Part-time jobs are considered very similar to clubs in their function, as jobs, like clubs, increase the speed of meeting your targetted guy (if he has a job), and also help to increase certain stats.

However, the most important thing is the money! Unless you intend to survive on a meagre allowance of 10 Rich a mth (how will you buy clothes?), a job is definitely worth getting. You earn a rough estimate of 3 Rich per workday (the exact amt has never been calculated o_0) and it's usually only 2 days per week, so it makes sense to get a job to supplement your otherwise sad coffer.

Make yourself eligible for a job by meeting the requirements for specific jobs, as listed in the description of the different jobs below. All involve raising your social, so you'll have to play with your girlfriends a lot, but as a friendly tip, ignore the girl who's going to rival you. The less you have to do with her, the better.

Unlock your job after you're eligible by checking your mail and opening all those headed as 'Part-time Job News' to get their phone number.

Apply for a job by selecting the correct job name in the phone directory (click on the 'phone' function and look to the column on the right) and dialling. You'll be hired on the spot (explain why this doesn't happen in real life?)

Going for your job is automatic, so you don't have to worry about that.

Quit your job by dialling your job's phone number (it'll be the only highlighted number, since you can only have one job at a time) and you'll be fired automatically. Make sure you know what you're doing, because once you quit a job you can't apply for it again in the same game.

The 7 part-time jobs are listed below.

- The underlined words refer to a certain parameter (that explains the ungrammaticalness), more info on which can be found in the section on parameters.
- We take 'part-time jobs' as 'jobs' to make things shorter.
- The amount of influence (raising or lowering) a function has on a parameter is denoted in the phrases, from the least influence to the most, 'very little', 'a little', 'some', and lastly the main increase is unmodified by an adjective.
- All jobs raise stress by default, so it is not included under the description.

Involves: Kei
Requirements: Social: 50
Workdays: Tues & Thurs
Description: You serve coffee (if Kei likes you he'll be modelling in the background). It raises some social, a little study, and very little charm, sports, and art.

Gas Station
Involves: Madoka
Requirements: Social: 50; Sports: 60
Workdays: Wed & Fri
Description: You pump petrol with help from Madoka. It raises social, some sports, very little fashion and lowers very little study and art.

Convenience Store Simone
Involves: Goro
Requirements: Social: 60; Fashion: 60
Workdays: Tues & Thurs
Description: You dust the place while Goro hangs around. It raises social, some charm, very little art and lowers very little of study.

Boutique Jess
Involves: Goro
Requirements: Social: 50; Fashion: 60; Charm: 60
Workdays: Wed & Fri
Description: You hang coats up while Goro does his snakey-hands dance in the background. It raises social, some fashion, very little art, and lowers some sports.

Flower House
Involves: Arisawa
Requirements: Social 50; Study: 50;
Workdays: Tues & Thurs
Description: You make heart-shaped bouquets while Arisawa sidles around carrying a potted plant. It raises social, some , very little charm and sports, and lowers very little study.

Winning Burger
Involves: Natsumi
Requirements: Social: 50; Charm: 50
Workdays: Wed & Fri
Description: You serve burgers with Natsumi. It raises social, some study, very little art and lowers some sports.

Involves: You, Yourself, and guess who? You.
Requirements: Only available from the second year
Workdays: Entire work week (Mon-Sat)
Description: You play computer games non-stop. It raises...nothing. Except stress. It lowers...everything. Only take this job if you're desperate for the money.