Name: Morimura Sakuya
Birthdate: 7th July 1986 (16yrs at game start)
Height/s: 163; 163; 163
Weight/s: 48; 49; 49
BMI/s: 18.0
Blood type: O
Horoscope: Cancer
Seiyuu: Ishida Akira (Xelloss in Slayers, Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hakkai in Saiyuki, Hiwari Satoshi in DNAngel, more)

Club: Gardening
Part-time job: None
Rival: Arisawa Shiho
Favourite colour: Green
Fragrance: Jasmine
Music: Classical Jazz records
Type: Studious, speccy kind of git guy

Distinguishing Features
The green, mushroom-shaped cut and huge specs. Also, a slim physique that every woman would be envious of.

Gardening, studying, playing games

Plant specialist


What to call him
Neutral and below: Morimura-kun, Morimura-san, Morimura, Sakuya-kun
Smiling: Sakuya, Sakubou, Moririn,
Grinning: Sakuya-chan, Sa.Ku.Ya. ♥
Tokimeki state: Megane-kun (smth like Mr Specs)

***I dunno, I just find his names very funny. :X

What he calls you
Neutral and below: last name-san
Rest: First name

In-depth description

Okay, we really can't stand this guy (at least for one of us :p) so I'm going to try to make this as painless as possible. Sakuya, otherwise known as a gentle ecologist, is the studious kind of guy you would usually find poring over books in the library. Top of the class (he's always ranked lower than Kei though), he's a sensitive fellow who has an interest in plants and gardening. He also sounds a bit *coughgaycough*...interesting, considering his uber-cool seiyuu (who could watch DNAngel and not swoon whenever Satoshi-sama spoke? No one! NO ONE!! ^^). He's prettier than Sudou, though, when he takes off his specs.

Girlfriend requirements

Study: Very high
Art: Very high
Fashion: Average
Sports: Very low
Social: Very high
Charm: Low

Clothes fashion: Pure, then elegant
Accessories: Pinbrooch

What You Should Do

Meet Sakuya by raising your study stats or by joining the gardening club.

Join the gardening club to raise your stat with him. When he likes you enough, he'll be gardening with you.

Spend more time with him by choosing your club option or by studying with him when he's in tokimeki state. ^^

Be top/near top in school, it never hurts your chances. :D

Date him at places he likes to reduce the chances of him turning you down when you ask for a date. When he goes up to :D or more, you could experiment by taking him to louder places, like DDR (the images! O.o) or the movies.

Always offer to walk home with him, or to have tea at a café after school. The screened message is a little… unique in Sakuya's case. All the other characters merely flash a short but sweet "You spot [so and so] at the exit". Whereas for Sakuya, his super-short message includes "Walking under the lush green trees...You spot Morimura-kun reading a magazine as he heads towards the school exit". The reason for this special treatment, we do not know.But it's as funny as anything. ^^

Check his stats with your brother to get his phone number early in the game, as well as his birthday dates so you can buy him loffly plant-related gifts.

Make him valentine chocolates each year to show your love for him. Not the poisonous kind (although you may be sorely tempted!)

Don't turn down his dates, duh.

To hear his (sort of) confession, extend your dates and ask him to the café at the first chances you get. Once you get to the one about love relationships, he'll be blushing ^^ the next date, he'll try to confess at the playground. Which...fails. Not much can be said here, he merely starts talking about the person very important to him, and the airheaded protagonist doesn't seem to notice (surprise, surprise). He cuts himself off halfway and ends up not confessing (thank goodness).

Have no other guys at Tokimeki state.

Have no exploded bombs.

Date spots

Sakuya's a quiet guy who loves foliage, so take him to places like the museum, botanic gardens, the park, and the culture park. Surprisingly, he likes the arcade, so take him there and watch his clothes clash horribly with the teenyboppish atmosphere. ^^

Places you can't go wrong:
Movies>>The D-Day War
Park>> Spring (sakura in bloom)
Park>> Autumn
Park>> Winter
Habataki Fireworks
Habataki Mountain >> Autumn Colours (or maple?)
Night Parade



Sakuya speaks with you at school events (eg. Sports day, culture festival) if he's on good terms with you.

Sakuya will congratulate you if you've been doing well levelling any particular stat, though with him it's most likely your study stat.

During the Christmas Ball he will sometimes wish you a merry christmas if he's friendly with you. You can marvel at how his love for plants shines through in his dress sense.

Study or garden with Sakuya when he's on good terms with you. Just choose the relevant option and you'll get this automatically.

Sometimes you'll meet Sakuya while out shopping, normally he'll be with some other guy you'd never imagine him with (like Mihara or something) but sometimes he'll be with Arisawa. Those times are nerve-racking. Have you been ditched yet?? Read closely to see if Arisawa's calling him any pet names.

Sakuya invites you on dates automatically once you've reached tokimeki state with him. From this point on, it's smooth-sailing all the way – he can be the one asking you on dates every few weeks.


