Name: Aoki Chiharu
Birthdate: 18th August 1986 (16yrs at game start)
Height/s: 170; 172; 175
Weight/s: 62, 63, 64
BMI/s: 20.1
Blood type: A
Horoscope: Leo
Seiyuu: Morikubo Shoutarou (Shikamaru in Naruto, Ginji in Getbackers, Kirihara in Prince of Tennis, more)

School: Kirameki High
Club: Unknown
Part-time job: Unknown
Rival: Nil
Favourite colour: Orange
Fragrance: Wakoruda (whatever this is)
Music: Seventies old Japanese music
Type: Impossibly shy, cute geek

Distinguishing features
Dark blue hair and piercing aquamarine eyes

Reading and writing



What to call him
It doesn't matter; you don't exactly have a choice. You call him Chiharu-kun though.

What he calls you
On your meetings with him, he never really addresses you directly, but in the ending, he refers to you as last name-chan


Chiharu emails you by accident (he was mailing his parents) and you end up starting a correspondence with him (unless you choose the wrong answer, on purpose or by accident). He has recently arrived in Japan from America, and is studying at Kirameki High (he's really smart). Personality-wise, he is extremely shy.

Girlfriend Requirements

Reply with the right answer to all his emails and have high study stats.

What You Should Do

Reply with the right answers to his emails. It shouldn't be hard if you can read Japanese, but if not you can check the "Email Replies" section below. :)

Shop like crazy, because you only get your emails from Chiharu after 5 or 1 shopping trips, depending on the circumstance (usually, 'no reply' emails come after the first shopping trip made after you reply to his email). If you're worried about wasting your money buying unnecessary items, don't fret because as long as you enter any shop and then exit, even without buying anything it's considered one shopping trip.

Have no other guy or girl at Tokimeki state.

Have no exploded bombs. This is not a given, but just do it to make sure.

Email Replies
the numbers in brackets are the number of shopping trips made (possibly inaccurate)

01: 1st Option (6)
02: 2nd option (7)
03: any option (12)
04: no reply needed (13)
05: any option (18)
06: no reply needed (19)
07: any option (24)
08: no reply needed (25)
09: any option (30)
10: no reply needed (31)
11: 1st option (36)
12: no reply needed (42)
13: any option (48)
14: no reply needed (49)
[do not go out shopping till autumn to get his cutscene]
15: any option (54)
16: no reply needed (60)
17: 1st option (66)
18: 1st option [here comes your failed chiharu park-date!]
19: no reply needed

Date spots

You only get to 'date' him once, and that time it was at the park.


You always randomly meet him around after shopping where he asks you directions most of the time. Often it has something to do with your email conversations. ^^ E.g. he pops by your school after you tell him about your school's chapel legend and asks you about it.

You make a date with him, but when you meet him he tries to say his name twice and fails, then blows off the date by pretending he was only asking his way to the Habataki Station. o_0 Don't worry, Chiharu-kun, we still love you though. ^.^

You see Chiharu with his laptop at the park during the autumn season, writing an email (to who? ^_~). To get this event, just reply (with the correct option) to his email about the legend of Kirameki High and do not go shopping (I can't stress this enough) until you get this event. Just go shopping when autumn rolls around and you should get it. [also picture 2 in Chiharu's Photo Album]

Birthday/Christmas presents



Y: Chiharu-ku Ė...
C: Well, I... Today, the reason I came, was to meet with you to express my feelings.
C: ... I guess I really, no matter what, had to meet with you to express my deepest gratitude.
C: Did you feel it? In the emails, I was constantly troubled by the fact that I was writing to a girl...
Y: Nn...
C: To this warm-hearted girl... I began to fall in love.
C: Conversing with this person... the most unbelievable thing happened to me, that I was able to read the person of my dreams.
C: I fully understand the reason.
C: Whenever I read the words of your emails, I was always in deep speculation.
C: To me, both you and that person, have been a weight on my mind.
Y: .........
C: I, too, felt that it was very strange Ė could you be the same person, and kept pondering the possibilities.
C: And so, on that day, at the park, I realized that the girl was really you...
C: When I heard the words from your lips at that time, and your name, I felt as if I were in a dream.
C: At that time, I was really happy...
C: That feeling that came at once from meeting you for the first time...
C: ... however, the words would not form... I was afraid.
C: I was thinking, what you would have imagined ďChiharuĒ to be like?
C: It could be that upon meeting me, you would reject me. That made me reconsider.
C: When I ran away, in my room, I thought about you.
C: I decided to go back... I thought you might have thought I hadnít reached and waited for me.
C: My mind was in a mess. But in the end, I ended up not turning up...
C: Under those conditions, tears began to fall...
C: The emails from you, they were from the first friend that welcomed me in Japan.
C: In school, I hadnít made any friends, and to me, reading your mails really were what I enjoyed the most.
C: In times when I was lonely away from America and wanted to return, reading and replying your emails made me consider staying.
C: I... I thought you might despise me, or cease emailing me. I was really scared.
C: And so, I concluded that I was being cruel to the person most precious to me. Please forgive me.
C: So... I beg of you, just this once.
C: As a true friend to me, please give me a chance to love youÖ

Consider the hours of shopping hell you had to go through just to get hereÖ thereís really only one option, isnít there? ^^

Y: Nn... I guess Iíll have a lot to learn from you then.
C: Thank you...
C: Well, my name is Aoki Chiharu.
Y: Eh...?
C: Itís a self-introduction. Please listen to what I have to say.
Y: Nn.
C: Iím a transfer student from America, and today, I graduate from Kirameki High School.
C: I want to visit your home town, and learn more about your feelings...
C: And from this day onwards, Iím your boyfriend.
C: Itís great to finally meet you.

Interesting Facts

You thought he was a girl all the way up till the 11th email because of his girly name and use of the word 'watashi'. ^^