Tokimeki pictures scanned and picked up from various places.


The first link contains all the general pictures of the Toki people drawn by various artists, while the links to the individuals contain all their cutscenes.

General (45)
Kei (8)
Sakuya (6)
Kazuma (6)
Madoka (6)
Mihara (6)
Hibiya (6)
Himuro (6)
Ikkaku (6)
Chiharu (2)
Girls & Else (11)
*these links are graphic-intensive

We sincerely encourage everyone (who isn't broke :X) to do buy the artbook, which is simply too beautiful for words. There are sketches of the characters (original designs etc), shots of the opening sequence and ending pictures and so on at the back of the artbook which we did not scan in.

Habataki Watcher

Habataki Watcher is a magazine dedicated especially to the Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series! (both the 1st and 2nd game) It includes recent news, interviews with the voice actors, special game articles (boasting pretty pictures!) and more.

Habataki Watcher Spring 2006

Special Bromides

Inside (sample)