Name: Hibiya Wataru
Birthdate: 4th September 1987
Height/s: 163; 165
Weight/s: 53; 55
BMI/s: 20.2
Blood type: O
Horoscope: Virgo
Seiyuu: Keppei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha in Inuyasha, more?)

Club: Baseball
Part-time job: None
Rival: No one sane enough
Favourite colour: Pink (!!!)
Fragrance: Prune-orange extract
Music: bijiyu arukiban ya aidoru songs
Type: Your hyperactive junior

Distinguishing Features
The parabolic eyebrows, the wide smile, and the ever-small physique ^^

Manly training (yes, we’re serious)

Pro baseball player


What to call him
Neutral and below: Hibiya-kun, Hibiya, Wataru-kun, Wataru
Smiling: Hibiyan
Grinning/Tokimeki: Wataru-san, Wataru-chan,

*Never call him Bouzu or Kozou (the kanji one - it means 'kid')

What he calls you
Neutral and below: last name-senpai
Rest: First name-senpai

In-depth description

Hmmm...paedophiles out there, rejoice! (in a way, both webmistresses are paedophiles, but we do not, I repeat, NOT, sink to this level!) Hibi-chan isn’t exactly the manly type (despite his claims), he’s more of a wannabe Kei than anything else. And yes, he is absurdly irritating, being a year younger. ^^;; He’s a member of the baseball team, and likes sexy girls...so what are you waiting for? Get your Horny Hibiya Bastard™ today!

Girlfriend requirements

Study: Moderate
Art: Moderate
Fashion: High
Sports: Very high
Social: Very high
Charm: High

Clothes fashion: Sporty, then sexy
Accessory: Ribbon

What You Should Do

Meet Hibiya at the start of your second year. He bumps into you in the hallway and introduces himself (this is a preset event, sorry, unavoidable!)

Join the Baseball Club to raise your stat with him. When he likes you enough, he’ll be cheering you on as you wash team shirts.

Spend more time with him by choosing your club option or by running/washing shirts with him when he’s in tokimeki state. ^^

Date him at places he likes to reduce the chances of him turning you down when you ask for a date. He likes loud places (eg. Movies, arcade)

Always offer to walk home with him, or to have tea at a café after school. Never ever call him “junior” because he’ll be offended. His reactions are pretty straightforward – he either agrees or says he has something on.

Check his stats with your brother to get his phone number as soon as you meet him the second year.

Make him valentine chocolate each year to show your love for him. Or your un-love, either one ^^

To hear his (sort of) confession, extend your dates and ask him to the café at the first chances you get. Once you get to the one about love relationships, he’ll be blushing . On the next date, he’ll try to confess at the playground. Which, fortunately, doesn’t play out as expected.

Have no other guys at Tokimeki state.

Have no exploded bombs.

Date spots

Hibiya’s an active guy, so take him to places with crowds, noise, and entertainment. Places like DDR, Karaoke, and the malls are pretty good date spots for him. Just be careful not to schedule on weekends where he has baseball practice (then again, so do you *suspicious look*)

Places you can't go wrong:
Live House >>anoma:lo:cari's
Movies>> Hurricane V ...
Park>> Spring (sakura in bloom)
Habataki Fireworks
Shopping Mall
Event Hall>> Metal Blade
Event Hall>> Rieco
Amusement Park>> Night Parade
His own house



Hibiya speaks with you at school events (eg. Sports day, culture festival) if he's on good terms with you (which isn't all that hard, really)

Hibiya will congratulate you if you've been doing well levelling any particular stat, especially charm.

During the Christmas Ball he will pop over to give you his christmas wishes.

Run with him (no where's my Kazuma??) or wash uniforms while he plays baseball when he's on good terms with you. Just choose the relevant option and you'll get this automatically.

Hibiya invites you on dates once you've reached tokimeki state with him. If you go to his house it's even better, since he just loves his own house.


Hibiya with takoyaki sauce on his chin :D for a guy that tries not to look like a little kid or something, he sure looks like a little kid...or something. Date him at the K-BOX during spring when he's grinning and up. [also picture 1 in Hibiya's photo album]

Hibiya tries to give you CPR. A close up that the female population could do without, thank you. Fortunately, you revive yourself before he gets the chance. Acquired on a summer beach date when he's grinning and up. [also picture 2 in Hibiya's photo album]

Watch a freaked out Hibi-chan on the Habataki Ferris Wheel. Guess he doesn’t take to heights too well *evil snigger* go ahead, take him there after unlocking it on habataki.net. It's gotta be fall when he's at grinning state and above. I think you must do this before the Haunted House is completed. [also picture 3 in Hibiya's photo album]

