Quizzes from the official TMGS2 site

These quizzes reward you with a wallpaper each for getting 80points and above (18/20) in the quizzes. I've only completed and translated the Test A so far, but if you understand Japanese, you should probably be able to do the other quizzes with the help of the official websites and Utsukushiki Sekai. I'll put up the translations for the other quizzes when I complete them (I'm a little lazy now, heh).

Test A


TMGS2 is staged in what city?
3 (Habataki City)

What is the colour of kouhai (junior) character Amachi's necktie?
2 (Green)

What is Chris' nationality?
4 (Unknown)

What is Saeki's horoscope?
2 (Uh, the crab horoscope. Pisces?)

Which girl in Hagasaki Gakuen wears glasses?
1 (Onoda Chiyomi)


At the school entrance ceremony when Kei first appears, what hand does he offer to help you up?
1 (lLeft)
gosh, this quiz asks the weirdest qns o_0

What flowers are blooming in the cutscene when Sakuya is looking after the flowers?
2 (Autumn sakura?)

What is Madoka's special move for the pillow fight game?
4 (Crash bike!!)

What does Kazuma act in for the 3rd Year Culture Fest play?
1 (Golden demon?)
I guessed 3 initially

Where is the statue of Mihara's mother?
3 (Seaside Park)

What clothes fashion does Hibiya like?
4 (Sporty)

What is Himuro's summer necktie colour?
3 (Blue)
this quiz is really redefining the notion of learning something new everyday

What music did Amanohashi like when he was young?
2 (Rock)

Who did Chiharu address his first wrongly sent email to?
4 (Parents and sister)

What was the poem Arisawa wrote that the heroine picked up written on?
2 (Notebook)
the love poem to Sakuya XD

How old is Tsukushi at game start?
? (Anything but option 2)
I got this qn wrong because I'm notoriously bad at counting ages. He was born in 1992. Work it out yourself.

What is Garrison Itou's real name?
3 (Itou Soukichi)

You get sick when your stress parameter rises above which level?
3 (100)

What is Goro's internet fashion column called?
2 (all options mean the same thing, just written differently)

How does the heroine refer to herself?
2 (Watashi in hiragana)

And your reward.