Clubs are not just a pleasant distraction from school work, they do have a purpose in your Tokimeki life. The main one, of course, is to meet and have more chance to please the guy you're going after (if you do well during club comps etc his tokimeki status will increase). There are also other benefits, such as having certain stats raised, depending on the club.

Join a club by clicking the default club function (top right) on the main screen and selecting the club of your choice. You can only join during term time.

Practise your club activity by clicking the default club function after choosing a club.

Go for club meetings by clicking on the default club function on the day of the club meeting (check your calendar). Note that sometimes the club meetings are actually competitions (you won't know) in which the guy you're playing for comes to root for you, so make sure you don't neglect practise!

Do not skip meetings unless you're vying to be kicked out. All clubs give you one chance to miss practise except band (Himuro-sensei is so coldhearted. ;_;)which kicks you out on the first time.

Quit a club by clicking the 'quit club' option which slides out from beside the default club function. You can quit anytime.

There are two types of clubs, sports and arts. Each category has 4 clubs, and depending on the category you are in you will have some slight differences in experiences etc., which are listed below under the specific headings. Sport clubs are generaly more demanding than art clubs (except band).

- The underlined words refer to a certain parameter (that explains the ungrammaticalness), more info on which can be found in the section on parameters.
- The word 'meetings' and 'practises' are used interchangeably.
- The amount of influence (raising or lowering) a function has on a parameter is denoted in the phrases, from the least influence to the most, 'very little', 'a little', 'some', and lastly the main increase is unmodified by an adjective.


Sport clubs practices are on the third Sunday of every month (just check if Konno, Natsumi or Sudou are unavailable for play).

Sport clubs have tournaments every three months.

Sport clubs increase stress more than art clubs.

Involves: Hibiya
You get to wash baseball uniforms since you're the manager of the baseball club. o_0 It raises your social, some sports, and lowers a little charm, fashion and art.

Involves: Kazuma; Konno (manager)
You shoot hoops in the indoors basketball court. It raises sports, some social and lowers study.

You smash tennis balls back and forth across the court with Sudou. It raises sports, some social, some art and lowers a little study.

Involves: Natsumi
You cheer with Natsumi (it's adorable). ^_^ It raises charm, some sports, a little of social and art, and lowers your study.


Art clubs do not have any meetings, except for band which is the same as sports, the third Sunday of the month.

Art clubs have less increase in stress than sport clubs.

To get the third year performance during the Culture Festival, you must say yes when you're given the option of participating.

Involves: Mihara
You paint pretty pictures. It raises art, some social, a little fashion and lowers sports.

Involves: Himuro-sensei (conductor and teacher-in-charge)
You blow your trumpet (I think) while Himuro-sensei conducts. It raises art, some study and social, and lowers some sports.

Involves: Sakuya
You water plants (which attack you sometimes ^^). It raises study, social, some art and lowers sports and a little charm.

Involves: Ikkaku (he pops by) and Goro (not sure how)
You sew bears. Yep. It raises social, some art, a little fashion and lowers sports and a little charm.

Club Competition

Only sport clubs have competitions. Before competition date, make sure you train like crazy because the stats with your guy will improve or deprove depending on your performance.

Club Camp

All clubs have a two week club camp in August of every year (you can't skip it) where you do your club activity day in and out. During the camp you will be asked to prepare food (between three choices), which is no slight affair. If you choose the right dish and meet the social requirements, your guy's tokimeki status will increase (or girl's friendship status).

In the first year choose the 'ragu' dish, in the second year choose 'sagu mutton' one and in the third year the 'buffu' dish (sorry, couldn't really translate the katakana. ^^;) To make these dishes, you need to have social above 80. To make the second best, you need to have a social of 60 (the dishes all have kanji in them), and the lousiest (think: instant ramen) need 0 social, but your guy's tokimeki status will decrease.

At the end of the club camp, you will get some golden box thing that ups certain stats the club is involved in by about 10 or so points. That's a lot.