There are eight parameters on the main screen, which show your progress in various aspects of game life. The yellow functions are used to raise your parameters, which will influence the guy's interest and intimacy with you.

A picture of the main screen with both functions and parameters can be seen here and the rough arrangement of the eight parameters is as follows:

| Stress | Rich |
| Intelligence | Art | Fashion |
| Fitness | Social | Charm |
(Special Stat Charges)

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- We use 'stat/statistic' interchangeably with 'parameter', though 'parameter' is the official word.

You get stress from doing every stats-raising activity, and if your stress goes into the red zone (100 and above), you will fall sick, and won’t be able to go to school for three weeks. Unfortunately, this means ALL your stats fall drastically, and you miss dates, school events etc. However, every cloud has a silver lining. If a guy already likes you enough, he’ll come and visit you at your house, while your brother brings him tea and talks to him. ^^

Interestingly enough, Rich is actually the currency in Tokimeki. The conversion rate isn't very much like yen though, it's probably closer to U.S. currency (e.g. 10-20 for a shirt). You'll get a monthly allowance of 10 Rich, but it's normally not enough since you'll need to money to buy clothes, accessories, not forgetting birthday presents and that money-sucking yukatta. o_0 You're recommended to get a job. ^^ It's about slightly more than 10 Rich for every day you work, not counting the goof-ups.

This stat is raised mainly by choosing the Study and Arisawa function, and by joining gardening. Raising this parameter is important for you to do well in your tests (2 out of 5 test subjects rely solely on this stat) as well as get into a first-grade university. It is also important in snagging scholarly guys like Kei, Himuro-sensei and Sakuya, as they require you to get into the top 40 in school test rankings, as a too-low ranking indicates a too-low intelligence (lol) and you may find they may not go beyond :) with you.

This stat is raised mainly by choosing the paint and Sudou function, and by joining the arty clubs (art, band, gardening, sewing). Raising this parameter ensures more success in your part-time job (you'll find you'll screw up less when this stat goes up) and getting arty guys like Himuro-sensei and especially Mihara. It is also one of the subjects in your term test.

This stat is raised mainly by choosing the mag and Natsumi function. It's one of your test subjects (I have no idea why) so your mags! o_0 Raising this parameter also helps you to get guys like Madoka and Ikkaku.

This is raised mainly by choosing the exercise and Konno option, as well as all the sporty clubs (baseball, basketball, tennis, cheerleading). This may be one of the few parameters not involved in your term tests, but don't underestimate it's importance! Not only is it imperative in getting sporty dudes like Kazuma and Hibiya, it is also integral in deciding your performance for the mini-games (e.g. pillow fight).

This is raised mainly by choosing any of your friend options, all part-time jobs (excl. video game tester), and by joining baseball and sewing. This is a very important parameter (no man's an island, yeah?). Not only is it one of your test subjects, it's also needed rather high for virtually every guy (except Chiharu), to be eligible and do well for jobs, and not forgetting cooking an edible meal at your club's summer camp. This parameter tends to drop when you choose any yellow function other than friend.

This is raised by choosing the beauty option and joining cheerleading. This may not be one of your term test subjects, but it is crucial in getting guys more into looks like Mihara, Madoka, Ikkaku, and Hibiya. It's also a proven fact that raising this parameter gets you hit on by more random dudes before your dates.

Special Stat Charges
Your stats are raised or lowered in many ways, besides the rather manual process of clicking the standard functions. Some notable stat charges include:

Club Camp
Attending your annual club camp. At the end of the camp you receive a stat boost of around 10 points in a club-related stat.

Culture Festival
Preparation for the Culture Festival. All your stats up by a few points or so, so don't skip it too often.

Part-time Job
Getting a part-time job. Different jobs increase different stats.
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