You can choose this option on weekends and public holidays (note that you can't go shopping on days when you have a date). Shopaholics rejoice! The creators of TMGS sure know how to appeal to females ^^ Keep in mind that you can only visit one shop per trip.

All shops are listed below, categorised by area.

Main Street, Shop Street

Boutique Sara (Default) [T-shirt]
This shop holds a large range of sporty clothes and a little pure. It sells tops, pants, overalls, swimwear for the beach and pool, and yukatta during the firework season.

Jewellery Vansan (Default) [heart-shaped pendant on a chain]
Catered to the casual dress sense. Everything ranging from necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. Fairly trendy stuff, folks!

Second-hand Shop [jeans]
Opens 1st July 2003 (check the net to unlock).Things here are sold at half the price, The clothes featured are mostly at random. Pay this place a visit when you're low on cash and desperately need new clothes. (Check the net for updates.)

Seaside District, Shopping Mall

Boutique Jess [blue jackets]
Open 1st of April 2002 (check the net to unlock). This particular shop is catered towards the grown-up, elegant style clothing and sells gowns, kimono (new year) and yukatta (firework season). A must see on the 23rd of December (check the net before you leave the house), where you can get your New Year's kimono at a discounted price of 194 Rich (the original price is 300 Rich). Only on this day, folks! (Check the net for updates.) Store owned by Goro.

Boutique Nanami [red dancing suit]
Opens 1st April 2003 (check the net to unlock). Hmm... this shop mostly caters for the sexy and some elegant. Hibiya and Mihara lovers, take note! It sells jumpsuits, swimsuits (sexy bikinis ^^), tops, shirts, jackets, yukattas and so on.

Jewellery Miruihi (check the net during third year) [diamond ring]
Opens 1st of April 2004 (check the net to unlock). Arguably the most expensive shop to buy your accessories, where the most expensive pearl necklace is sold at a whopping price of 300 Rich -_-;; It sells expensive jewel brooches, earrings, etc. (12 Rich to 300 Rich) Most suitable for wear at the Christmas Balls.

Forest Park, Park Walk

Boutique Sophia (Default) [teddy bear]
A must-visit for all players. Since most guys have pure clothes as their first or second-favourite, you're going to have to buy a mandatory set^^ Or at least a nice jacket for when it gets cold. Skirts, pants with puff balls sewn on the hem, powderpuff tops, bikinis and corsages, the whole shop screams, “SWEETNESS!” It also holds some random sporty wear. Keep checking back during the seasons for updates.

General Store Simone (default) [candle]
It's mostly an accessories shop but besides the basic earrings and necklaces, it also holds interesting stuff like camp badges (there was a particular game I dedicated to collecting the whole set! ^^), friendship bracelets, and most importantly, winter accessories. It's the only shop that you'll be able to find gloves, mittens, shawls, scarves, and earmuffs (in four colors). All that aside, it's a great shop for shopaholics who just can't get enough of the cute stuff. We love the tin-soldier pin, by the way. :D

General Store - Hall of the Moon and Wind [key]
Opens 1st of November 2002 (check the net to unlock). Another “hmmm...” shop. Does it really serve a purpose? Just kidding. It sells a variety of accessories too (they look pretty ancient!). eg. Stained glass pocket mirrors, pearly earrings, etc

Flea market
Opens on the last weekend of February, May, August and November (an icon will appear in your calendar). Fun stuff. Like the second hand shop, items here go at half the price, too. Everything featured is random – jackets, skirts, accessories, you name it, they have it. It's the only plce you can buy cosplay costumes and accessories (unless I'm mistaken, there are a total of 6 cosplay costumes). You can wear these on dates, formal occasions, anywhere ^^ Don't like a guy that's bombing you? Carry a pair of twin daggers together with your warrior suit! Forgot to buy a gown for the Christmas party? Wear a Dorothy of Oz dress, complete with adorning ribbons (the samurai sword should be okay too)! Be creative! Let your sense of style blow everybody away! Wear stuff you definitely wouldn't wear in public! (It's a game, after all.)


When the weekend rolls around (or during holidays, the little shopping function is activated and with a clickie on it, you're on your way to the shops! You can choose between three districts, as seen above, and then from the shops within it. If you change your mind about the district you can back out, and go to another, but take note that once you enter a shop you cannot leave and enter another. You are only allowed to visit one shop per weekend and once you click on a shop icon, even if you leave without buying anything, it is counted as one day up.

When you enter the shop, unseen shopkeepers shout greetings at you and a box pops up showing you the items you can buy from the shop. The items are divided into general categories like tops, bottoms and accessories. Click on an item to buy it and confirm with the pop-up box. Watch your money (displayed at bottom left) drop as you go on a shopping spree!


There are a few basic types of clothings and accessories, as follows.

- Tops (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, sphaghetti and tube)
- Coats (jackets and pull-overs)
- Bottoms (skirts, shorts and pants)
- Swimsuits (two-piece and one-piece)
- Dresses

- Hairpins (and valettas)
- Earrings (and pierced)
- Brooches
- Badges (and canbadges!)
- Rings
- Necklaces (and chokers)
- Bracelets
- Watches
- Corsages
- Mirrors
- Ribbons
- Winter accesories (mufflers, shawls, gloves and earmuffs)

There's not that much to know about clothes. You buy them, you wear them. Some finer rules of Tokimeki though.

When the game begins you have one set of clothing already, the default set (duh, did you expect to go around naked? :X) which consists of a long sleeved shirt and pants without any accessories. It is well...a very neutral outfit, and you do not want to go to your dates wearing that unless you want the guys making nasty comments about your fashion sense.

Also, be sure to dress with the season in mind. During the colder seasons please do not prance around in your best spaghetti straps and mini skirts, you may look like the prettiest girl on earth but believe me, your boy doesn't appreciate it. He'll just grumble that you'll catch your cold or something akin to that. :( So dress wisely, wear long-sleeves and maybe use a few winter accessories. The reverse holds true for the summer season. Eskimos are not in fashion at the beach.

Some tops can be worn with a coat over them and some cannot, so those are pretty versatile all seasons. Another useful tip is that if your clothes variety is wearing thin, wearing different accessories with the same clothes fool your date into thinking you're wearing a new, trendy outfit! And he may praise it too. o_0 Of course, accessories are actually not needed to complete and outfit.

If you want to be in with the latest fashion, check Goro's column on the net every month where he will update on the clothes, colours, accessories and so on of the month. This is particularly useful in snagging the fashion-conscious like Madoka and Kei.

Though this is not particularly necessary, there is an option for you to save your clothes combinations, which is useful if you can't remember the combinations you've worn before.

For special occasions of course you will have special clothes (unless you haven't been keeping on top of things). During the New Year, wear your kimono (furisode) and for the Habataki fireworks wear a yukatta, while for the Christmas Ball wear a dress of the style (pure etc) that your guy likes the most.

Sometimes, if you get a good dude (unlike Sucky-chan) he'll give you presents that you can actually wear for your birthday, White Day etc. Wear them to your dates to express your undying love! Not that he actually comments on it. It's just for the fun. Madoka's necklace to you is extremely pretty. :D

That pretty much wraps up clothes! As a side note, if you want to scare your date, sexy and sporty clothes combinations mix up a pretty good 'danger' style, while cosplay outfits make you 'strange'.