Exams happen once every semester (they last for a week) and there’s also a final graduation exam where you’ll be able to try out for the university of your choice at the end of third year. If your study stat isn’t high enough, beware – you may find that your position on a school level basis may even be worse than Kazuma’s (he tends to have a position of 240+ out of 300 students ^^). It shouldn’t be a problem if you spend time with Arisawa or make trips to the library on a regular basis.

This is the distribution of the stats affecting the 5 test subjects:
- Language: 100% Study
- Math: 80% Study, 20% Social
- Thingy(?): 60% Fashion, 40% Study
- Art: 90% Art, 10% Charm
- Home Economics: 80% Study, 20% Sports

And you thought you could skive off some subjects...

Sports Meet

Ah, the joys of a normal school life...the annual sports meet takes place once every year, and you can choose either to take part – or not. Choose the first option if you don’t mind taking a whack at it. There will then be three events to choose from:

-100 Metres Dash
-'Borrow the Item' Race
-Doughnut Fight

For an indepth guide to these games, refer to mini-games.
If you chose to take part, make sure you win first place or the guy that you’re trying to impress will look disappointed...if you do, your statistic with him will also go up slightly.

After the sports meet, you may be approached by guys at a :) stat with you, where you’ll get to chat with them a bit.

School Vacation

This will take place sometime in the second year, where you’ll be going off for a week with your school for some cultural immersion. If a guy is already at :) with you, you’ll have him ask you out to go touring with him. If you reject him (or nobody asked you -_-;;) you’ll be asked to go with your best gal pal. If you reject her (are you a sucker for PAIN?!) you’ll go alone. If nobody asks you, you’ll have a choice to ask a guy to go with you, but chances of him accepting are pretty slim though.

After the second day, one of your gal friends (who is NOT your first friend) will ask you to come over to the guys’ room to play. Choose first option to accept, and you’ll be whisked off to the guys’ room, where you’ll meet the guy she likes (they’ll be teaming up against you and your guy) and the guy at the highest stats with you.

A pillow fighting game will open (refer to mini-games), and after dodging all those pillows being flung in your direction, Himuro sensei will rap on the door, demanding to know what’s going on. The lights go out and you’re given three options on where to hide. The result is random, so just pick one and see who you’re hiding with. You might wind up with your guy, her guy, or her. -_-;; The guy you hid with will be blushing ^^ when the lights come back on, so it’s pretty worthwhile to check out his reaction, ne?

One more day of exploration, and the vacation ends. Back to school, people...

Culture Festival

This is a yearly event. It lasts for about two weeks, and for the last year, you’ll have a chance to take part in an end of year play with your guy. ^^ If you’re in a non-sports club (eg. Band, sewing etc), these will be your options before the festival starts:

-Club display
-End of year play

Choose the second if you want the cutscene.

If you’re in a sports club already (e.g. basketball), you’ll get the play automatically. You’ll also get this automatically if you’re not in any club.

For the first two years, it will be a club display, so if you don’t want to fall flat on your face during the performance you better not skip too many preparation days, eh? This goes for all those in band, sewing, gardening and art club. *waggles finger* You’ll be visited by the guy with highest stats on the last day of the culture festival, and if there are none -_-;; it’ll be your brother.

Club Camp

This will happen once a year as well. Club camp is unavoidable as long as you’re in a club, and you’ll be spending two entire weeks doing this club activity. Be sure to do this activity more often before the camp begins so that you don’t completely bomb the entire thing (and see the sad face of the guy in your club)!

More information on the camp can be found in clubs.

Graduation Events

Before you graduate, first you’ll be asked to choose what you want to do when you graduate from Habataki, thus seeking Himuro sensei’s opinion on how you’re faring. The three options:

-Top grade university
-Second grade university
-Third grade university
-Top grade polytechnic
-Second grade polytechnic
-Third grade polytechnic
The guys and their aspirations

Choose third option to see what the guys want to do after they graduate (eg. Kei wants to enter a top grade university, so if you want a nice happy ending do your best to get into one), so it can aid you in making your decisions.

Your talk with Himuro sensei should help put things in perspective. You don’t even have to know what he’s saying, just read his expression to see what he thinks. If you chose top grade university and he looks at you with a disapproving “I-don’t-think-you-should-because-you-suck-and-I-am-a-complete-(sexy)-bastard” expression, you should probably work on it, or reconsider your option.

Valentine's Day and White Day

Another annual event. On the 13th of February every year, you’ll go to a chocolate shop where you get to pick from three options:

Expensive chocolate (10 Rich)
Friend chocolate (1 Rich)
Go home

You can actually purchase one of each, then go home. You’ll then have the option to make valentine chocolate (choose the first option) or to not make any (don't you have love in your heart??).