Hibiya looking concerned. I don’t know what this is >< but it takes place at your date at the movies. Winter time when he's grinning and up. [also picture 4 in Hibiya's photo album]

Hibiya with his hair all ruffled. He looks...oddly endearing in this one. It seems that a couple of his juniors have decided to play with his “cool hair” (man, do they have bad taste!) Takes place in your third year. Acquired automatically at smiling state. [also picture in 5 Hibiya's photo album]

A collection of Model!Hibiya self pictures. Hilarious. ‘nuff said. You get it when you go out alone as long as he hasn't hit smiling state yet (note!). You can see it by heading over to our Gallery section. [also picture 6 in Hibiya's photo album]

Ah, the joy of youth! Hibiya does his club chores. Namely, flattening the baseball courts with this gigantic roller thing. Unfortunately, this is acquired automatically once he's smiling at you (on a day when you have no part-time). [also picture 7 in Hibiya's photo album]

Hibiya asks for love advice. It seems a desperado actually has the hots for him! XD kidding. But he did receive and anonymous love letter. You’ll get this when he’s at grinning state with you. [also picture 8 in Hibiya's photo album]

Hibiya in a café. [also picture 9, 10 (summer and winter uniform) in Hibiya's photo album]

You star with Hibiya at the end of year play if he’s at smiling or tokimeki state. It’s some sort of samurai setting where the protagonist stars as a gal in need of his help. Make sure to choose the first option when they ask, and turn up for the Culture Festival preparations. [also picture 11 in Hibiya's photo album]

Hibiya looks glum on your failed date in third year (Christmas party). It turns out the fancy restaurant he wanted to take you to was full, and he didn’t make any reservations. So, in the end... it was just you, him, burgers and fries. Obtained when he's grinning and above.[also picture 12 in Hibiya's photo album]

Finally! Hibiya’s ending! Yep, we’ve all had a hard time. Give yourself a pat on the back for actually coming this far *hands out cookies and hugs* It’s been a perilous journey, glad that we’ve finally got this guy off the list! Whoo! Alright, the ending. It’s funny, not at all romantic, probably because he says it wrongly the first time and has to start all over again. Then again, maybe the producers didn’t intend it to be romantic anyway, so...yeah. Good work, and go get Kei after this or something to keep your sanity in check. [also picture 13, 14 in Hibiya's photo album]

Birthday/Christmas presents

To him

Birthday Presents:

2nd year: Guide to Habataki City
3rd year: Some handphone pouch thing (3 Rich)

Christmas Present:

The first and last thing on the left and the middle one on the right are all spiffy.


Y: Hibiya-kun...
H: Senpai! Myself... No, I... (Jibun, iya, ore...)
H: At... The time has arrived at last! Er... no... I finally understand.


H: Aaa, this is all wrong! ... Er... ca-can I start again, right from the beginning!?
Y: (...?)
H: We-well, I’m ready!!
H: Senpai! I, I finally get it.
H: When the time has come for a man to do what he has to do, he will do anything to achieve it.
Y: Hibiya-kun...?
H: Yes... I know that you''re the manager, and this may not be right, but...
H: For all my life playing baseball, my purpose was to become a cooler guy.
H: But it's all ok to me now, I've learnt to really like myself, and to keep working hard.
H: Myself, I really love baseball!
Y: ... I see. That seems to be fitting for Hibiya-kun. Yes, you're going to be a third year next year.
H: Yes! But, however, I understand that this is due to senpai's support for me.
Y: My support?
H: I may be a year behind, but this feeling can never be beaten.
H: I, I don't know how to put this skillfully...
H: I've always been looking at your back and thinking about things.
H: I am not merely a junior to you, I am, senpai, the sole man before you whom you shall acknowledge.
H: Senpai! I love you, I really love you!
H: I will make you mellow and become a cool guy for you! (AW: Senpai o MEROMERO ni saseru yo)
H: So, please be my girlfriend!

Resist the urge to choose the second option... Be strong...

Y: Nn, I hope to learn much from you then.
H: Senpai said... Senpai said OK! Uwaaa!
Y: Hibiya-kun, please calm down!
H: I won't calm down! It doesn't matter anymore!!
H: Because, I, I love you Senpai!!
H: Senpai! I, I promise to become a much cooler guy for you!

-babbles incoherently- Crackiest ending. Ever. XD

Interesting Facts

He likes pasta.

His idol is Kei (we couldn't tell, really).

He likes girls and wants to marry a girl in the future (I think that's what it means...).