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Utsukushiki Sekai is a site dedicated to the brilliant PS2 game Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side, a dating simulation game for girls. Specifically, this site aims to act as a strategy guide or walkthrough for people just starting out to play the game and are having difficulties getting the guy of their choice.

We hope you find our site useful and more importantly, enjoy the game. If you have any queries, comments, corrections, or any more information you think we should put up on the site, please feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook.

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June 30th 07
Not a site update per se, but fireylight has created a TMGS First Love (for Nintendo DS) FAQ and it's up on gamefaqs! I'll be putting some of the info on this site if/when I have time, but if you need any help getting with First Love, fireylight's FAQ is probably the first place to look. :)

May 16th 07
Update! I bring you the final scans from the Toki artbook! Okay yeah it took a while (try 2yrs ><) but better late than never! I hope. -shuffles- Maodaidoji, I'm sorry you didn't win our lucky draw but I hope these Ikkaku pics will make you happy! ^_^ Okay, see ya'll next update (might be a while).

May 6th 07
Results of the Mayday lucky draw are in! (though now it's more of Mayday + 5 days >< sorry! we were so busy we forgot about the website for a while ^^;) And the winner is...Jade Gumm! :D You should have received an email from us with more information already. If not, please contact me! To everyone else who donated, thank you very much for your support of our site, it really means a lot to us! Have a nice day everyone, and we'll try to update soon!

March 16 07
An update! finally (Seaside Sketch too!)
- Habacha 2006 Spring scans (as finally promised!)
- Translation of Kei's Habacha section (courtesy gummibear)
- Love Mission gag doujinshi (thanks to afuji)
- A collection of Japanese fanart
We're also proud to announce our DONATION LUCKY DRAW, where you have a chance to win Tokimeki bromides for donations above USD3 and are gauranteed a Tokimeki Factory demo CD for donations exceeding USD4. So click on the link and check it out now! Despite featuring TMGS1-related gifts, why is it in the TMGS2 site, you ask? Well, because Seaside Sketch is less cramped, haha!

Jan 01 07
Happy New Year~~! Ah yes, after dying for 4mths, we have revived to give Utsukushiki Sekai a little New Year whimper.
- Habataki Watcher 2005 Spring Issue: Cover close-up / Madoka's page
I have no idea why a 2005 Spring issue suddenly myteriously appeared in Kino, but appear it did and buy it I did. These two images are just teasers, I'll have proper scans or at least better taken pictures in the next update. Each eligible guy has a never-before-seen pic! And more importantly, SEASIDE SKETCH aka our TMGS2 site is finally up! What are you still doing at this page? Shoo off to the new site and check out what we have! :D

Aug 01 06
2 more days to the release of Toki! Yayness. Hope you've all ordered your Toki and are waiting anxiously for its arrival at your door. :D If you haven't ordered it yet, you might want to order it here (and help finance our site's bandwidth!):
- Merchandise
Yep, we finally got it up, but I haven't had time to add in all the funky rare Toki items floating around. Meli and I have this great debilitating battle called the A Levels to conquer in 3mths time, so this site (and it's sequel) will be on hiatus till then. Our apologies, and hope you'll have fun TMGS2 in the meanwhile! Whenever you visit, please click on the ads around the site to help with our bandwidth costs. :)

July 03 06
In amendment to our 2nd last post, thank you Jade Gumm for your lovely donation! And your family too. We really appreciate it. :) Anyway, today is the release of the long-awaited Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss! I initially hoped to open our TMGS2 walkthrough on this day, but ah, RL can get in the way sometimes. Anyway, sadly enough, below are the only things I have to offer on this joyous day.
- Ikkaku (added all the missing stuff)
- Translation of the TMGS2 official site's quiz by me
Gee, talk about tragic. Oh well, have a happy TMGS2-release-day and remember to help out our site by clicking on the links around the site! See you next update!

May 14 06
Do you know I just realised we've almost about completed our site? We've finished all the guys except Goro's ending, so all we need know is to finish up some of the girls' endings, finish scanning in the artbook, actually create (or delete) the merchandise page and we're done! *confetti* -_- Anyway, was about time - the 2nd game is coming out. So, updates.
-Added fav date spots/accessories for several guys
-Ukidoki Memorial - TMGS parody
-Got a new guestbook (so sign it!^^)
If you poke around the site you might realise a sudden prevalence of ads. I'm sorry, renewing this hosting acct has made me incredibly broke. ;_; Please help out by clicking on any ads that interest you, and search this site like mad!

