The ten eligible males, listed in the order they appear in the official site.

Hazuki Kei  |The perfect guy, just a bit of a snob.|
Morimura Sakuya  |The gentle ecologist / Mushroom Head.|
Suzuka Kazuma  |The sporty one with a blush to die for. ^_^|
Kijyou Madoka  |The cool and macho biker dude.|
Mihara Shiki  |The questionable-sexuality artist.|
Hibiya Wataru  |The desperado who cried 'hidoi'.|
Himuro Reiichi  |The coolest teacher you'll never have / The Voice.|
Amanohashi Ikkaku  |The hentai geezer that is your principal.|
Hanatsubaki Goro  |Why the hell do you want to date him!?|
Aoki Chiharu  |Mr Mystery.|