You meet Sakuya in the library. Do not join the gardening society before this and make sure you study enough for him to pop up. [also pictures 1 & 2 of the photo album {summer and winter uniform)]

Sakuya tries to protect you from a drunken guy on a date in the park. His expression is priceless. He then faints away from the excitement of it all and disappears from the screen view (yes folks, that was the best part – no green mushroomy thingie obstructing the beautiful background of sakura flowers). Date him when he's in a smiling statein the park when the sakura flowers are in bloom! [also picture 3 in Sakuya's photo album]

Sakuya hugs a beachball whilst looking morose. Turns out he can't swim very well. Date him at the heated pool in the winter to get this when he's already at grinning state. [also picture 4 in Sakuya's photo album]

Laugh at him in his umbrella-hat thing as he reaches out a hand to help you up (the graceful protagonist takes a fall). Acquired when you date him at smiling state in the culture park (check for updates somewhere during second year) in the autumn. [also picture 5 in Sakuya's photo album]

Sakuya drinks some tea after catching cold. Date him when he's in smiling state at the movies in winter for this cutscene. His face looks awfully flushed. [also picture 6 in Sakuya's photo album]

Watch Sakuya being surrounded by his classmates after the exam as they clamour him for the answers. Acquired automatically. [also picture 7 in Sakuya's photo album]

Sakuya kneels in the gardening patch with a shovel in hand as he explains to you why he likes plants so much. Acquired automatically at smiling state [also picture 8 in Sakuya's photo album]

Sakuya defends you from his parents when you visit his house. We haven't got this one yet *shrugs* but it's when he's in his summer uniform. Acquired when he invites you over as a date when he's at grinning state. [also picture 9 in Sakuya's photo album]

Watch Sakuya going into plant-luvin' mode again as he bends down to look at a couple of daisies after school. Acquired at smiling state. [also picture 10 on Sakuya's photo album]

Chat with Sakuya in a café after school. [also pictures 11 and 12 (summer and winter uniform)]

Star with Sakuya in a play. Namely, Romeo and Juliet. We're a little confused about which he's playing, though. Just kidding. He's your beloved Romeo. He's got to be at smiling state at least and choose the first option when asked. [also picture 13 in Sakuya's photo album]

Admire the Christmas lights with Sakuya during third year if he's at smiling state. Pretty romantic, but he needs to work on his dress sense (since when do mustard yellow and pale green go together on a suit??) [also picture 14 in Sakuya's photo album]

Have Sakuya confess his love for you where he takes you to see some anemone flowers. He compares his love of you like the anemone flower (I think) and how he would nurture add cherish it (you only get this pic if you say yes). Agree to be his parter in foliage and he'll cry. Awww...Actually, all I can say is, why the heck does he have 3 ending cutscenes? That makes him second best after Kei! :\ [also picture 15, 16, 17 in Sakuya's photo album]

Birthday/Christmas presents

Birthday Presents:

1st year: The item with the longest name
2nd year: Black tea set
3rd year: Picnic basket

Christmas Present:

1 Rich: Both items in the middle row (you cheapo)
10 Rich: Anything in the left column


Y: Morimura...
M: Uh... Umm.... This is the first time I’ve been in this church... This place is amazing. It feels like it's been touched by magic. Uh... Were you waiting for someone?
Y: Well... Sort of... What about you, Morimura?
M: When I passed by this church, the door was open... I wanted to say goodbye to all the flowers in school.
Y: I see... the flowers will be very lonely without you.
M: Heh... It's sad and painful to say goodbye to all these flowers but I'd have to say goodbye sooner or later. It has been such a short time.
M: I'm sorry... You were waiting for someone, right? Sorry for bothering you. I guess... I'll see you later... *Turns around to walk away*
M: *Mumbles to himself* Stupid... You can't be like this forever.
M: *Turns back to you* Please listen to my feelings. I want you to hear it. I have met many people and sometimes they make me sad and angry. I always tried to be patient and not do anything about it because I always thought it was for the best but now, I realise that all I've been doing is running away from my problems. You taught me to stand up for what I believe in. So, from now on I will try to trust myself and follow the path I choose. Also, I find myself always thinking of you... and...
M: ...I...I can't do this...
M: I want to be strong and truthful about my feelings right now but I'm becoming my weak self again. There is something I want you to see. Would you come with me?

*You and Morimura walk over to the flower gardens*

M: They just bloomed this morning: anemone flowers. I have grown these flowers with all my heart and feelings. They represent all the feelings that bloom in my heart. The meaning of this flower... The meaning of this flower is "You are the one I love!" Please accept my feelings...

[You decide here; But seriously, what is there to decide?! Say NOYES! XD]

Y: Of course, I'd be delighted...
M: *Begins to cry tears of joy* Thank you! Today I can finally say what is in my heart. These flowers helped me say what is in my heart. I’ve always practiced with them. I know that I sometimes can't clearly say the things I want to say... and I know that confuses you. At times like those, please be patient with me because I really do want to say what is in my heart... I want to say it clearly to you.

Interesting Facts

He's shorter than Arisawa by 4cm (third year)! :\

Wear danger clothes to your dates and Sakuya says that you're surrounded by an evil aura ^^