100 Metres Run
'Borrow the Item' Race*
Bun Race
Baking Valentines Day Chocs
Pillow Fight

*The name translations for these are very inaccurate! Some help?

100 Metres Run

In the game this mini-game will appear during Sports Day, every year on 2nd June, and you can choose between this, the 'Borrow the Item' Race and the Bun Race. Choose the first option to participate in this event.

How to Play

Press the O button to start running.

Press the O and X buttons together repeatedly (i.e. jam it like crazy). Don't worry if at first you're losing out, continue pressing and you'll start speeding up after a while. As long as your sports parameter is of a reasonable level, you should have no problem winning. If your sports level is really high, you'll put on this really huge spurt of speed (complete with swirly sonic-like legs) near the end.

'Borrow the Item' Race

This is one of the three events you can choose to participate in during Sports Day, and is the second option on the list. You have to run 100 metres before playing the actual mini-game though, and then run another 100 metres after you have played it.

How to Play

Do the same thing for the 100 metres run for this run.

You'll be given a paper with the item you must borrow, and 12 people (all of whom you know) they could belong to (arranged in 3x4 formation). These people are always associable with the item you must borrow (e.g. roses with Ikkaku). Use the arrows to select the person and press the O button to return.

If you chose the right person, the said person will pop up and say some encouraging comments, and you start running till the finish line by pressing the O and X buttons together repeatedly. If not, try again till you do!

Beware the fake people hiding in the formation. Examples of these are Himuro with red eyes and and bunny ears and Hibiya with specs and lipstick.

Items Belonging to Who

Kei: Pillow
Sakuya: Watering can
Kazuma: Basketball
Madoka: Takoyaki (box of food thing)
Mihara: Mirror
Hibiya: Baseball
Himuro-sensei: Pointer
Ikkaku: Bouquet of roses
Tsukushi: Juice box (blue pyramid thingy)

As a tip, choose this mini-game during the Sports Day for an easier 1st placing, because the Bun Race almost always a killer if you're not too good at hand-eye coordination, and for the 100 Metres Run sometimes you just don't speed up enough (probably low sports stats). However for 'Borrow the Item' even if you don't run fast enough to beat your fellow competitors, they normally take ages to choose who to borrow the item from which makes up for all that lost time.

Bun Race

This is the last of the three options that you can choose to participate in the Sports Day, and I must say, the most interesting. Same as the 'Borrow the Item' Race it involves running 100 metres before playing the actual mini-game, then running for another 100 metres to the finish line.

How to Play

Do the same thing for 100 metres run for this run.

When you reach the actual bun bit, press the O button to make the marker jump.

Press the O button to stop the marker again. You will jump for the bun, and if the marker is in the red zone, you will catch it in your mouth.

Then start running to the finish line by repeating the steps for the 100 metres run.

Baking Valentines Day Chocs

In the game this option will be given to you before every year's Valentines Day, 14th Feb, when you can choose between giving 1 Rich chocs, 10 Rich chocs, your own homemade chocs, or all three to different people. Choose the last if you want to play the mini-game (and impress your guy).

How to Play

Basically you just rotate your left and right sticks according to Tsukushi's instructions.

Tsukushi will raise placards which say 'L' or 'R' for Left or Right stick, which is the stick you'll have to toggle.

There will be a circular arrow around it indicating whether you should be rotating your stick in a clockwise or anticlockwise fashion.

Keep rotating the stick until it moves in a full circle, then follow Tsukushi's next placard.

Don't take too long to finish one move, or time will run out and it will be counted as you moving the wrong step.

Also as the mini-game progresses Tsukushi try to make things a little more complicated and start putting up some placards backwards (the 'L' or 'R' will be inverted right-to-left), so an anti-clockwise arrow will have to be moved clockwise and vice versa.


There are 5 outcomes, depending on the number of mistakes you make.

