All the stuff you'd better know because it'll haunt you the rest of the game.

Vital Stats Input
Choosing Your Room


First, you'll have to make sure that there's enough space on your memory card - the main EVS alone takes up about 1500++ KB, and all the sub-saved files will be added on to that.

On the start screen, press GAME START, and there'll be three options on the screen.


Start Game is pretty obvious. Clicking on it will start a new game, and you'll continue to the
vital stats input.

Options is for you to configure some aspects of the game, and is optional. Below are the configurations you can alter, in the order they appear in the game.

Herupuindou (no idea what this is)
Speed of the subtitles - [Normal; Fast; Skip]

Practice Command
Practice Speed - [Normal; Fast; Skip] (think this means the speed of the yellow functions animation)

Icon Layout
Layout (of the function icons) - [Mode A; B; C]

Cursor direction - [Left; Right]
Choose a cursor - [27 types]

Cursor speed - [Slow; Normal; Fast]
Cursor mode - [Normal; Mouse]
Mouse - [Left-handed; Right-handed]
Vibration - [On; Off]

Window Design
(This determines the colour of the background I think)
Colour Set - [10 types for each: Red; Green; Blue; Alpha]
Preset Colour - [10 types (standard colour hues)]

Sound - [Stereo; Monaural]
Sound/BGM/SE - [Manual adjustment]

Sound - [On; Off]
EVS - [Switch off EVS for specific characters]

Reset Options
Reset - [Reset everything to the default setting]

Omake are the extras, and is mostly the collection of all your 'memorabilia' from playing the game. Below, in order of how they appear, are all the different type of omakes.

Photo Album
This the collection of are all the cut scenes or pictures of individual characters that you managed to get during your games (refer to the characters section for more detail on obtaining them). They are accumulative, so they will not be deleted if you start a new game. When you collect all the pictures, you will get a complimentary picture of all the guys and girls. ^^

This section contains all the endings you have gotten in your various games. There are 15 possible endings, 10 guys, 4 girls, and your brother.

These are all the mini-games you unlocked during your games (i.e. chose to play them).

Seiyuu Freetalks
This bit contains the freetalks by the seiyuu of the Tokimeki characters, where they discuss their characters and so on. You've got to listen to Koyasu (Himuro-sensei) laughing. It's...interesting. o_0

Vital Stats Input

The first screen requires you to key in your name with the choices of kanji, kana, or English alphabets. This won't be the name the characters say when they talk to you, it'll be the name which appears in the subtitles. For those not fluent in Japanese, it's recommended to choose the English alphabets as they are a lot easier for you to recognise.

There'll be three slots for you to fill in, in the order of surname, first name then pet name.

After you've filled in the names, the voice of your younger brother, Tsukushi, tells you to fill in your personal particulars: Birthday and Blood Type. Whether these have any influence on the game is unknown, though. If you've already snagged Himuro-sensei, you can hear his cool voice instead by selecting the conductor stick cursor from 'Options>>Cursor'.

Next you have to choose your room from four choices, as can be read in more detail
here. After choosing, you will be asked to confirm everything you've input up to here.

Lastly you have to fill in the EVS names, which are the names you hear the characters call you in the game. These names correspond with your game name, meaning that if you see your game surname scrolling across screen, the characters will be saying your EVS name. It is recommended you keep both the same to avoid confusion, but sometimes it might be fun to experiment with the EVS names to see how different people call you (e.g. dedededede-chan). After confirming, you can choose to save your EVS in slot 1 or 2 (only if you have a second memory card), which is flexible.


It works the same way for both the game and EVS names.

First slot is your surname, the one most guys address you by at the beginning of the game.

Second slot is your first name, the one guys like Madoka address you as throughout the game. The others will change to this when you get closer to them.

Third slot is your pet name. It's the name girls like Natsumi and Konno, as well as guys like Madoka and Mihara, will call you if you get close to them (in grinning state)

Choosing Your Room

The rooms you pick will determine the first female friend you will make on your first day of school. You might want to seriously consider your room, as the stats boost is especially useful for getting certain guys, and increases the speed in which you meet them.

Top left hand corner

Description: Pink room; bookcase filled with books
Friend: Arisawa Shiho
General Boost: Study stats
*Stats: Intelligence[50],Art[45],Fashion[50],Sports[35],Social[30],Charm[50]

Top right hand corner

Description: Blue room; blue desk chair
Friend: Sudou Mizuki
General Boost: Art stats
*Stats: Intelligence[35],Art[50],Fashion[50],Sports[40],Social[30],Charm[55]

Bottom left hand corner

Description: Peach room; chest of alternating red and white drawers
Friend: Fujii Natsumi
General Boost: Fashion stats
*Stats: Intelligence[40],Art[35],Fashion[60],Sports[45],Social[30],Charm[50]

Bottom right hand corner

Description: Green room; picture of sunflower above desk
Friend: Konno Tamami
General Boost: Sport stats
*Stats: Intelligence[40],Art[40],Fashion[45],Sports[50],Social[35],Charm[50]

*Stress and Rich stats always start out as 0 and 100 respectively and are not included