Name: Ikkaku Amanohashi
Birthdate: 5th Feb 1966 (35yrs at game start)
Height/s: 182
Weight/s: 72
BMI/s: 21.7
Blood type: B
Horoscope: Aquarius
Seiyuu: Kosugi Juurouta (Nothing I care about, but, here)

Club: None, but linked to sewing club
Job: Habataki School's Principal (technically, he's the school board's chairman)
Rival: None
Favourite colour: Red (?)
Fragrance: Floral
Music: Classical / Rock when he was young
Type: Paedophile / Naseatingly romantic

Distinguishing features
Hitler-reminiscent moustache, last-century-style round specs

Making (?) roses, swimming and cruising

To educate a lady (?)


What to call him
Default: Amanohashi-san
All times: Amanohashi-san, Principal
Smiling/grinning: Ikkaku-san
Tokimeki: Ikakku, Ojisama (uncle)

***Never, never call him 'sama'-ending names and Occhan (gramps) XD

What he calls you
Neutral and below: Surname-san
Rest: First name


Your paedophilic principal, obsessed with roses and giving them to you. He thinks he's romantic, but he's really just disgusting. Also good friend of Goro. Figures!

Girlfriend requirements

Study: High
Art: High
Fashion: High
Sports: High
Social: Very high
Charm: Very high

Clothes fashion: Elegant, then pure
Accessory: Corsage

What You Should Do

Meet him by increasing your charm and social stats to 95. Actually, you first meet him for the first time when your charm and social both reach 50, but you only find out his name after 3 more meetings when your charm/social reaches 95.

Remember to get his info from your bro after meeting him to obtain his birthday, or you won't be able to give him birthday presents (big loss).

Join the sewing club because I dunno, he likes it and he'll start sewing with you once he likes you enough.

Give him birthday and christmas presents, of course.

Homemade V-day chocs. Works every time. :D

Always resist the temptation to not accept his dates when he calls you up or corners you in school because you don't know if the next time he asks you will be one year later (the problem with not having their phone numbers grr).

By the end of the game, make sure your social and charm states are above 150 and you have dated Ikkaku 8 times.

Have no other guys at tokimeki state.

Date spots

You don't get a choice.



I can't actually remember, but it's probably the same with all the other guys, except I'm pretty sure he sometimes gives you a lift home. Also, he hosts the annual Christmas party and speaks at the school opening and farewell.


Ikkaku presents you with a bunch of roses. Oh gosh, stay further away please, my eyes, my eyes! x_X Have the ill fortune to obtain this cutscene on your 3rd meeting with him, when your charm/social reaches 80. [also picture 1, 2 in Ikkaku's photo album]

Ikkaku falls asleep on a date to a classical concert. So if it's so boring why didn't you bring me to a Johnny's Entertainment concert instead, huh!? Pretty boys better than j00! Anyway, you better make sure he's on smiling state with you in April 2004, because that's when this concert is held. [also picture 3 in Ikkaku's photo album]

You see dolphins on a date in a cruiser. He's spoiling the beautiful picture of the dolphins. :\ You gotta get him to smiling state and wait for summer to get this cutscene. [also picture 4 in Ikkaku's photo album]

Goro pops up in the middle of a drive. That blush is disusting. >.> But if you want to see it, get him to smiling state and wait for Oct/Nov. [also picture 5 in Ikkaku's photo album]

Ikakku saves a cat from drowning! Well, I guess I can't say anything negative about this, since he's doing a good deed. Date him 3 times for this cutscene in winter. [also picture 6 in Ikkaku's photo album]

Ikkaku pops up in a sea of roses. No, that is NOT romantic, it's just WEIRD. But apparently he thinks it'll soothe your exam stress, so look out for it during the summer tests if he's at smiling state. [also picture 7 in Ikkaku's photo album]

Ikakku stares soulfully at a glass slipper, the very essence of a confused soul. No wonder he was always so obsessed with roses and romance. The cruelty of gender definitions! To see Ikkaku manifest his transvestite inclinations, do a little shopping at the Seaside Park in spring when he's at smiling state. [also picture 8 in Ikakku's photo album]

Goro's golden hot pants! This cutscene is really quite funny. You have to be at smiling state during Oct/Nov for this to occur though. [also picture 9 in Ikkaku's photo album]

You meet Ikkaku in the library while mugging. WOE! Get this when Ikkaku's at grinning state and up on October weekdays when you click the 'study' function. [also picture 10 in Ikkaku's photo album]

Dine at the Sky Lounge. You'll get this when he's grinning and up. [also picture 11, 12 (summer, winter outfits) in Ikkaku's photo album]

Why are there so many Ikkaku cutscenes!? Alright, moving on...