Choose the first and a cute valentine chocolate making game will pop out (refer to mini-games if you’re having problems). The game’s difficulty will vary according to the year you’re playing in. For example, to get the ideal koibito chocolate with the hearts, the allowances are as follows:

First year: Two mistakes
Second year: One mistake
Third year: No mistakes

Anything above that, you won’t be getting the best chocolate… so if you wanna snag your guy, try to achieve the perfect valentine chocolate! (I believe you’re given about six tries for this game.) If you don’t get the ideal choc, you’ll be asked whether you want to try again – choose hai (yes) on the left to try again, or iie (no) on the right to use the chocolate you just made.

The next day, 14th Feb, your brother will wish you luck before you go to school, and off you go, where you’ll first be asked whom to give the chocolates out, in the order of 1 Rich, 10 Rich and the homemade chocolates (if you have all of them) You’ll only be allowed to give the chocolate to the guys you have met in the game. Gauge the guy’s reaction properly – they won’t be happy if they’re already at blushing state and you still give them the 1 Rich chocolate – in fact, they’ll still blush but appear angry. Give the best chocolate to your guy to make him happy. ^^

For those unfamiliar with Japanese traditions, White Day, which falls on the 14th of March, is the day where guys return the favour by giving presents to the girls. This will also be the day where the guys you’ve given chocolate to will be approaching you (with gifts if they’re happy enough). However, if the guy is still at a :| mode with you, chances are that you’ll have a very unfruitful conversation where almost nothing will be said. This applies even if you’ve given your nice koibito chocolate to the guy, but he’s still indifferent. :(

The presents they give you raise some of your stats as well.


On the 25th of December every year, you’ll be invited to Amanohashi Ikkaku’s (your hentai principal, remember?) house for a Christmas party, where the rest of the school will be celebrating as well. Note that before this, you should already have a gown for this occasion. The option to buy a guy a present (sorry, only one present!) will pop out automatically on the 24th, and you’ll be given the options of buying a 1 Rich present or a 10 Rich present. Since we’re assuming that you’ll be generous and not a stingy poker, here’s a display of what to get for your guy:

10 Rich presents
Music box (Mihara, Madoka)Porcelain accessory (Ikkaku)
Not sureNot sure
Glass accessory (Kei, Himuro)Athletic gear (Kazuma)

At the party, you’ll be greeted by your first gal pal, and she’ll be wishing you a Merry Christmas...sigh all their clothes look a lot better than what you get to choose from. :(

If there are guys already at :) or above stat with you, you’ll be greeted by them as well (3 is the maximum), and then you’ll have to choose who you want to give your present to.

Choose the right present and you’ll get a happy face. Choose a wrong one and watch the weird expression in their faces. ^^

New Year

At the beginning of each year, there will be a shrine icon on your calendar. On this day, your bro first bursts into your room and wishes you a happy new year, and you get to see how many new year cards you have. These will be from guys and girls at :) or more with you. Note that girls on rival mode with you will not be sending you new year cards...

Next, if a guy doesn’t call you to ask you to the temple, you’ll have two options – to go with a guy or... not to go. If he doesn’t accept, don’t worry – there’s always next year.
You’ll automatically get to choose what to wear on your date. If you have a kimono for the occasion, wear it! If not, just bundle up and head for your date. He’ll be at your door to pick you up, and the both of you head for the crowded shrine together.

If he’s already at blushing state, he should hold your hands while you’re there, and you’ll have to make a wish of three options:


Choose love to up your stat slightly with a particular guy, health to up your sport, and school to aid in your studies.

After that, you’ll be asked what you want to do. Choose the first option to have your fortune told, and the second to go home.
More often than not, you and your guy tend to have differing fortunes. For example, when you have luck, he doesn’t, and vice versa. The reactions to their fortunes are quite funny, especially Kazuma, when you tell him you got a bad fortune and he tells you not to be so superstitious in believing this kind of thing. ^^

After that, you will head back home...


On the day before his birthday, you will automatically be asked what you want to buy him (that is, if you’ve checked his vital stats with your brother). Choose the first option to do so, and the second if you don’t want to...
,br>Always, always buy the most expensive one for him in the third year – you can’t miss it, it’s the 3 Rich one, while the other two will be 1 Rich each (unless it's for Himu-chan of course).

If you’re not sure what to buy him, check our guys sections for details. :D

On your birthday, however, if there’s a guy that’s already at :) or more with you, he’ll pop by your house to hand you your present. ^^ If there are no guy at at least :), you are a sad, sad person. Your brother will be the one wishing you a happy birthday instead, because he is a nice sweet kid and NOT a salt-rubber.