If you made no or only 1 mistake, you will get a 'very good' chocolate and there'll be a really cute picture of hearts coming out of the chocolcate, as well as hearts for you and Tsukushi's eyes. Note that in the third year of school the difficulty level is increased and just one mistake will lose you the 'very good' chocolate.

If you make only two mistakes you'll be downgraded to the 'good' chocolate (and one for the third year), and because I've never gotten lower than that (come on, it's not that hard) I don't know how many mistakes you must make to get to the other levels. However after 'good' is the 'average', 'bad', and lastly 'very bad', which turns you and Tsukushi's faces into skulls (there's also a skull floating in chocolate and a broken heart in the background).

Pillow Fight

In the game you will be able to play this mini-game during the 2nd year school trip on the 15th Nov. Just make sure that you choose to go the boys dormitory when the girl whose stats are highest with you asks you. In the game you will be playing doubles, the girl who asked you with the guy she likes, and you with the guy who has the highest stats with you.

How to Play

When playing the Pillow Fight out of the game, you can choose between playing with the computer, playing with another player, playing doubles with another player, each player having another computer partner, and playing doubles with computer players You can choose any of the characters in Tokimeki to play as long as you have already played with them in the game. If you play as yourself, you will be allowed to choose any of the the special powers associated with a club you were in while playing in the game. Only students in the same year as you can be players in the mini-game.

Pick up pillows with the X button.

Throw them accross the dividing line by pressing the O button. Press the up/down button with the O button to throw the pillow diagonally.

Catch a pillow being thrown at you with the O button as well, but I recommend just steering clear of pillows.

If a person is hit with a pillow he/she will unable to move for a while.

Time is up when Himuro has moved all the way across the room (from left to right).

To win you must either throw all the pillows on your side of the room over to the other players side, or else have less pillows on your side when time is up.

You can also make use of your special attack, which you activate by pressing the X button repeatedly after picking up a pillow. A flame will start to rise around you. Once it's red hot press the O button and you will release your power!


There are thirteen attacks in total. The italicised brackets represents the club the attack is associated with.

Kei: Model Walk - He catwalks up and down and opposition players near him can't stop clapping. ^^
Sakuya: Natural Protection - He pours some kind of water on himself (with the watering can!) and becomes immune to pillows (they fly through him). (or Gardening)
Kazuma: Niagara Dunk - He jumps and dunks this slew of water over onto the opposition's side. (or Basketball)
Madoka: Crashing Bike - This cool tornado thing zigzags over to the opposition's side.
Mihara: Colour Split - He splits himself into the three primary colours (basically he multiplies by 3). (or Art)
Arisawa: Lyrical Heart Attack - A huge heart trundles across the room and all those hit start planting flowers uncontrollably. o_0
Konno: Sensei! The boys... - ALL guys, including those on her side are immobilised. Coolness! ^o^
Natsumi: Acrobatic Pom-Pom Rush - It's scary, she fires pom-poms all over the place. (or Cheerleading)
Sudou: Jade of Fire Smash of Paris - She smashes a tennis ball across the dividing line. (or Tennis)
You (no club): Another Biggy - You let loose electric waves.
You (sewing): Makumade, Makkuma (?) - You throw an exploding teddy bear. Hehe. :D
You (band): Song of Sleep - You play your instrument and everyone goes ZzzZzz. Cool. ^.^
You (baseball): ? - The pillow bounces around the room.


Pick Natsumi!!! Her attack is incredibly powerful (so far as I've seen) and if she's your computer partner she uses it a lot.

Sudou is also pretty good, becasue her tennis attack can pretty much hit everyone on the other side.

Don't let your sports parameter get too low, or you may find that the pillow you throw won't move more than a foot in front of you. o.O

Try not to concentrate too much on using your special attack unless it's almost certain to immobilise the opposition party because it wastes a lot of time charging up and the opposition player tends to take advantage of it to throw as many pillows over to your side as possible, thus winning the mini-game.

Thanks to Marisa for clearing up some mistakes!