April 26 06
Wow! Has it been 4mths? Um...it was all school's fault, really. Anyway, after this unintentional hiatus, there's still no new site update! However, news updates will do just as well, yes?
1) TMGS2 is going to be released on August 3rd. Cheers! Check out the official site for tidbits, including the new opening! (disappointingly, the animation isn't as fluid as the first, nor the song as nice)
2) Not sure how new this is, but in the last 1yr or so I didn't visit the TMGS official website's gallery it turned up a few gorgeous wallpapers!
3) Found a great TMGS LJ Comm where the mod is one of those wonderful updatey-type persons. You'll prob get more current news from there than here, so go check it out!
So that wraps up the news for now. Last but definitely not least, much thanks to Greg GUmm for the very unexpected but welcomed donation. Look out for our TMGS2 walkthrough! :)

Jan 1 06
Happy New Year! Hope 2006 will be a good year for all. Made any resolutions yet? Maybe a good one will be to sit through 3 toki years of Goro without cringing! One of mine is to finally complete this website! Thus, to kick off the new year, we come with updates!
- Album Info (minor adjustments) thanks Kiyoko!
- Sakuya (ending) much thanks to Kiyoko!
- Chiharu (ending) courtesy Meli; forgot to add this in previously ^^;
- What Type of Girl/Guy Do You Like? from Habataki Watcher; thanks Kiyoko again!
- Translation of Kei's Christmas Party Cutscene by me; most romantic cutscene ever!
Sorry there are no individual song downloads for the OST as of now, hopefully it'll come soon. Also, if you understand jap this site has most of the cutscenes word for word, as well as entire date conversations and what you should say.

Dec 26 05
Contrary to popular opinion, we actually still exist! And as a belated (what's new) Christmas present to all, we bring you updates! Pretty hefty ones too, courtesy of Meli and her translating genius. :)
- Hibiya (ending)
- Ikkaku (+ending)
- Natsumi (ending)
- Others (Tsukushi's ending)
Expect a New Year's present too! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy (what's left of it) Boxing Day!

Oct 10 05
We live! Okay, yes I realise we died for many months, but we have been tremendously busy. Schoolwork suddenly took on exponential growth. While we've been gone lots of things have been happening in the TMGS world, namely, concrete info about the TMGS sequel, Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss! Thanks to all the people who sent us info about it! :)

According to Marisa, the new school is Hagasaki Academy (Gakuen) and located on the coast of Habataki City. She also translated some info about the new main guy here (thank you!). Konami has also opened it's official TMGS2 website, check it out!

If you've been keeping up-to-date with the TMGS2 website, you'd have noticed that the latest edition of Habataki Watcher is out and with the latest scoop on TMGS2. I am thinking of buying it, scanning it and uploading it to this site, but I am hideously broke (seriously, it's tragic being in debt for 2 mths). So I would like to enlist your help to please donate some money to the Buy Habataki Watcher Cause! We only need USD20, so I think we could possibly make it. :) You can donate through the paypal link above or email me if you want to pay cash through mail. If response is good enough, I'll send the magazine (after I've finished scanning) to whoever donated the most with free postage and if you don't want the magazine, I'll use the extra money to order the previous Habataki Watcher magazines and scan those in too. :) I'll update you as and when I get donations in! (-crosses fingers-)

As for site updates:
- Chiharu (email replies; updated some info)
- Made small additions to mini-games and links

Yes, very tragic site updates, but look forward to our next one (which will definitely be much sooner) which will inclue Chiharu's ending and the TMGS soundtrack!

May 5 05
Sorry it's been a while since the last update, we've been really busy. The next time we hope to have updates that aren't leeched off kind visitors!
-Four new songs (thanks to Kiyoko for the mp3s and lyrics!)
-Album covers (once again thanks to Kiyoko!)
After so long, we've finally come up with a link button! (above) We've also added a paypal donate button (also above), if any of you would like to donate. The money will go to supporting this domain - piyo2.org.

March 20 05
It's been almost 4 mths since our last update! But yay, we've moved again! This time to our own server. Time to update your links!
- Sudou's Ending
- Two new songs
- Album Info (thanks to Kiyoko Kiyori!)
You can look forward to a faster update the next time around! And don't worry about the last 'important' post, we've solved our problems. :D Thanks for all the emails!

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