm rushing to watch ET (it's started! *wails*)and haven't editted out Meli's blatant biase and etc. *evilglare* Will reedit that to post up next time. Oh yeah sorry about misleading you guys to think you could befriend Sudou's chair. You can't! Lol just kidding. Thanks Danika for pointing out the error! ^^;

Dec 8 03
Whee! Finally an update on time! Oh well, 20 min before time's up counts...^^; Sorry this time there's only one thing up:
- Preset Events
Sorry about the length and bias of the opening sequence description. I couldn't help myself. -_-; By the way, if you live in Singapore, Kinokuniya (Takashimaya branch at least) has the Girl's Side artbook! At least 10 of it. o_0 They're having some PS2 display on I believe, because I saw a lot of FF, Kingdom Hearts, and yes! Even a Tokimeki 2 artbook. ^^ If you have the money (and the 20% discount coupon!) do buy the artbook, because it has some very purtty pictures inside. We will be scanning some of them in next time though. Alright, next update Sunday!

Dec 4 03
Yay! I finally updated! And I love Seiji-kun. <3 Ok random comment. ^.^ Has anyone watched Mimi wo Sumaseba? Very nice. Anyway, what's up:
- Configurations
- Mini-games
- Nazzie's fanfic
Mini-games is still somewhat in need of editting, anyone who can help correct/add the right information (especially the Pillow Fight attacks) please tell us in the guestbook! Also, do go read Nazzie's fanfic! Regarding the site, more stuff is coming soon...we're almost done with Preset Events and Kei, and I'm working on Functions now. update this Mon?

Nov 24 03
I don't have much time to type this, but I'm really sorry guys! I know I promised 4 things up yesterday, but I'm 1 day late and I can only put up 2 of the promised items. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I haven't been able to use the com since friday and well this is pretty much a rush job, if there're any errors point it out to me in the guestbook, also if you have any extra stuff to add etc.
- Himuro
- Chiharu
Again, I'm really sorry and I'll put the rest of the stuff up on Wednesday ok? Till then thanks again for visiting our site and any fanfics or fanart please email (go to Fan Section). Oh, also I'm very sorry about the mix-up between Sudou and Konno, it's been changed already. ^^;

P.S. Nazzy, I received your mail and sorry I couldn't put your fanfic up today. On wed, k?

Nov 19 03
Overwrote the Nov 18 update because it wasn't really an update. ^^
-Fan Section (more like an appeal for it)
We apologise for the slow updates which don't even deal with the game directly. ^^; Okay I promise by Sunday we will have these things up:
-Configurations Right now though, help contribute to the fan section! :)

Nov 13 03
Due to human error and some html trouble, gummibear has lost the previous updates, so she will start from afresh. >< Yep, finally actual updates have been made to the site itself! Gummibear couldn't wait for the previous server to right itself, so she decided to use as a backup site for now, which turned out to be a good choice, as it can upload mp3s! So yes, the opening and ending songs have been uploaded, if you'd care to check it out! :) Not sure how much bandwidth can be sucked though.

There's very few pages up so far, but feel free to look through the links to see what's already up. Also, the tagboard has been removed and a guestbook put in place of it. Please sign!

P.S. Nazzy, what do you mean by a fan section? I won't mind putting it up!