Habacha Spring 2006: Kei

from here, in Habataki Watcher Spring 2006.
translated by gummibear

I apologise for the inadequacy of my translation due to my non-too-proficient Japanese, but you still may not reproduce this anywhere without permission!

Working out his thoughts in Spring

…This Valentine’s Day, I received chocolates. No matter how I look at it, I can’t think it can be anything but home-made chocolates. The chocolate is a little crooked…

She must have worked on this by herself, all night. Her eyes were a little red…

At first…she was like a little cat who had seen a toy for the first time, anticipation and unease in her eyes as she held out the parcel.

When I accepted the chocolates, her face changed completely. Smiling from ear to ear, just like that…you know what I mean? She seemed…really happy.

At that moment, something changed in my heart. It was as if the usually dim scenery had suddenly become bright.

Because I want to see that smile again, for White Day I’ll give her a ring as a present, I thought. A silver one…

And so every day after that, I’ve been thinking about the design of the ring. …But I just can’t think of one.

Exactly what kind of design will allow me to see that smile again…? Thinking in my room... before I knew it I had fallen asleep.I did that everyday.

On one such day, as I was on my way home from school…I met a cat who seemed to be shivering because of the cold.

Although it was Spring, that day was cold with sleet mixed with rain, and to escape from the rain the cat was in a corner under a roof, shivering.

I hugged the cat to me, and as it starting to warm a little in my arm …suddenly, an idea for the ring’s design came to my mind. If it’s this…if it’s this design, she’ll surely like it…I believe.

After that…with the basis of that idea, I progressed from a rough sketch to a complete work. …Her face was in my thoughts all the while…

Yesterday, I finally finished that work. With this sketch, the creation of the ring is about to begin…

If I don’t say anything and pass this ring to her, I wonder what kind of expression she’ll have on her face… Her happy face…will I be able to see it again…?

Soon……February will end……

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