Cutscene: Christmas Party (Kei)

from Kei's Christmas Party cutscene (pics 14, 15 in his photo album).
translated by gummibear

K: Thanks for today.
Y: Ah, Hazuki-kun
K: Hey, do you have some time?
Y: Why?
K: Let's take a the sea.
Y: The sea? ...At night?
K: Yes...let's go.
Y: Wow, it's brighter than I thought, the sea at night...
K: The moon came out tonight.
Y: Hazuki-kun, you come here often?
K: Sometimes...The streets are so bright they can be seen from far away.
Y: Un...
K: All those lights are where people live, laughing and being angry just living.
K: At night, my eyes are awakened, and the feeling of being alone in this world... When I come here to think I feel at peace.
Y: Hazuki-kun
K: It's almost time.
Y: ?
K:Look over at the Seaside Park.
Y: Ah, it's a Christmas tree!
K: ...Wonderful, isn't it? From here, it looks like it's floating on the water. When I saw it last year, I thought I had to let you see it.
Y: By last year, do you mean last Christmas?
K: Yes, it was very hard for me to keep silent about it.
Y: ...For this past year, you've been persevering not to say it?
K: ...Is it weird?
Y: Ahaha! Of course it's weird! Hazuki-kun.
K: Haha... I guess so. It must be a little weird. ...But for me, it's good enough to see you smile like that.
K: Merry Christmas. I'm glad you came.