Die Legendé Für Mädchen
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A long time ago, a prince went on a journey alone to foreign lands.

In the midst of his journey, he strayed off the path and found himself lost...

Upon encountering a church deep in the forest, the prince saw a beautiful princess coming out of the church.

"What a beautiful princess." The prince fell in love with the princess at first sight.

The both of them met in the church every day, and they began to develop a deep love for each other.

News of this soon travelled to the King's ears, and he forbade the two to continue meeting with each other.

"Who is the one who has been trying to take my princess away from me? Bring him to me!"

Upon being caught by the guards, the King told him this...

"Travelling prince, you may claim to love the princess, but who is to say that you mean your words?"

"The Princess is the source of my happiness. If you have the love of the princess, then you can learn from this trial by changing it into one of happiness."

"And so, journey to the farthest lands of this Earth."

"If you can return unharmed, I will believe your words."

Thus, the prince was sent to chase after the farthest lands.

On the day the prince left on his journey, he had a few final words to say to the sorrowful princess.

"I will not end this journey I have been sent on. But, I don't know how to take these feelings of sorrow away from you..."

"My heart will always be here with you. No matter where the world brings me, I will return to have you welcome me back to you."

And so, everyday, the princess went to the church deep in the forest to pray for the prince's safety. Always, believing in the prince's words that he would return to her.

Boy: ...Look, on that wall. There's a stained glass window.
Boy: It's just like the one in the book.

[cut to full length scan of aforementioned stained glass]

Boy: In this church, always...

[cut to scan of Mystery!boy **SPOLIERkeiSPOILER** showing half of his face. Bells in the chapel start ringing.]

Boy: ... I have to leave you now...
Boy: The prince, he will one day return...
Boy: ... That's a promise.

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