Ikakku drives you home. Just ask to get a ride from him when you meet him at the school gates. [also picture 13, 14 (summer, winter outfits) in Ikkaku's photo album]

Act opposite Ikkaku in Year 3's Culture Festival. I'm not sure who he is, having never got this before, but he looks exactly the same, except plus a hat. What's the point? -_- If you feel like seeing the point, have him smiling and up and make sure to join the culture fest in the 3rd year (if you're in a non-sports club remember to choose the 2nd option when asked) and don't skip the preparations! [also picture 15 in Ikkaku's photo album]

See the pretty moon at the Christmas party! Oh, and Ikkaku is there too. Get this at the 2004 Christmas party if he's grinning and up. [also picture 16 in Ikkaku's photo album] He confesses to being a transvestite his love for you. Finally, the years of torment are over! Say no NOW! Just kidding. If you do you won't get this cutscene, and you'd have wasted all those moustache-bearing game-playing hours. Make sure you've fulfilled the end-game criteria as listed above. [also pictures 17, 18 in Ikkaku's photo album].

Do you know the only person who has more cutscenes than him is Kei? WHAT IS THIS!?

Birthday/Christmas presents

Birthday Presents:

1st year: KTYO CD
2nd year: Bottled ship
3rd year: Your own memorial album XD

Christmas Presents

1 Rich: Glass pencil-stand (bottom left)
10 Rich: Anything in the left-hand column and the topmost from the right-hand column


Y: Amanohashi-san...
A: I see you managed to enter this place.
Y: (What's wrong, Amanohashi-san. Your face looks different. Why is this... I want to be the person who finds out.)
A: In this place, there were few who spoke these words... would you like to hear them?
Y: Eh...
A: I am Principal Amanohashi. These are words from me alone... listen to them carefully.
Y: Ye-Yes.
A: In these 3 years, I've been observing you.
A: When troubled, your blossoming growth to who you are today cheered me up.
A: On days I was exhausted from work, plagued by tiredness, when I thought of you...
A: I thought of your form and I was pushed to greater heights.
A: The sight of you always made me feel complete, and so I believe...
A: However, something remained in my mind... I've become accustomed to this feeling, and you were always the first person I searched for in my sights...
A: My footsteps, they have always been close to you.
A: And so, when I'm near you, I feel like a young man again...
A: After we part, I feel as if my heart will break open.
A: My heart asks this question.
A: "Ikkaku, are you okay with being an outsider in this maiden's life? Will you stand as a helpless outsider, watching it all end?"
A: I don't want it to end like this, I don't want such a terrible fate. This feeling...
A: I surrender. Here are my honest words.
A: I have fallen in love with you. From now on, I shall be the only man in your life that you desire, and so I beseech your kind nature to accept this quest, for it would bring me much joy if you should want me too.
Y: Amanohashi-san... I...

Choose here. If you value your sanity, click away from this page. If not, subject yourself to more abject paedophillic horror by clicking the first option...

Y: Yes, I agree to be with you always.
A: Thank you...
A: Today, you've managed to open my heart with your decision, and I've never felt warmer inside in my life.
Y: Amanohashi-san...
A: Aa. For men, however old one may be is not a problem. [Bastard.]
A: Saa, (your pet name), take my hand.
A: Let's go! Right here, we shall start our new life together.

I feel vaguely nauseated (understatement of year).

Interesting Facts

Interesting? Anything Ikkaku is boring.

He's a romantic who likes beautiful things. Kinda like Shiki, except Shiki is adorable and Ikkaku isn't.