Ukidoki Memorial
A TMGS parody

Episode 4 of the currently ongoing anime Ouran High School Host Club dealt with a girl's obsession with a dating sims game called Ukidoki Memorial, which you know, has nothing to do with Tokimeki Memorial at all, of course. XD I screencapped all the Ukidoki Memorial parts of the show as shown below. You can scroll over the images for my own non-too-vital comments. You should watch the anime for yourself though, it's hilarious.

doesn't the classroom look familiar? XD at least chapel confession pwnz classroom confession! omg a sakuya parody lololol XD now doesn't this scene look familiar? the OP xD somehow even the colours of the logo seem familar x_X hmm...he must be in UKIDOKI state already xD ok this is a subplot toki doesn't have...