Preset Events
The preset events and opening theme in order of occurence.

Legendé Für Mädchèn

On the night before you start Habataki High, you have this dream of the Die Legendé Für Mädchen. A boy tells the story of a prince having to leave his princess and the kingdom, and makes a promise to return one day on a white horse to claim her. The book is closed, and you get to see this mysterious (supposedly) half of a face, as the boy says, "I will return one day... I promise." A translation by meli can be found here.

You're awakened by your alarm clock, and it's time to head to school...

Meeting Kei

While exploring the school, you see a chapel looking exactly like the one in your dream. Curious, you head up to the doors and try to open it. Unfortunately it's locked, and you fall backwards onto the ground (your controller vibrates).

Your first male sighting in this game - Hazuki Kei. He's the main character in this game, and also one of the best looking, as well as one of the hardest to get. Anyway, he helps you up, and introduces himself to you. At first you thought that he was your "sempai", but he's actually in the same year as you. :)

Opening sequence

Really, the opening sequence is one of the prettiest things in the game. The animation is smooth, the colours blend well, and seeing the guys in action is! Or hot, depending on your taste. :P Except Kei, who acts weird and claustrophobic. Anyway, what follows is a description of the opening sequence, because it is just that good.

It opens with Kei walking along a blur of trees, and then cut to a traffic light turning green (this is significant to the opening song! ^_~). Rapid scene changes between some cutesy items and Kei is back. He looks shocked and turns (hair flies!), a quick cut to puddle (maybe it signifies him! ^^), then Kei does his claustrophobic act of putting his hands to his ears while people walk all around him. Cut to an empty swing, Kei's reflection in a store window, and we finally get someone else! Hibiya...(of all people)

He rollerblades along, checks his reflection in a store window, then the scene changes to Mihara who gives us his bishoujo look. Then it's back to Kei who's running wildly through the streets, bumping into a lady carrying a bag of oranges. The camera focusses on a lone orange dropped by the lady which is picked up by Madoka! :D He smiles cutely at the camera and throws the orange at the lens, which falls back to become a basketball caught by guess who? Kazuma!! He does some cool maneouvres and dunks the ball perfectly through the hoop. Go Kazzie!!

Unfortunately the lens tires of him and next we see mushroom head aka Sakuya turning to peer anxiously at the camera. Cut to kid's hands unfolding a piece of paper, then Himuro driving his car surrounded by cool red light (yay!) and boo, it's Kei again. Now he's in this funny virtual world place which is brilliantly white and has funny blocks in the background. Kei, also in white turns and walks away. The lens pan out to show pillars from which the other males emerge, and close-ups are given of some of them. They show us a quick peek of Chiharu's reflection in the pillar!

After Ikkaku's close-up his cocktail glass splits into two held by Sudou and Arisawa, and yes! It's the girls! All dressed in beautiful red dresses (I like Sudou's!). Konno takes Natsumi's compact and Natsumi tries to get it back, but we don't know what happens because we go back to Kei, who takes a rose from a table in the virtual world. Cut to a kid's hand releasing a paper plane, then back to Kei who now takes a whiff of the rose's scent.

A shot of fallen rose petals on the ground then it's Kei again, but this time he's back in the real world setting holding a huge bouquet of roses. The lens is now like camera lens (with the white things at the sides and center to help focus pics) and Kei adjusts himself a bit before posing for the camera (smiling quite nicely, really), and then we move to the last scene in which a paper plane soars into the rainbow sky.

They really ought to make an anime out of this game!

Meeting Himuro-sensei

After the welcome assembly by the principal, Ikkaku-sensei, another obtainable male, you'll then go off to your first class. There you meet your form cum math teacher, Himuro Reiichi-sensei, also another guy you'll be able to date in this game.

One of the students asks if Himuro has a "koibito" [lover], and Himuro replies in the negative. He then addresses you and tells you that your scarf is messed up, which you hastily do so, while he cracks a very teensy tiny smile in your direction.

Meeting your first girl friend

You then bump into your first gal pal in this game according to the room you chose at the beginning (more info here). You dig for a bit of info on Kei, before they go off after their personal introductions.

Help from your brother

Once you get home, you'll be greeted your brother Tsukushi, who asks you how your day at school was while hinting at your lack of a boyfriend. He tells you that if you need any help with the guys, find him for information on their feelings towards you, their personal statistics (including phone numbers!) and good dating spots.

Mysterious phone call

Two days later, you get a phone call from Kei, who actually called the wrong number. ^^ That's how you get his phone number, and also when the game of simulation dating as a student at Habataki High begins...