Calling for a date
Going for a date
Date Spots
What to Say
Random Guys

Calling for a date

Call using your phone directory. On weekends or public holidays, go to the phone function. On the left should be a list of guy names you can choose from to call (after you have requested their stats from your bro). Click on the name to call.

Pick the date and place. When you call, you’ll be given a chance to pick what day you want the date on (only the highlighted squares are options). Be careful not to choose days on which the guy in unavailable (eg. Kei has to work every Tuesday and Thursday), unless you're merely defusing a bomb. Then you'll be allowed to choose your date spot (make sure you've checked the net if you want to unlock any date spot!).

The moment of truth. He either agrees or disagrees. If he repeats the date and place, it means you've got a date! If not, too bad. ;_;

Leave a message if the guy is not around. If the guy isn’t home (club activities, work etc), you can leave a message on his answering machine (follow the above paragraph), and he’ll call you back later in the afternoon, to tell you if he agrees to go on that day.

A helpful tip. if you’re not sure if the guy will agree to go to a date place with you, it may be wise to save the game before you make the call, and load if he makes up some sad excuse not to go. This way, you can figure out where he wants to go for the date. ^^ Or alternatively, you could use the weekend to work on your stats instead of one some pathetic loser who doesn't want to go out with a pretty girl (well, you ought to be pretty right?).

Going for a date

Get out of the house first. Located conveniently next to the phone function, the date function should have a heart on it (it replaces the shopping function), and pressing it will automatically open up a menu of your wardrobe. Dress wisely for the season (or he'll scold you instead of complimenting your clothes), add accessories etc, and you’re ready to go!

Go to the right location. Sometimes, if you have two dates arranged in the same month in different places, you’ll be given a choice of two options before the date actually begins. When going for the earlier date, you'll go to the station front (?), park entrance, New Habataki station, and a bus stop. This then triggers another menu.

- I’ll wait here.
- Maybe it’s at the other *place name*

Choose the right one and the guy turns up, apologising that he’s late. ^-^() Cute! Choose the wrong one and you’ll be left waiting there, until you reach home, and the guy calls you to ask why you stood him up. The locations to wait are shown below.

Waiting Locations
Dates within the main street zone - Station front
Dates within the forest park zone - Park entrance
Dates within the beach zone - New Habataki station
Dates within the Habataki Hill zone - Bus stop

Date Spots

A list of all the possible date spots.

Working on it. ^_^

What to Say

If no cutscene takes place during a date, you’re required to choose from a list of three options, what to say to a guy. There is always one good, one bad, and one neutral option, and if you can’t reading kanji or kana then it might be a tad hard.

Different guys go for different responses. For dates with Kazuma at sporty places like the pool, choose the one involving “competition”, or the one with the !! marks. He’s also the only guy who likes the “cook option” at the aquarium (where you say that the fish look good enough to eat -_-;;). Kei prefers answers involving sleeping and napping, so you know what to do. ^^ Mi(hara)-chan luuurves the amusement park *is properly amused* he twirls off the bungee platform, laughs through the haunted house, and wears an even bigger grin than you on the merry go round. Always pick the happy response with him there. :)

Save before going out on dates if you always want to hit the “perfect” answer.

Random Guys

According to Klist, there are three types. :( sadly, we have only seen two of them – the idiotic salesman and the 'jya na' dude... :D not much to say about them, just that they come out while you’re waiting for your guy at a certain place, bugging you and so on. The 'jya na' guy’s hilarious – a very literal translation of one of his come ons would be, “Hey, you look like a student. How ‘bout I take you out for some lessons in love?” something like that.

Not to worry, your prince charming soon comes to the rescue! Although he doesn’t compliment you on your wonderful dress sense on that day, it’s still fun to see how they protect you, ne? ^^

Raise your charm to increase such “encounters” if you wish, but after a while it gets repetitive though. :|


The one key conflict in this game. *shakes head sadly*

They appear around late second year and above, and get more frequent as you go along. It's not unusual to defuse one bomb and get another, or get 3 bombs plopped on you at a go.

You’ll get bombed by a guy when
- you don’t talk to him for long periods of time
- you don’t bother to call him for a date

The three ways to find out you're being bombed are
- your brother comes into your room at night to ask if you’ve been “cold” to a certain guy recently (this one is irritating because you have to go check your stats with your bro to find out who the bomberman is)
- the guy calls you when you come home after your date
- the guy pops by on the roadside while you're heading home and eloquently says '........' while looking pissed.

Defusing the bombs is easy. You have to sacrifice a weekend to give that person a call, and to make matters more complicated, you may have to ditch the date if the guy you’ve been targeting is already in tokimeki mode. DO NOT DATE ANYONE IF THE GUY YOU WANT IS ALREADY IN BLUSHING MODE! Or you can say bye-bye to your happy ending. Just endure the angry phone call from your dumped date later.

OR, the better and kinder way would be to purposely suggest a date at a place where a guy normally wouldn’t want to go (eg. Try taking Kei to the DDR). Chances are, he’ll reject you and squash you flat. :P But then again, since these guys are pretty unpredictable and PMS-sy at times, they agree. Hmm.

Make sure these bombs don’t stretch on for more than three months. If they explode with a “boom” sound, you’ll know that you won’t be getting a guy ending in this game, just your brother’s.
A tip. Knowing less guys = less bombs. Easy.